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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Power of Six - Episode Review

"Power of Six"
Orion dances/cleans the High School at night (in homage of the Tom Cruise classic Risky Business) and solves math problems (like in the Matt Damon movie Good Will Hunting) in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt. In the morning, the other Rangers tell him to join them but he opts out to go to work at the Brain Freeze, arriving before Ernie and getting things done. Vekar has a smelly monster that steals energy. The girls call Orion and they go to the Command Center where Troy hands him a belt (that Tensou fixed) and he puts it on and it connects with the Ranger Keys in the Command Center. The monster takes energy from Ernie and other random people. They get called to fight the monster, Troy has them split up and Orion goes with Jake. Troy and Emma find a victim.

Jake and Orion fight the monster and X-Borgs. The others arrive and they transform into RPM. Orion can't choose between Silver and Gold, he asks Gosei for help, he imagines Silver and Gold joining and he gets a fusion key. He transforms into both and beats the monster. Jake messes up and gets jealous of Orion. The others get their energy sucked and are taken to the Command Center to sleep.

 Jake makes it clear he is jealous of Orion, saying "Everything you touch becomes Gold.. or Silver.". They make up and fight the monster again. Jake fends off the monster and tells Orion to combine all his keys. Jake changes into Green Flash of Flashman and calls it a 'new mode.' He does call for "Prism Punch" and says it is a "Flashy Fist." Random keys glow in the Command Center and Orion imagines all the Sixth Rangers and makes Gold Mode. He finishes off the monster.

 The others wake up. Levira makes the monster big, Jake joins the others to make the Legendary Megazord. Orion forms Q-Rex Dino Mode and both fight the monster. Legendary Megazord destroys the 'Fishy Fist.' Q-Rex destroys the monster itself with Q-Rex Megazord. Later, the six fight near the bay. Orion zips off. They say bye. Jake sighs. Gia thanks them and grabs his arm. Back at Ernie's, Orion wakes up Ernie, who slept a second time. Orion tells him to go home. Ernie asks how the day was, Orion says "Golden."

Jake's jealously of Orion seems to only play out in the footage (Save for one Command Center center and a punny line). "Spirit of the Tiger" handles this (carrying out the adapted plot in new footage) better. I did like the Orion and Jake screen time. The scene where they connect Orion to the power of the Keys was confusing, it seemed like they were giving him a new belt and it looked like he was already connected to the keys in the last episode. Gokaiger handled it better with Silver connecting with the Treasure Box quickly at the beginning of the ep. Also I didn't like the random keys (Green Samurai of Samurai for example) glowing for Orion when it had to be Sixth Ranger Keys.  Also, I was kinda mad about them using Pre-Zyu suits again like Green Flash but after hearing Ciara Hana at the Saban Brands Panel of Power Morphicon 4 that it is an honor to be in suits from Japan never seen in the US before, I am letting it slide.

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Silver Ranger Kid Gold Mode Costume and past Sixth Rangers

New Silver, Pink and Blue Ranger Key Variation in Ranger Kid Muscle Costume

UPDATED 11/05/14
Lexx Alolia on YouTube found this key with the costume in Toys R Us.
Picture from Onaor

Also Ranger Keys will be available with these products:
- Disguise Power Ranger Super Megaforce Halloween Kid Costume (Red, Blue, Pink and Silver Keys)
- Pajama (Red Opaque Key)
- Handcraft Megaforce Underwear (So far Silver Opaque key has been spotted)

It looks like the SDCC Saban Brands Opaque Red Key will come with the Pajamas and other clothes. Since it was also handed out by Saban Brands at the Power Force Breakfast, I will rename it on my Ranger Key List and call it "Opaque Red Ranger" key.
Official Key Promo Image found by Razzle

Picture of Merchandise from

 Pink Key with Pink Costume

Blue Key with Blue Costume

Yellow Opaque Key has been spotted on eBay by Pocky Bandit and Razzle1337, it has been said to be passed out at the Nick Hotel during the Super Megaforce weekend.

