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Poll Results: RPM Eps 29-30 & Kamen Rider Favorites

What did you think about "If Venjix Won"?
139 votes
Awesome 20 (14%)
Sweet 55 (40%)
Could be Better 48 (34%)
Bad 16 (12%)

What did you think about "End Game"?
138 votes
Awesome 37 (26%)
Can't Wait for next week 82 (59%)
Could have been Better 12 (8%)
Bad 7 (5%)

Who is your favorite Kamen Rider Torque?
Drew 98 (38%) Chance 157 (61%)
255 votes

Who is your favorite Kamen Rider Strike?
James 91 (36%)
Price 155 (63%)
246 votes

Who is your favorite Kamen Rider Axe?
Danny 67 (27%) Hunt 175 (72%)
242 votes

Who is your favorite Kamen Rider Siren?
Kase 151 (58%) Maya 108 (41%)
259 votes

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - CW Kids promo

After "For Ventara and Earth Part 1" aired, CW4kids aired a promo announcing to see the season finale on their website. We have a saying in Spanish for this, it is "Te quedo bonito," which literally means "You left it pretty," which means that they fixed up their error in a half-assed way.

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 31 & 32 - Danger & Destiny Part 1 & 2

53 out of 77 says I can post the summaries with spoilers, while 24 wanted spoiler-free, I will post a spoiler-free one next.

79 out of 130 says I can post the summaries before the videos are posted. 17 don't want to be posted.

When PRuploads posts the videos, I will post them here. Sorry, I don't know at what time they will be posted at.


"Danger and Destiny" Part One - With Spoilers

The seven face hybrids in the city. They move off and see Venjix on big screens in the air, him saying they are not safe. Ziggy is scared for Dr. K and runs off. The others try to get to Ziggy but a monster corners them off. Dillon feels pain and doesn't morph, he runs off. Dr. K sees the power go back on in her lab, as in the last ep it went down. Dr. K works on the antidote as she hears banging on the lab doors. The doors are blasted open and Tenaya & Grinders come in an grab Dr. K. Venjix comes in an says he thanks her. She says he has flaws. She learned that the most flawed human are better than him, a machine. Ziggy comes in and Venjix kicks his butt. K goes to him and still calls him 'Ranger Green.' They are too be taken to the tower. Venjix sucks in all the Power Ranger info from dr. K's computers and destroys the lab.

Dillon comes in struggling an Venjix recognizes him. Dillon faints. He gets up and his eyes are full of the virus. Venjix leaves and Dillon injects the virus into himself, destroying the virus hold, he only takes one antidote with him. Meanwhile, the Attackbot grows and the three main megazords are called (except for ValveMax). Dillon hides from Grinders. The bot freezes High octane and Paleo. Mach flies up in the air and are split apart by the bot but the zords still fight back. The whale zord unfreeze the other two Megazords. They then destroy the Attack Bot. Venjix calls it impressive. Red jumps out and faces Venjix with his Street Saber. They battle it out. Venjix laughs evily, asking for him to do it harder, saying he amuses him.

He blasts at Scott. The others watch from below. Venjix says he can access their biofield, he plans to delete the PaleoMax, and does so, the three zords disappear. The Rangers gasp. Scott de-morphs. High Octane backs out. The twins say they know what to do. Mach gets in the way of High Octane being deleted, the Mach Megazord splits up and are deleted. Silver and Gold fall down. Venjix says he needs more energy. Kilobyte watches from the tower that the twins are being deleted. The twins de-morph and they start glowing the deletion glow as Scott watches.

during the commercials, a MMPR promo runs, saying Rita has escaped unto ABC Kids and reversed time in order to destroy the source of the Power Rangers.. the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

After the break, Flynn and Summer run to the twins as they disappear. Gem and Gema dispense their last words and disappear. Summer cries into Flynn's arms. Kilobyte plans to delete Tenaya. Dillon finds Dr. K, Ziggy, and Tenaya going to a building. Dillon reports to the trio. They report about the twins, saying they are gone. Dillon says he is sorry, saying there is no time to feel sorry. Flynn says he has no heart. Dillon says Dr. K and Ziggy are about to be next. Ziggy tries to break free from the lock they have--well he does and breaks K out. She smiles. She thanks him in French and asks him to let go her hand. He has no plan. She thinks up of a plan. Kilobyte comes up to Tenaya, saying the plan has changed, saying she is the one leaving. Her weapon is deleted. Grinders come to her aid and Kilobyte beats them up. Tenaya and Kilobyte then fight.

