Friday, January 21, 2011

Toy Week: Two men arrested for making a Kamen Rider figure modification

Thanks to Diego for bringing this to my attention:
The police of the Nigata Prefecture, Japan, arrested two men for making and selling a modification of a Kamen Rider W villain action figure without the permission of Toei. However, the figure was sold to a man at Tokyo for 3,300 USD. During the investigation, the men said in their defense that the figure was a handmade fan work and only one was made. It is copyright infringement but does sound silly.

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Edi said...

Saban has yet again released another Samurai promo and may I say, this one is epic. It's on youtube and is named Power Rangers Samurai- "Summon the Power". I am so psyched that they will be using the shinkenger horses!:D