Kamen Rider Drive

I'm a little behind on the news but here you go.
Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive is a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department before stepping aside due to personal tragedy, Shinnosuke is re-recruited for the Special Unit to fight the Roimyuudo-receiving the Drive Driver & supercar Trideron to aid him in battle.
 Finally, we have also learned that the series’ theme song, "Surprise-Drive" will be performed by Mitsuru Matsuoka (Kamen Rider Eternal). Kamen Rider Drive’s head writer is Riko Sanjo, a fan-favorite tokusatsu writer best known for Kamen Rider W and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
The head producer is one Takahito Ōmori whose resume includes Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Kiva. Drive’s director is Ryuta Tasaki, whom directed Kamen Rider Gaim.
The Tokyo MPD Special Unit also consists of Kiriko, the technical support expert. Unlike most of the Special Unit she is aware of Drive’s secret identity and as such she can sometimes cover for him.
Rinna, a physicist in charge of researching the Roimyuudo and maintaining the Special Unit’s technology; Kyuu, a network researcher who harbors a secret obsession with the occult; Genpachirou, a hostile lieutenant who considers the Special Unit a burden and frequently mocks the other members; and Tsurutarou, the Chief of Police with years of experience in regular detective work.
 Kamen Rider Drive’s real name is Shinnosuke Tomari.  He is a car fanatic and police officer in his off-hours. The Drive transformation works by changing a Shift Car into Lever Mode and then inserting it to the Shift Bracelet. The Drive Driver speaks to Shinnosuke during combat & offers him helpful advice.
 Drive’s default combat Type is Speed -accessed by using the Shift Speed Car. Additional Shift Cars will change Drive’s Type and in turn slightly alter the suit (the major change seen in these scans is a change to the tire-sash across Drive’s chest).

 The early new Types demonstrated are Speed Shadow (using the Midnight Shadow Shift), Speed Spike (courtesy the Funk Spike Shift) and Speed Flare (via the Max Flare Shift).

 Kamen Rider Drive's villains are called the Roimudem, android-like beings who wish to be human and they use small devices known as Viral Cores similar to Drive’s own Shift Cars. Most of the Roiymyuudo are sealed within a digital network and do not have physical forms, although they can control ordinary citizens by forming an emotional connection.
The Roimyuudo Leaders do have physical bodies, and wish to raise an army in rebellion against humans. The main leader is known as Heart and works mostly in shadow to accomplish his goals. Another Roimyuudo called Brains carries out attacks on humans to gain new intelligence that may assist other fighters.
A third mysterious villain, Chase is said to work alongside the Roimyuudo as a hitman but there may to this.
Info and pics are from TokuNation:

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Future Ranger Keys advertisements at Power Morphicon 4

I personally did not speak to any Bandai representatives but at Power Morphicon, they had ads and flyers that indicated there will be keys coming Fall 2014. One ad had the Gold Zeo Ranger holding 3 keys with question marks on them.
 It is interesting as the Gold Zeo Ranger is in this picture as they usually have the Red Ranger.
Left to Right (Italic are blocked in ads, Bold has not been released yet)
 Top Row and 9th: Ninja Storm Green, Dino Thunder Yellow, Super Megaforce Pink, Solaris Knight, Navy Ranger, OO Yellow, Lightspeed Rescue Red, Mighty Morphin Black
 Second Row and 10th: Omega Ranger, Crimson Ranger, Ninjor, Lauren, Super Megaforce Yellow, Mystic Green, RPM Gold, Pink Dairanger
Third Row and 11th: RPM Yellow, LG Green, Megaforce Red, Violet Wolf, Gold Zeo, RPM Silver, Armored MM Red, Robo Knight,
Fourth Row and Bottom: Time Force Green, Wild Force White, Alien Red, Time Force Blue, Mystic Force Yellow, Wild Force Red, Blue Alien Ranger, Black Dino Thunder
Fifth Row: Blue Dino Thunder, Red OO, Yellow Jungle Fury, Black Alien Ranger, Green Mighty Morphin,  Light Blue (NS?), Pink Turbo, White Mighty Morphin
Sixth Row: RPM Red, Mystic Blue, SPD Yellow, Mystic Red, OO Black, White Dino Ranger, Samurai Green, MM Blue
Seventh Row: Megaforce Yellow, Wild Force Blue, Samurai Pink, Lunar Wolf, Zeo Red, Mystic Pink, Lost Galaxy Red, Shadow Ranger
Eighth Row: Wild Force Black, Jungle Fury Red, SM Silver, Green Dairanger, Blue Megaforce, SPD Green, Quantum Ranger, Gold Samurai
Most of these were seen at the SDCC posters

