Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poll Results: Henshin Grid Logo / Red Ranger / PR Samurai promos

Which latest Henshin Grid logo--I did--did you like?
Old One 153 (63%)
Last Week's Red One 63 (26%)
This Week's w/ no images 45 (18%)
Dunno-post pix please 33 (13%)

What promo have you seen on Nickelodeon on your own TV?
Good, Bad, Ugly Promo 94 (41%)
Red Ranger Promo 148 (65%)
Pink Ranger Promo 120 (52%)
Blue Ranger Promo 95 (41%)
New 88 (38%)

What do you think about the Blue Samurai Promo?
Can't Believe the Suits are Real 155 (53%)
The Suits are ugly 58 (20%)

Awesome! Epic! 119 (41%)

No Comment 29 (10%)

Do you agree with Red Ranger being the official representative of either PR or Sentai?
I do 224 (73%)
Red is Overrated 58 (19%)
Whichever 37 (12%)

Not Necessary 45 (14%)

Do you think there will be a Pink Ranger in 2012 Sentai?
Yes 203 (66%)
Maybe 82 (26%)
Don't Know 35 (11%)

No 28 (9%)

Toy Week: Child Size Helmets

These are not bike helmets, they are for role-play. They are helmet replicas of Red Rangers' own helmets, but with a visor.

Bioman's Red One, the first one I believe. (I knew it was Bioman but wrote Fiveman for some reason)

Maskman's Mask Red helmet.

They had this helmet too, but I don't think it was for Mask Black.

Red Turbo

Five Red

Ryuranger of Dairanger, the last one.

Toy Week: Chibi Figures

'Chibi' means little, the word 'chibi' enter the vernacular of American Anime fans because of Chibiusa in Sailor Moon. Anyway, these are quite popular and have been made for years.

I have five of these, Red Falcon, Five Red (twice), Mask Red and Hurricane Red.

Toy Week: Red Senshi Collector Heads

All 34, except for Gouaki Red because this came out last year. They are sold separately.

Gokaiger Villains: Zangyaku and Music

The Zangyaku
No translation yet on the names but it seems that there is one boss (white and blue), 3 generals (one green female) and the footsoliders are shiny silver with one blue guy in the back that might be a monster of the day or another foot solider. I personally don't like the look of the grunts. Green Lady- Insaan
Big Red Dude- Damaras
Cyborg-guy with sword- Barizorg
Leader- Waruzu Gil

Dukemon22 says:
Also, looks like Project R. and Kamen Rider Girls will be putting on a joint performance (or more specifically, a series of performances) in celebration of their namesakes' anniversaries:
Psychic Lover, Sister Mayo and Iwasaki Takafumi (and more) are said to be present, seemingly to sing the Go-kai themes.

Friday, January 21, 2011

35th Anniversary Special (Pictures & Summary)

Basically there are two hosts (I don't recognize)--a man and a woman. They are surrounded by Red ranger figures and posters of Gosei vs Shinken in the back. It is clips of a show, then back to hosts. Some don't make sense how they clumped them together. The series are not by order, some are.

The clips are split by the following:


Fiveman, GoGoV and Magiranger

Sun Vulcan (Skis highlighted)

Battle Fever J
Goggle V

Commercial Break

Zyuranger (Power Rangers mentioned)

The hosts discuss how Bioman was the first to have Yellow and Pink as females, first female duo.

A guy in a suit is interviewed and he talks about Gosei vs Shinken and shows clips from it. The 2 hosts talk about how Super Sentai is about teamwork.

Liveman (Red and Yellow mentioned, Blue and others not)
Kakuranger (Black being American mentioned)
Timeranger (Time Red spotlighted)
Gaoranger (Gaosilver spotlighted)

- Furabijou special guest
- Jakanja highlight

Commercial Break

Denjiman (Villain and individual power highlight)
Dekaranger (movie highlight)

Gekiranger - 26 teams

Ohranger vs Kakuranger -- the first of its kind
Gaoranger vs Super Sentai -- the first of its kind
Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger -- first in theaters
Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger
Goseiger vs Shinkenger

Best 3:
Flashman (finale highlighted)
Jetman (Wedding highlighted and Black death)
Dairanger (finale highlighted)
Hosts discuss Jetman. This other guy explains the love triangles.


Behind the scenes of Goseiger vs Shinkenger

The hosts discuss that Gokaiger are the 35th Sentai.

Clips of Gokaiger in Goseiger vs Shinkenger movie

They transform into reds (picture from before of GekiRed and MagiRed with skirts). The insignia symbols of the teams do appear in front of them before they transform.

The hosts say bye and then clips of Goseiger Vs Shinkenger are shown, and then its over.