Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Might be Late: Go-Busters vs Gokaiger rumors

This might be late but Dukemon22 reports that in the upcoming Go-Buster vs Gokaiger (probably set to be released in theaters in December), Basco steals the Go-Busters' powers early on as revenge for them beating him up in the last one. So I guess the rumor is that Basco returns from the dead. So the Gokaiger go after the keys. Go-Busters eventually get their powers back but the Gokaiger do transform into Go-Busters. Also rumored is that Gokaiger will have gold or yellow-ish Phantom Ranger Keys. We still don't know what these keys are of but I think they might be repaints of past keys. What I mean is that I think it will be keys of the old teams, not warriors we have not seen yet. But some fans think it will be warriors we have not seen yet (Demon Hunter, Deka Bright, Mask X-1, etc.) So we will see....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Power Rangers Megaforce trailer (thanks to Mr. Yellow and FuryDiamond)

Thanks to fellow Power Force members Mr. Yellow and FuryDiamond of Rangercrew:
It is a combo of the first trailer from the Licensing Expo which hasn't been online but FuryDiamond did recreate and the Power Morphicon trailer I've been able to capture in HD. It has the music from the PMC trailer and has only Goseigers fighting and GokaiOh and GoseiOh and other Goseiger robos.

RangerCrew Blog
 Power Rangers Megaforce Teaser 2

FuryDiamond's recreated Licensing Expo Teaser:

PMC Trailer (my HD capture)