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Advantages to adapting either Shinkenger or Goseiger

HeroPower discusses the possibilities of using either one of the Super Sentai candidates to become Power Rangers. The other argument is why is it between Shinkenger or Goseiger, why not a totally original team or one from before 1992 (like Jetman). One thing is that anything from before 1992 would look much older even if color treated and it wouldn't make a much money if there weren't six Rangers (except for Maskman that had Mask-X1 for only 1 episode), but Bandai America could make up some new ones like they have in the past. And to make a whole new team with only seven months to work on it is less than likely. Bandai did mention at the toyfair they were planning to release Shinkenger in 2012. So maybe it will be pushed to an earlier date.

Samuari Sentai Shinkenger
Some fans believe the reason Disney didn't adapt Shinkenger because it was 'too Japanese,' but most likely this was not the case. According to reports by actors and crew, Disney didn't even want to produce RPM and it is evident by they never advertise RPM properly. Like I have said before, Kanji can be ignored and Power Rangers simply use footage, they don't have to use the same storyline. Look at Gingaman/Lost Galaxy. Here are the advantages of using the footage:

Female Red Ranger
She is not a major character, there is only about 3 episodes of footage but she is a good heronie and not a villain like Charlie, SPD A-Squad. As for the toy, most likely Bandai America won't be making a toy of the female Red Ranger, since they didn't make one of minor Rangers such as Nova Ranger, Kat Ranger and the White Mystic Ranger. But it would be quite simple to make her figure, it would take re-painting the Pink or Yellow and adding the Red Ranger head to the toy.

Costume Villains
The majority of the villains are in suit, meaning they wouldn't have to hire an actor. But knowing Power Rangers, they always add one new character like Ransik, Master Org, Flurious, etc. Mystic Force didn't add a new villain but did have LeeLee. But in order to save money for the first season back, Saban could choose not to add anyone new. They would want a human actor, they only would have to hire someone to play Juzo's human form.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger
The plot of Goseiger is a team of Earth-protecting Angels from a special world. But of course, in adapting it, they could make it anything they wanted. Some fans have suggested that their master Master Head could become Zordon and their robot Datas could become Alpha's successor. It is debatable if Gosei Green will even be used as he briefly appears in the footage with no close-up of the helmet at all.

Master Head
As I said before that Master Head that can be taken and said he is a resurrected Zordon. That he is looking over the Rangers for years but has not interfered.

He looks nothing like Alpha 5. Even though fans don't think the goofy-acting child-like Datas can be transferred into Power Rangers but remember that Magiranger's mischievous Smoky became a lame Genji in Mystic Force and Go-Onger's Go-Roader GT became the lifeless Road Attack Zord in RPM. Also, the simple-minded Zuuban of Boukenger became elitist Sentinel Knight. But he could be used as a rebuilt Alpha robot.

Costume Villains
The majority of the villains are in suit, meaning they wouldn't have to hire an actor. But knowing Power Rangers, they always add one new character like Ransik, Master Org, Flurious, etc. Mystic Force didn't add a new villain but did have LeeLee.

I for one hope Saban can re-hire Koichi Sakamoto, who was the stunt director for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' third season up until RPM. He was the 2nd Unit Director for the "battle grid" scenes for VR Troopers. And get some of the stunt crew back from back in the days, or some, definitely from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight--some were from old school Power Ranger days such as David Lee Brown (above), Hiroshi Maeda, and Erik Betts. It is yet to be announced where Saban will be filming, most likely it won't be New Zealand, and for sure it has to be in North America but I am not 100% sure it will be the United States.

Power Rangers that were not 'Teenagers with attitude'

In many mainstream discriptions of Power Rangers has them as 'teenagers,' but in reality out of the current 17 seasons, there was only nine seasons (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Space, Ninja Storm, and Dino Thunder and Mystic Force) were the entire team were teenagers.