PMC 4: Shout! Factory Trivia Contest, Zyuranger DVD and Brian Ward


Saturday at PMC 4 they had a Shout! Factory Trivia Contest and panel. As you might now, Shout! Factory was live streaming the Power Morphicon 4 on Saturday all day long. Brian Ward, producer of the Power Rangers and other Saban DVDS from Shout! Factory was there and played host to the Trivia Contest. I entered and was an alternate while the four contests participated. There was two alternates, me and the second one answered when the others were stumped but we didn't get anything which was fine by me as some of the questions were from the Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit game and I wrote for it (though I don't think any of my questions made it). Database Ranger who is a new Power Force member helped Brian Ward with the contest questions.
After the contest, Brian Ward was asked questions about DVDs like VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Masked Rider and Zyuranger.
  • All Zyuranger episodes will be release.
  • A possible box set will be released of Zyuranger
  • Zyuranger release date was not revealed, just 'soon.'
  • A subtitling company will have Japanese people subtitling and translating the series. Brian Ward will be asked what are the best choices for weapons and arsenal.
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs are missing a volume because sales are low. He encouraged fans to pay for the DVDs.
  • Brian Ward is not sure if it is about the rights for Masked Rider and Mystic Knights but right now no DVDs are not planned and they have not be asked to make DVDs of them. It might be other reasons other than rights. He knows Kamen Rider is tied up legally and it is a sticky web.
  • As for other Sentai, it depends on how Zyuranger sells. He would love to do other DVDs but it depends. Also, they are taking a risk as there might be confusion as kids might think Zyuranger is Mighty Morphin and it is in Japanese and subtitled. I think if they package it properly and advertise it, the confusion won't be an issue.
  • There was a panel question about 'Zyu 2' footage that was Toei made footage for the Power Rangers and Brian Ward knows about it. A fan asked if they would put Zyu 2 footage as an extra in Zyuranger DVD. Brian wasn't sure if it would make sense to be on the DVD as it was never Zyuranger nor how exactly to put it on DVD (the footage has no sound). So most likely Zyu 2 won't be on DVD.

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Power Rangers Student Alliance

The Power Rangers Student Alliance is a new network of Power Rangers student clubs at high schools and colleges launching at Power Morphicon in August 2014. Inspired by the Spring Hill Power Rangers Student Club, The Power Rangers Student Alliance provides a framework for local student groups to get together to make kids happy, give back to the community, raise funds for charity, and demonstrate the Power Rangers values of caring, friendship, and teamwork.

I met the three students who started the Spring Hill club, they are from Florida. They were at the Power Force Breakfast. They were super nice.

PMC 4: What I learned at Power Morphicon 4

UPDATED 8/27/14 5:30PM EST
Writing Power Rangers Panel with Doug Sloan, Tony Oliver, Jackie Marchand, Mark Litton and John Tellegen (I think).

