Saturday, November 17, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Toys Spotted

Super Samurai toys were spotted last year around November 19th, these toys were found by LordZedd08 yesterday November 16th. The packaging reminds me and a lot other fans of Mystic Force Pakcaging. A number of cards come with the toys, some come with 1, 2 or 3 cards. The Sky, Sea and Land Brother zords are just heads and come in American-made vehicles with limited articulation figures like the Auxiliary zords for Samurai. No figures have been spotted yet, just a Morphin Action Robo Knight, the Brother zord vehicles, the Robo Morpher, the Gosei Great Megazord, and Power Ranger Blaster.

Thanks to LordZedd08:
Lordzedd08 is located in Virgina.

 It looks like they are planning to release Robo Knight's zords seperately.
The Red and Blue zords of RoboKnight's Megazord will come with Red and Black Rangers. And the bullet-like zord that goes with the big robot (Datas Hyper) will come with the Blue Ranger. And the Lion zord will come with the Robo Knight figure (according to I like the use of the headers as part of a vehicle and a figure, more bang for the buck.

Thanks to Raz ():

 The cards are said to be too big to fit the Japanese Tensouder and Leon Cellular.

 Sky and Land Megazord

 Power Ranger Blaster with the heads of Hammerhead from Sea Brothers and Phoenix (Pink's zord).

Also from Raz:
 Toys R Us

UPDATED 12/6/12 10:11PM EST

The 4 inch tall Ranger figures and the vehicles for the Knight Brothers have been spotted. Also Lion Mechazord and Robo Knight Mask at TRU, no pic yet.

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