Lost Galaxy
Leo didn't mention High School and the others except for Maya, were working for the government or Terra Venture. They were the first team to not to be teenagers. Karone maybe was a teenager as her brother was in his late teens and she was said to be younger than him. Maya could be debatable as she an alien who lived like Tarzan. They were clearly in their twenties.

Lightspeed Rescue
This team clearly had jobs and professionals as firefighter, nurse, pilot, and whale trainer. They are clearly in their early twenties.

Time Force
Wes and Eric already went to a Prep School and had clearly graduated. I don't know how things are in the future, but the others were clearly with the police. And Jen was at the point where she was to marry her partner. So they have to be in their twenties.

Wild Force
Alyssa was clearly the first Ranger to ever be a college student. Merrick was from ancient times but it is safe to say maybe Cole, Max and Alyssa were in their late teens but the whole team was of mixed ages as Taylor was already in the air force.

It is debatable as Kat and Doggy mentioned they worked with teenagers but when Bridge traveled to 2004, he said it was the year he was born and they were from 2025, making him 21. They could have been of mixed ages, but were no longer in High School, but maybe Jack and Elizabeth quit school early.

MAY 16, 2010 3:30 PM EST
Mystic Force were teenagers, my bad. We just never saw them in school.

Operation Overdrive
Mac was just two years old but meant to look like he was in his late teens. Ronnie, Will and Dax clearly had to be in their twenties. Rose was suppose to be a child prodigy, so she could have been a teenager. And Tyzonn, as an alien, it is hard to tell.

Jungle Fury
High School was never mentioned and the Rangers weren't like how in Ninja Storm, where their school was High School equivalent so they could have been in late teens. RJ was clearly in his mid-twenties.

Power Rangers RPM
Scott was already in the military and Flynn had already graduated from High School, so they were probably in early twenties. Gem and Gema were geniuses like Dr. K, who was a teenager so most likely they were teenagers too. For Ziggy, Summer and Dillon it is hard to tell.

In Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, both teams were all teens except for one--Cam and Tommy. Oh yeah and the Aquitar Rangers were not teenagers!

Disney's Contributions to Power Rangers

Non-Morphed Powers
Disney had a ongoing thread in most of their seasons where when the Rangers were not morphed, had individual super powers. Fans did not like this and some believed this was redundant as many had martial arts skills and going against the lore of the Power Rangers. I didn't mind it at times. Ninja Storm, Mystic Force and Jungle Fury already had powers in their original Sentai related to elements or animals, so there wasn't much difference in PR. As for RPM, they had individual powers but only when they were morphed, so doesn't count. The seasons that added un-morphed powers were Dino Thunder, SPD, and Operation Overdrive.

Rita as the Mystic Mother
Since Soga Machiko played Bandora and Magiel in Zyuranger and Magiranger, respectively and that footage was used for Power Rangers and had recently died, Mystic Force writers decided to make Rita Repulsa into Mystic Mother. Because of course the Mystic Mother obviously looked like Rita and was played by the same actress.

Thrax, son of Zedd and Rita
Thrax was added to the Power Ranger lore for the 15th anniversary episode in Operation Overdrive. Reportedly he was their son and was angry they went to the good side, but there was no explanation as to when he was born or how exactly. Thrax's body looked much like his father's, had half-human face with bone exo-skeleton like his Uncle Rito. He also had his father's staff and was trapped into Rita's dumpster by Sentinel Knight.

And as I said before...
First Female Red Ranger
Power Rangers claimed the first female red warrior in 2005 while Super Sentai did it in 2009 with Shinkenger. While neither had completely original outfits, Charlie the A-Squad SPD Red Ranger had a semi-original uniform made from motocross gear. Charlie was leader of a group that was highly touted by SPD by being the best and decided to align themselves with evil by their own free will, not by a spell.