Things I learned from the Writing Panel:
  • Doug Sloan (who was Executive Producer for Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder and wrote for MMPR) said Disney did want to create their own Power Rangers (film original footage in New Zealand) without Toei but made calculations and it wasn't cost effective. Jackie Marchand said it goes down to Megazords, those sequences are very expensive, that is why there is very little original battles lately (save for SPD).
  • Doug Sloan said when he ran the show, he tried to go what was popular with kids lately. He liked Extreme Sports and he chose to go for that with Ninja Storm. He said Emma Lahana didn't quite fit the bill for Tori but they noted she had a great voice so they chose to go with her for Kira in Dino Thunder. Doug Sloan said Avril Lavigne was popular as the time so that's why Kira was a singer.
  • Jackie Marchand is the longest running veteran on the show since Judd Lynn, whom she shared co-writing duties with until he left at the end of Power Rangers: Time Force. Taking a break from the show after Time Force, Marchand contributed to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder. She has been promoted several times during the course of the last two seasons, becoming the story editor in Mystic Force, and serving as co-producer of Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM.
  • I spoke to Jackie Marchand briefly about female characters. She did mention at the panel that Power Rangers is considered a Boy's Brand. I asked her if it was conscious decision to make female characters strong and smart. She said it was and she tried. She mentioned Jen was one of her favorite characters. I applauded her for making her 'bad ass' in the Wild Force teamup.
  • In Dino Thunder, who I believe is John Tellegen (I missed the introductions)--he said he had an idea for Ethan (Dino Thunder) to have a puppet that would become a mini Blue Ranger, it was thrown out.
  • Doug Sloan says Disney planned an animated version too but that fell through. I have mention this before on the blog.
  • I forgot who said it but someone said why they picked a 'street' voice for Alpha 6, because the voice actor left and they wanted something different. And for the Space voice, same there.
Doug Sloan is tall!
AmeriToku Panel
It was about VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. In the panel, there was Brad Hawkins (Ryan Steele of VR Troopers), Christopher Cho (Nukus of Beetleborgs Metallix), Doug Sloan, Tony Oliver, Marshall Hilton (Les in Beetleborgs), Matt Mullins (Len of Dragon Knight Dragon Knight), Troy Slaten (Amp of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad) and Robert Hughes (excecutive producer of Masked Rider, Beetleborgs and Mystic Knights)
  • Because he was a producer for VR Troopers and Masked Rider, Robert Hughes had a chance to create Mystic Knights. Because Xena and Hercules were about Greek gods, he decided to do things of Irish mythology as he is of Irish background.
  • Robert Hughes says that Kenner was chosen to make the toys of VR Troopers because the original toy maker Bandai (of Metalder, etc.) said the toys were too old and they would not sell so they were not interested. Kenner is now owned by Hasbro so he kept calling them Hasbro. As you know, VR Troopers was originally called Cybertron and starred Jason David Frank. Cybertron was copyrighted by Hasbro. But I think the reason they couldn't use it is because Kenner wasn't owned by Hasbro yet.
  • Toy sales are important so that is why Grid Mode was created for VR Troopers to sell more figures.
  • According to Doug Sloan and Robert Hughes, VR Troopers was NOT doing well in toys by Season 2, that is one of the reasons they didn't continue it for a third season. Because I had asked them why not use other Space Sheriffs and Metal Heroes like Sharivan, etc. Brad Hawkins whispered to me that the series was a hit. Wink Wink.
  • Troy Slaten (Amp) of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad left the show half-way through and I asked why. He said he was asked to sign a contract for 4 or 5 years (Ironically it only lasted one year) and he didn't want that sort of contract. His last episode they said he was an alien. He says he had no idea his character was an alien. He says that he did many shows in the 90's and he is remembered most for SSSS.
  • Matt Mullins (Len) of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was asked mostly about if the show was going to have a second season, that why it didn't succeed and Kamen Rider Abyss from Kamen Rider Decade. Matt said they only had the rights to the Ryuki footage. He says they were talking about a second season but it would be a continuation of the first one, of Ryuki, not another Kamen Rider series. It never happened as the show was not popular.
  • Matt Mullins says the show was ahead of its time and it wasn't properly advertised.
Suits and Stunts (1 and 2)
Part 1 was Friday and had Barrie Evans (who has do stageshows in Japan as Kamen Riders and Ultraman), Jason "Buckaroo" Ybarra (Babboo in MMPR), and Denny Logan who played Monsters and was an alternate for Elgar. Part 2 on Saturday had Sophia Crawford (MMPR), Jeff Pruitt (MMPR), Jason Ybarra, Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Super Sentai stunt actor from Ginga Green to KyoryuBlack), Hiroshi Maeda (Red Hawk, Tyrannoranger, MMPR Red to RPM Red) and Barrie Evans.
  • Jason Ybarra was an extra and was picked to be Babboo as he was 'skinny.'
  • Jason Ybarra declined a stunt job on "Lost" while he was in "Alias." Alias soon ended.
  • Barrie Evans moved to Japan after high school in the 70's and got into Sentai and Kamen Rider. He got a job thanks to friends that led to suit acting. He has done stageshows since then. He was offered to go to the US for Power Rangers but declined at the time. His favorite job is his favorite, Ultraman Taro.
  • Jeff Pruitt (MMPR Stuntman) spoke of the difference between Japanese and Americans. The Japanese were shy and reserved, the Americans more chilled. They soon picked up their own habits. Like the Japanese always took smoking breaks and the Americans picked this up. One time when a big wig from Japan came, he was serious and saw that the Japanese stunt men were lax and hanging out on the floor.
 Zyuranger Panel
Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Super Sentai stunt actor from Ginga Green to KyoryuBlack), Hiroshi Maeda (Red Hawk, Tyrannoranger, MMPR Red to RPM Red) and Yuuta Mochizuki (Geki/Tyrannoranger) were together with a translator. I got to meet and talk to Yasuhiro for a bit and we went over the Rangers he played and he did some of the poses which made me giddy inside (like Bouken Blue, Ginga Green, Hurricane Yellow, Gokai Green, etc.). In fact, I did the Gokai Green pose along with him (wiping hands on pants).
  • Yuuta Mochizuki (Geki) hasn't seen his team in a long time. They recently met but it was five of them, except for the actor who played Burai/Dragon Ranger. He mostly keeps in contact who plays Dan/Tricera Ranger.
  • Yuuta said he accepted being in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters because he was excited about green screen and new technology.
  • Yuuta says that current Sentai are more pretty-looking or how I say, they look like Twinks (gay slang for skinny young pretty men).
  • Hiroshi Maeda said he did Jetman and Zyuranger and was offered to go to the US to be in Mighty Morphin Season 2. His last season in the US was Wild Force. Then he was asked to go to New Zealand. He says he liked the US more than New Zealand. Ultimately he was busy when Saban took over so his last season was RPM.
 It's Not Easy Being Green
Reggie Rolle (Lost Galaxy), Jack Guzman (Wild Force) and Richard Brancatisano (Mystic Force) were present.
  • Reggie Rolle says that he, Danny Slavin (Leo) and Archie Kao (Kai) were offered the Galaxy Cycles that were 'supped up' Honda cycles. They had to pay for them but he regrets it because now they are up for a lot of money.
  • Richard Brancatisano is now in "Chasing Life" on ABC Family, they shoot on the same soundstage they shot the original Power Rangers in the USA.
  • Lost Galaxy and Wild Force were mostly shot in Valencia, California.