Dillon arrives and fights Kilobyte as Ranger Black. Ziggy, K, and Tenaya watch. They spot the antidote on the floor. Ziggy says he has a plan. Tenaya grabs Black's weapon, using him as a shield. Kilobyte says they are a dysfunctional family. K distracts Kilobyte, Ziggy gets the antidote. Black injects K. Kilobyte blasts at Black, Black makes the shield. He falls. Tenaya struggles on the floor. The Ranger trio destroy Kilobyte with their bazooka. Summer goes to the injured dillon. Tenaya reverts to 'normal.' K checks Dillon's pulse. Tenaya asks if he is alive. K says yes. Grinders arrive. Summer tells Tenaya to go with them. Back at the lab, Tenaya listens to the locket in front of a sleeping dillon and remembers Dillon telling Tenaya he is her brother. K says he is in a coma, like a computer shutting down and will recover. She says she forgot how to be human, but remembers when she looks at him.

After the commercial break, Flynn asks Scott if he is crazy, that two megazords and two Rangers are gone. They are only four Rangers now with Dillon in a coma. K says when they morph, he can delete them. Flynn says they can use a magnetic field, K says they need a bigger one to do so. K says Venjix is a virus, best way to deal with a virus with another virus. Summer says they walk right in. Summer talks to Tenaya, Venjix still thinks Tenaya is Tenaya. Tenaya says she doesn't know who she is. She can't leave Dillon, as he never left her. Flynn 'tough loves' her, if she wants to save him, she has to save them.

Episode Review:
I think it's epic, don't know how everyone will feel about it. It fulfills all fan wish-fulfillment. This episode gets a lot done with little time. Creative use of the Go-Onger footage and (re-creation) graphics as well!


"Danger and Destiny" Part Two - With Spoilers

A brief recap is shown (I wonder why if this is the only time it will be airing and they knew ABC Kids would air this back to back, but I guess for the dvd's). Tenaya enters a room with K. K downloads a new virus into Tenaya's memory drive, her eyes glow. Summer notices that Scott's morpher glows. Military code from his dad. Sector 12, Quad 5. Tenaya is ready, when the virus is loaded, they can morph. Ziggy is to guard K, she doesn't like that ideas, saying she ended up in a cave last time he protected her. Tenaya goes past General Crunch and goes to the tower. Hybrids are being labeled by Grinders, Scott poses as one and beats up the Grinders. Scott, Summer, and Flynn fight Grinders in the warehouse where Mason singled them to go to. Mason and Scott meet up. Tenaya tells everyone to get out in the tower. She locks the doors and smiles.

The trio fight the Grinders as Mason gets the human prisoners out. The Grinders back up, Venjix arrives. Scott asks to morph, they can't. Venjix wants them to join them or be destroyed. Summer says that doesn't sound like living. Tenaya is done witht he virus, she asks K to disconnect, K says not yet, she wants to see what is buried in there. She then finds the Ranger stuff. Encrypted files. Ziggy was looking for food in the garage but finds a bolt on the floor and it's a trap--Grinders. Venjix sends a blow to the trio---K clears it to morph--they of course Morph, explosion, safe. After the commercials, the fog clears and the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers are safe. Ziggy continues fighting Grinders and morphs into Ranger Green. Watch the Hammy? Hamstring? Yellow fights the grunts outside now. Reminds me of the first MMPR Movie for some reason, maybe it is how she says 'rev it up' and 'see ya.' Red fights Venjix.

Tenaya is still hooked up to Venjix's main computer and K is still working on something. Venjix says enough, the Grinders go to him. He plans to delete them. K smiles. The Grinders are instead deleted. Ziggy falls, thinking it was him. Venjix strikes the tower. Tenaya goes down. Crunch tries coming in. Dillon wakes up, conveniently. He catches up, seeing K and Tenaya on the screen. He pushes Ziggy aside and races off in his car. K tells Ziggy to help her. Crunch blasts through and calls Tenaya a traitor. They fight. Crunch is a wild fighter. The trio continue fighting Venjix, Blue & Yellow go down. Ziggy removes a panel that was for the Ranger suits. K brings back Silver and Gold into the display case. The trio gets up and attack Venjix at once. He backs up and blasts at them. Their helmets comes off. Venjix says he can't be defeated.