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Positives of the Disney Franchise

Now that Saban has been announced as the owner of Power Rangers once again, some misguided fans wonder if the 'Disney Era' will be considered non-canon. I find the notion hilarious. I think every season should stand alone, the teamups are great and I like them, I don't mind teamups but I don't think fans should dwell too much on details. Here are some (just some) things that I find to be positive of when Disney was in charge. I loved all the seasons, they had their good contributions to the series, I am just highlighting some positives. Anything I left out by no means indicates those are negatives. If you ask, there were zero negatives to the 'disney era.'

The Return of Tommy
Tommy Oliver, one of the most beloved Rangers, returned as mentor to new teen Rangers. But, he wasn't the same as we remembered, retro-conned as an archeologist professor who played a hand in creating the villain Messogog. Including "Fighting Spirit," even though the whole season wasn't as hot, fans fell in love all again with Tommy.

The Return of Adam
Fans did enjoy the second original Black Ranger appear in the 15th anniversary episode during the Operation Overdrive season. He was given some zinger of one-liners such as "Old-school still does the trick," "I still can't get over that he is a doctor," and "He's worse than his mother and father."

Kelson Henderson
Disney did use a lot of the same actors, recycling them but Kelson has to be one of the most diverse and beloved by fans. He appeared in almost every 'Disney' season, except for Ninja Storm and RPM. He guested in 1 ep of Dino Thunder, played Boom in SPD, Phineas in Mystic, Norg in PROO, and Flit in PRJF. He might as well be called the equivalent of Bulk and Skull for comic relief.

First Female Red Ranger EVER!!!
Power Rangers claimed the first female red warrior in 2005 while Super Sentai did it in 2009 with Shinkenger. While neither had completely original outfits, Charlie the A-Squad SPD Red Ranger had a semi-original uniform made from motocross gear. Charlie was Hispanic and leader of a group that was highly touted by SPD by being the best and decided to align themselves with evil by their own free will, not by a spell. They were later detained and captured.

Props from Japan
One of the negatives of filming in the United States was it was hard to ship every prop from Japan, probably because of money, maybe because of time. All I know is that props were more easier to ship from Japan to New Zealand. About 5554 miles apart. In MMPR, they never used the foam Dragon Shield, always the floppy cloth one. But in PRDT, they clearly used the original foam shield, probably shipped from Toei directly and not old MMPR reserves.

Toei shooting Sentai footage in New Zealand
May not be a big deal for Power Ranger fans, but I did like to see a comradery between Toei and Disney in that Toei had them shoot footage in New Zealand for Super Sentai. The New Zealand team used their own suits and their own stuntmen and sent the footage to Japan.

Power Rangers RPM
Some fans might disagree that this was a great season, but I think it is one of the best of the Disney era. They say it is a rip-off of Mad Max, Terminator, Wolverine, and various other sources. The majority of fans love this season. First of all, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Not only that, there is death, blood, organized crime syndicates and even Rangers in prison. Plus, it doesn't rely too much on the source Go-Onger, in fact some episodes have zero to little footage. I personally liked Go-Onger, but RPM can stand on its own.

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Bandai Japan new toyline resembles Shinkenger Origami

Bandai has released called Mojibakeru (moji means “character” and bakeru means “to change”). There is six of them [(犬 (dog), 虎 (tiger), 魚 (fish), 馬 (horse), 鳥 (bird) and 竜 (dragon)] and they resemble the Origami of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Each animal comes in a variety of three different colors (blue, yellow, black and white). They do resemble origami and they each turn into the Kanji that represents their name/species. So probably Bandai Japan got inspired by Shinkenegr and wanted to continue with a similar motif.

