Monday, January 17, 2011

Toy Week: Kamen Rider Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are like Legos. I have no idea how many of these were made, I don't have pictures of them all.


This 555 one came with Faizu and the two first Kamen Riders. Right: This came with Auto-Vajin and Takumi Inui.

Faiz, Crane Orphnoch and Goat Orphnoch

Faiz and Horse Orphnoch

Faiz and Elephant Orphnoch.

Faiz and Kaixa with their bikes.

This set came with Takumi Inui, Smart Lady, Kaixa, and 555.

This Blade set seems similar to the Shinken Red one that has almost no relation to the show, it just has Blade, Garren and their bikes.


Kamen Rider Hibiki with Ibuki and his Animal Discs.

The first two Kamen Riders, Blade, Garren, Kaixa, Faiz, Ibuki and Hibiki.

An early Kamen Rider Mega Bloks, with villains.

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Luca said...

A Japanese friend of my mom sent me some megablox. Why couldn't I have gotten these!?