After the commercial break, Venjix talks to K directly, saying she lost. Ziggy looks as the Silver and Gold arrive and leave. The trio looks up and it is the Gold and Silver Zords. They blast the tower off. Dillon has arrived and fights Crunch. The tower falls, Dillon grabs Tenaya and they go to the emergency chutes. They fall out and take out the parachute. The trio run for cover as the tower directly falls on top of Venjix, an explosion occurs. The trio walks through the wreckage. Gem and Gema have a happy reunion with them, having survive death, twice. K calls for Dillon and Tenaya, no answer at first but they say they are enjoying the view. Ziggy wants to know how to do that thing K did with Gem and Gema, so they can be rich. K rolls her eyes. Later, a now non-robot-like Hicks and some of Mason's soldiers go out of Cornith dome (now without the fake sky) and check the oxygen. Mason wants Scott to command the eagle squad. K checks Tenaya's eye implants, doesn't know how long they will last. Flynn says he and his dad are building new computer systems for the city. Gem and Gema will also be in the eagle squad.

K wants their morphers, Ziggy is the first to give his up. He whispers, "Get in Gear." Flynn, Scott, Gem and Gema go next. Summer puts hers and then finally dillon, with a smile. 'No more series operators, what's next?' Ziggy and K are starting a school for kids. She calls him Ziggy, because he is not a series operator anymore. Summer says there is a world waiting to be rebuilt. Scott tells Dillon he better not be getting a call to go save his butt. Ziggy and Dillon share a hug. K gives dillon and K the locket, they say to keep it. dillon thanks K. dillon, Summer and Tenaya leave. Ziggy puts her arm around K's shoulder and she smiles. dillon stops his car, they all get out to a flower, Dillon puts water on it. They find more little flowers and then over a stoop, many more flowers, a lake and mountain. Also, an ominous ending, with a red glowing light being hauled away in a case by Dr. K.

Judd 'Chip' Lynn did a fantastic job, even though Dillon waking up as soon as Tenaya was in trouble was predictable, what wasn't was taking down the tower--well that was a bit predictable. I'm not so crazy about the special effects of the tower falling, probably too little budget, it's the best they could do. Touching ending, couldn't do better myself. So to keep track, Tenaya, Dillon, and Summer went out exploring; Scott, Gem and Gema went military; Flynn and his dad are to do the computer systems; Ziggy and Dr. K are in charge of their own school. The very ending ending was a bit tacked on, but made sense. We know know we are not getting a sequel, so to even suggest that is fuitile, but I guess Judd wanted us to see that life goes on in that universe and that nothing is ever 'over.'

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Poll Results: Which is the best Power Rangers Holiday Episode

After 26 days for voting, there was 338 votes.

Power Rangers Zeo
"A Season to Remember"
168 out of 338 votes (50%)

MMPR Season 3
"I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger"
117 of 338 votes (34%)

MMPR Season 2
"Alpha's Magical Christmas"
53 of 338 votes (16%)

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Kamen Rider Archetype Personalities

Thanks to RFyleCreatorAnimator to this suggestion and Thank you very much to Igadevil, check out his blog Igadevil's Kamen Rider Blog.

Like with Super Sentai Color Personalities, where certain character archetypes (girly girl, tomboy, stubborn one, bad boy, etc.) are used often in Super Sentai; RFyleCreatorAnimator was wondering if there was common use personalities in Kamen Rider. With Kamen Rider Ryuki for example, you have Shinji (the nice one), Ren (the bad boy that will come around), Shuichi (who is hard to pin point and he is not black/white but in a grey area), & Asakira (psycho). But they all change, their characteristics don't always stay the same. They turn around, either by other characters or circumstances. The two roles that never change and are used a lot is the two main Riders, a happy-go-lucky one and a serious rival who gives the first one a tough time and turns around in the end to work as a team.

Igadevil disagrees:
It's hard to pin down some of them to just being one archetype, I think every Rider is unique in some way from the last guy and from the guy after him. So categorizing them into "happy guys", "angry guys" etc. is difficult for me. I suppose the closest I would come to categorizing them is saying that some have dealt with more personal tragedy than others, but how this affects their personality varies. Hongo (Kamen Rider 1) and Ichimonji (Kamen Rider 2) both underwent similar circumstances, but deal with it in different ways. Likewise with Tsugami (Agito) and Ashihara (Gills), though the latter carries the burden of remembering what happened (sorta.) I think you could divide them into proactive and reactive types depending on the character. Hibiki and Tendou (Kabuto) are proactive, the overall mission of fighting the villains is always on their mind. Ryoutarou (Den-O) and Wataru (Kiva) are more reactive, they spring into action when things happen. Obviously there are exceptions in all cases but again it's hard to pin it down. Look at someone like Tsukasa (Decade), who can be very sarcastic and by turns very honest as well.

If there are any roles that are reused but always with their twists, here are some, even if over-simplified:
  • Happy go-lucky
  • Serious Rider
  • Proactive Mission-minded Rider
  • Lone Wolf
  • Psycho
  • One with supernatural powers
  • Just plain evil

Thank you very much to Igadevil, check out his blog Igadevil's Kamen Rider Blog.