We should have a Petition for a MMPR DVD Box Set with Zyu2 Footage

There has been DVD Box Sets in Europe of Power Rangers but we have never gotten them in the U.S. Disney has expressed they wouldn't make any box sets. There has been no boxset for any season in the U.S. The closest we have gotten has been Power Rangers Operation Overdrive volume dvds of almost all the episodes of that season. But my proposal is to have a season 1 or 2 set that includes all the 'Zyu 2' footage. 'Zyu 2' is a fan term for the footage Saban ordered from Toei for MMPR and only aired on MMPR and didn't air in Japan. I am not talking about just the footage used in the episodes, but uncut footage. Such as footage of the original putties that was supposedly cut out of Season 2 for Zedd's putties. And the fabled footage of Bloom of Doom fighting the Megazord that supposed to have Lokar. And it would be great to see the original footage of the monsters fighting the original Megazord and not the Thunder Megazord, how it was cut. Now, this footage most likely has no sound effects or dubbing, so I suggest using Ron Wasserman's music in the background. This incentive would really make fans buy the sets. I would pay a lot for the UNCUT footage.

Upcoming for Power Rangers in 2011

Okay I decided to make a new post explaining the new information we got last night.

  • Saban has made a new deal with Namco Bandai and Bandai America, for the toys as usual and new video games from Namco.
  • 700 old episodes (original MMPR to RPM) will air on Nicktoons.
  • 20 new episodes have been ordered by Nickelodeon. If successful, most likely they will order more. It is reported that there will be a new cast, and new theme and they will be shooting in the summer. It has not been announced yet if Shinkenger or Goseiger will be used as reference footage.
  • Johnathan Tzachor will be in charge of the new 18th season. Tzachor was in charge of Power Rangers from mid-way of Turbo to Wild Force.
  • Disney will be removing Power Rangers from their channels. One fan already told us that RPM will be removed from Disney XD UK.
  • And Saban is making deals for a movie. Nothing else has been announced. Most likely it will through Paramount Films, which Nickelodeon is allied with. Nickelodeon has been developing a new film division, with Ninja Turtles being one of the productions.
  • The Power Rangers will leave Disney World in August 7, 2010 (my birthday) according to a castmember at Intercot boards and Daily Disney blog.

But we still have a lot of questions, such as...
  1. What Sentai footage will be used for the new season?
  2. Will Bandai America still release the Dragonzord and other upcoming MMPR toys?
  3. Will the new movie be about the new season or a reboot of MMPR?
  4. When will ABC stop airing the Disney Reversion?
  5. Will Saban release DVD box sets of the original MMPR and not that Reversion?
So if Saban does adapt Shinkenger, there will be two years between Super Sentai and Power Ranger adaptions. This is for people who aren't familiar with the series:
Zyuranger (1992) = MMPR Season 1 (1993-1994)
Dairanger (1993) = MMPR Season 2 (1994-1995)
Kakuranger (1994) = MMPR Season 3 (1995-1996)
Ohranger (1995) = Zeo (1996)
Carranger (1996) = Turbo (1997)
Megaranger (1997) = In Space (1998)
Gingaman (1998) = Lost Galaxy (1999)
Go Go Five (1999) = Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
Timeranger (2000) = Time Force (2001)
Gaoranger (2001) = Wild Force (2002)
Hurricanger (2002) = Ninja Storm (2003)
Abaranger (2003) = Dino Thunder (2004)
Dekaranger (2004) = SPD (2005)
Maguranger (2005) = Mystic Force (2006)
Boukenger (2006) = Operation Overdrive (2007)
Gekiranger (2007) = Jungle Fury (2008)
Go-Onger (2008) = RPM (2009)
Shinkenger (2009) = Power Rangers Samurai (2011-2012)
Goseiger (2010) = ?? Possibly 2013.
Gokaiger (2011) = ?? Possibly 2014.

HeroPower discusses the possibilities of using either one of the Super Sentai candidates to become Power Rangers.

