Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Last Episodes Online

Thank you to CW4Kids for posting the last three episodes of Kamen Rider dragon Knight on their website. They were great.

Go to to watch the last three episodes
Sorry, I forgot to say that they are region-locked, only for the United States. But I am sure these episodes will air in their international markets. Because the CW4Kids cancellation only effects the U.S., I will let you know otherwise.

I suggest watching the last ep "A Dragon's Tale" because it is not as bad as imagined.


RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

AllieRX87 told me I cannot watch the episodes on the 4Kids site is because they're region locked. I can only watch them in one specific region and that's North America (specifically the US and Puerto Rico), which is where The CW network and CW4Kids airs.

He said I gonna have to wait for a UK release or watch downloads or on YouTube.

psowill said...

I have to agree. I quite like the ending for KRDK

Shane said...

Definitely a good ending. I expected to hate the fact that Adam would not be punished for all that he did and that they were ending on another clip show, but I had the opposite reaction. I loved the last episode. It really resolved pretty much everything. Also after Adam helped so extensively during the final fights he did earn his ending. Sad to see the show end though. I would hope that if Kamen Rider were to ever return that the Wangs do it.

Anonymous said...

Love the last episode. And for a gal who love this so much I can't believe they can fit so much hot guys in an episode(is that even legal). I really wish they didn't cancel the show