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Power Rangers and their Parents

I am only mentioning the parents that appeared on screen. Thanks to RFyleCreatorAnimator to this suggestion, to highlight the parents.

Jason's Mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They both wore red and only the father spoke, he was a muscle head.

Zack's Mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They both wore purple.

Trini's mom and dad
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
They were smarty-pants, Trini arm-wrestled Jason's dad.

Billy's father
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
I think I remember Billy saying he was a scientist. Billy's dad came in late to Parent's day looking for Billy. He mention his mom in one ep but she was never seen.

Kim's Parents
"The Return of an old Friend Part 1 & 2"
Kim's mom & father were divorced, Kim always looked fondly at their relationship, evidenced by the purse she had from their first date. In the two-parter, Kim's mom appeared with her new boyrfiend.

"A Brush with destiny"
By season 3, Kim's mom returned with a new French fiancee who she married and moved to Paris, France. Kim's mom only appeared in 2 episodes, played by the same actress. She was mentioned off-screen when Kim was in the hospital later in the season, through a phone call with Tommy.

Aisha's Parents
"A Brush with destiny"
In that same episode, Aisha's parents offered Kim to live with them when her mom moved to France. Aisha's parents never appeared on screen again but Kat lived with them too. By Zeo, Kat's parents had moved to Angel Grove and took in Tanya. We did not see Rocky, Adam or Kat's parents on screen.

Tanya's Parents
When Aisha met Tanya, she was a young America girl in Africa--her parents were lost. They were explorers who left her in Africa. Mid-way through Zeo, she found them on an island when they discovered Auric.

Justin's dad
In the Turbo movie, it was mentioned that Justin's mother had recently passed away. Justin's dad had to close down his martial arts studio after Justin's mom had died, since he wasn't able to focus anymore after her death. Justin was in a shelter. By In Space, Justin finally live with his father, he had a job.

Captain Bill Mitchell
In Lightspeed Rescue, Bill was the first parent (Pink Ranger Dana's dad) to have a first name and be in the main cast and was the mentor. He was hard on himself for loosing his son Ryan who he later regained.

Mr. Collins
In Time Force, also in the main cast but we didn't find out his first name and he wasn't the mentor. He was at odds with his son Wes the Red Ranger.

Cole's parents
Appearing in a flashback in Wild Force, the main villain Master Org had killed them in a rage as he had feelings for the Red Ranger Cole's mom.

Mr. Enrille
Alyssa's dad appeared in one episode, he practice martial arts. Alyssa's dad found out his daughter's true identity when he saw the White Ranger using the family technique.

Cam's dad, Sensei Kanoi
Sensei was a twin, his brother became the main villain Lothor. Cam was the Green Ranger in Ninja Storm and the Sensei was the second father mentor. He was a guinea pig for the majority of the season. Sensei's name was Kanoi but only mentioned when Cam went back in time.

Cam's mother Miko
She had died when he was young but he saw her again when he traveled back in time and she gave him the power to become the Green Ranger.

Dustin's dad
He appears briefly in one episode, making Cam miss his dad.

Sky's father
He was a former Red Ranger in SPD, he was killed by an alien, Mirloc. Sky's dad's uniform looked just like the Time Force uniform, except for the SPD badge on it. Sky got revenge on his dad in capturing Mirloc after accidentally releasing him.

Udonna and Leanbow
In Mystic Force, their mentor the White Ranger Udonna was the first parent to be a Ranger or first Ranger to be a parent. They later found out Nick was her son Bowen and that the villain Koragg was her husband and father to Nick, Leanbow. They are the second and third parents to have first names, but they didn't have surnames. Udonna was also the first mother to be a major character.

Andrew Hartford
Mac's 'father,' Andrew was the last and third father mentor. He built Mac but in the end when Mac became human, Andrew was truly his dad. He was the fourth to have a first name. He was the second to have a full name.

Master Finn
In Jungle Fury, the mentor RJ's father was a mentor as well, he wanted his son to follow in his Shark spirit ways but the Red Ranger Casey did. RJ was the Violet Ranger.

Colonel Mason Truman
The Red Ranger Scott's father is the military colonel and in charge of Corinth. He is the fifth parent to have a first name and third to have a full name.

Clare and Martin Langston
Ranger Yellow Summer's parents are not the most thoughtful or caring people, but they are the fourth & fifth parents to have full names in Power Rangers.

Flynn's father
Appears in one ep, "Ranger Blue," he didn't think there was real heroes in life until he met his son. He is a Scottish mechanic.