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It's OFFICIAL: Saban re-gains Power Rangers

LAST UPDATED 5/13/2010 9:30 AM EST

Read each article, each has different info!
Variety Article posted today May 12, 2010 at 5PM EST
LATimes Articles
Canoe -- Jam! Television
Associated Press
The Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment Weekly
Deal Book
Nice And More Press Release
It has been six months, actually I had heard rumblings for a long while that Saban might take the rights back from Disney but I couldn't say anything until it was official. Haim Saban has a new company called Saban Brands and has made a deal with Nickelodeon to have 20 new episodes of Power Rangers, including the 700 older episodes (MMPR-RPM) will air on Nicktoons. The Variety article had some information wrong, saying that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the show title for two seasons when in fact it was 3 and saying Disney is currently running PR on ABC Family when in fact it is ABC Kids on ABC. "Disney has maintained some "Power Rangers" merchandise licensing. But the property clearly hasn't been a priority for the Mouse." Which is true.

The New York Times Article says: “The list is very, very long for things we’re going to do” with the “Power Rangers,” Mr. Saban said. An 18th season is in development now. That season will make its debut on Nickelodeon in the first quarter of 2011, the channel said. Mr. Saban said he felt that Disney “did not develop the property and exploit it in the way that it deserves.” And might I add that now that Disney has Marvel and Iron Man in Disney Stores, they want to focus on boys. But, they had PR but because it didn't have the Disney name, it became a black sheep. They just didn't know what to do with it. The Associated Press Article got this candid quote from a Disney Spokesperson: "From our perspective, it just doesn't fit in our long-term programming strategy," said Disney spokesman Jonathan Friedland. The Power Rangers are expected to disappear from Disney and ABC lineups "immediately," Friedland said. While Nickelodeon's current President says: "This fits in nicely as we are doing more things specifically for boys, and we are excited to add proven properties to our original slate," said Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami.

Look at a poll I did last summer:
Hypothetical: What 'IF' Haim Saban took over Power Rangers again?
Hope it Happens -- 175 out of 330
As long as PR Continues, I'm Happy" -- 129 out of 330, 39%
I Hate the Idea -- 26 out of 330, 7%

So a resounding 53% would think it would be awesome if Haim Saban took over the franchise. I have to hurry up and get a subscription to Nicktoons channel!

Some fans on Rangerboard already are jumping the board and thinking of a 'reimagining' movie. The Canoe article says: "A new movie, video games and toys are also in the works." And the Associated Press article says: "There are also plans to bring a Power Rangers movie back to theaters for the first time in more than a decade."Would You Pay for a ticket for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 'Reimagining' Movie?
Which means, would you buy a ticket to go to the theaters and watch a movie in which they re-do completely the first season of MMPR.
88 out of 111, 79% voted YES
23 (20%) voted No.

Let me clarify, the 20 'new' episodes will be from a new Sentai series. They haven't stated which one or the name of it yet. I am sure they will soon. Most likely the new series will air on Nickelodeon.

Canoe article says: "New episodes kicking off the 18th season of the show will play on Viacom-owned cable channels Nickelodeon and Nicktoons next spring. A new movie, video games and toys are also in the works."

The Hollywood Reporter says, "Library episodes of the show will start airing on Nicktoons later this year, with 20 new episodes set for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in 2011 under the direction of original executive producer Jonathan Tzachor."

The Hollywood Reporter also reports, The Power Rangers are expected to disappear from Disney and ABC lineups "immediately," Friedland said. I heard a rumor that the MMPR reversion was the straw that broke the camel's back and Saban didn't like it. So most likely we will be seeing the original MMPR on Nicktoons, not the 'reversion.' And if Jonathan Friedland says PR will be removed from the ABC lineup 'immediately' that means we have seen the last of the reversions.

Produced by SCG Power Rangers LLC, Power Rangers will commence production in summer 2010 with original Executive Producer Jonathan Tzachor back at the helm and a new cast, look and theme for the show. -Nice And More Press Release

My theories about why Lord Zedd is getting more attention in the MMPR 2010 toyline

Above is the new toy coming out this fall for the MMPR 2010 toyline, it is not the 2008 Super Legends Lord Zedd chase toy. It is a whole new model, shorter, to match the MMPR 2010 figures. So far now there will be three MMPR 2010 Lord Zedd figures. Many fans are getting upset that there is so much attention on Lord Zedd, not Rita Repulsa since the first season is airing and not the second season. Lord Zedd would still be welcomed if the Lord Zedd figures would be released during the time Season 2 episodes airs.