 Villains Panel
I forgot to put this! They had Kerrigan Mahan (Goldar), Hilary Shepard (Divatox), Carol Hoyt (Divatox), Barbara Goodson (Rita), Vernon Ballesteros (Pineapple the Clown), Jennifer Yen (Vypra), Amy Rolle (Trakeena), Ilia Volok (Master Org), and Rajia Baroudi (Jara in Beetleborgs).
  • Vernon Ballesteros says he was a clown at the time and that was his costume, the PR crew did not design it. The show hadn't come out yet and he didn't know about it but he was told to be evil so he took it as a really bad abductor. Once the show aired, kids were scared of him at his shows so he retired the costume. He says he lost a bet to be at the show. We told him he scared us and he kept trying to scare me.
  • There were much other insights as the majority of the panel was dominated by fans asking who they would fight against and what comic book characters they'd team up with. Kerrigan Mahan clarified he didn't read comics. And fans wanted to know who on the panel they'd team up with but they never knew each other's characters. Also Amy Rolle did not meet Jennifer Yen on the show as Amy Rolle was not in the Lightspeed/Lost Galaxy teamup. 
Rajia Baroudi did clarify that they had to scream many times in the voicing sessions and she gave us tips like drinking honey and tea and not using your voice too much when you need to scream that day.

PMC 4: Bandai Booth Pictures

I already posted this on my Facebook page but here you go:
Legacy Tigerzord



Also according to HeroOtaku, Bandai wants to know what fans want in the Legacy line.