Here is the 'story' that appeared on the toyline of Power Rangers Zeo:
To help the Zeo Rangers defend the world from the new menace Machine Queen, Zordon gives them the Zeo Zords - robotic battle machines. When more power is needed, the Zeo Zords morph together to form even stronger combinations. Will they be powerful enough to defeat Queen Machina?

Back then in 1996, I think the reason they only mentioned the 'Machine Queen' and not King Mondo was because the last known villain was Rita Repulsa, so to make fans not scare off so easily. The description didn't even have King Mondo and we can all agree King Mondo and Queen Machina were both the main villains. It is funny how times have changed.

So here are on theories to why Lord Zedd is getting attention instead of Rita Repulsa. I believe it is because of the simple reason that Lord Zedd is male and Rita is female. These days, male villains are more accepted for boy toylines. That a same-gender villain is more acceptable.

For example, Ben 10 has a male villain in Vilmax or all those other aliens. Other popular boy toylines are Iron Man, Batman, and Transformers. All their villains are male. That I can remember, I can't think of a boys' franchise (Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Thundercats, Spider-Man) that had a female main villain. Batman had Catwoman but Joker is more considered his main villain.

For example back in the 80's with She-Ra, her main villain was Hordak (who is left over from He-Man), Hordak was meant to be the main villain of He-Man after Skeletor but He-Man ended and She-ra went into production. Hordak was used as She-Ra's villain in order to advertise his toy. The only Hordak toy available was through the Masters of the Universe toyline, and not available through She-Ra. The only villain available in the toyline was Catra and producers would had rather Catra be the villainess. All female properties these days don't seem to have villains at all. Hannah Montana, Barbie, and the Disney Princesses have no villains, well the Princesses have villains but not in toylines.

UPDATED 5/13/10
Since it has been revealed that Saban has bought the PR property back from Disney and it has been in talks for a while, there is a theory by fans that to buy time until the purchase and transfer was set, that is why MMPR was repackaged. And meant Bandai had a short time to release what they wanted, so that's maybe one of the reasons they released Lord Zedd and are planning to release the White Ranger.

Poll Results: Anniversary Rangers/Annoying Ranger/Ally/Son Battle

Which Ally deserved to be a Ranger?
Billy (Zeo) - 96 of 146
David Trueheart - 15
Fran - 11
Bom - 10
Clare - 8
Devon - 6

Most Annoying Ranger?
Justin - 87 of 148
Dax - 20
Casey - 19
Max - 9
Conner - 6
Ronnie - 4
Vida - 3
I don't agree about Justin, he wasn't annoying, he was smart, he knew when there was something up and in most of the time, he had a solution. Vida, Ronnie, and Dax are annoying because they are dumb and say stupid things and are repeative.

Who Would Win? #100

125 fans say that Thrax (71) would win against Kai (54) if Rita would send Thrax to defend her honor against Bandora's son.

Who from past teams would you want in a 2011 Anniversary Teamup?
I messed up with the title of one of the polls. My bad! I wrote 'Who from Gekiranger SCRTC team would you have been in an anniversary teamup?' I meant to say...
Who from Gekiranger SCRTC team would you want in an anniversary teamup?
Geki Violet got 71 votes out of 164! Geki Chopper got less votes.

Who from Go-onger would you want in an anniversary teamup?
Go-On Silver got 45 votes out of 164! Go-On Blue got less votes.

Who from Shinkenger would you want in an anniversary teamup?
Shinken Red got 62 votes out of 166! Shinken Blue got less votes.

Who from Goseiger would you want in an anniversary teamup?
Gosei Knight got 41 votes of 153! Gosei Blue got second and Gosei Yellow got the less votes.