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Megaforce vs Dino Charge Characterizations

UPDATED 10/12/15
I always disliked blaming Executive Producers for shoddiness of seasons but the evidence is too overwhelming. Seeing how Dino Charge has been going, it is way better in writing, characterization, production and details compared to Megaforce. I know this is like beating a dead horse but here are the comparisons:

Dino Charge
42 Episodes14 Episodes (Since 10/12/15)
Troy - new student, says don't drop weapons, practices sword fighting without a shirtTyler - drives a jeep, looking for his missing father, excitable, might have feelings for Shelby
Jake - soccer, likes gia, joker, jealousChase - from New Zealand, skater, fancies himself a ladies man, hits on Shelby, one track mind, hotshot, slightly jealous of Ivan
Noah - smart, inventor, xenophobic, questions himselfKoda - caveman, saved his brother, misses his brother, fish out of water, still learning English, eats a lot, frightened by loud noises
Gia - likes to keep a strong image, likes smart menRiley - grew up on a farm, has an older brother, solves puzzles, thinks logically, practices a lot, quick to judge
Emma - likes nature, BMX rider, singerShelby - fancies herself a dino expert, likes to be useful, passionate, doesn't want to be ignored, likes Tyler
Orion - alien, miner, sleeps in lockers, part time job Ivan - a knight, believes in justice and loyalty, fish out of water

 Kendall - wants to be referred by her last name, intelligent, inventor, stubborn, stuck up



Updated with time

Kamen Rider Drive 47

Ninninger 30 Images

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Knight After Knights - Episode Review

Fury is in trouble with Sledge for loosing the Pterazord, especially when the new monster Bones takes away his backbone and he runs away. In the hideout, Riley introduces the Ptera Saber to Ivan and Kendall show the charger. Tyler wish Ivan was his dad. Koda and Shelby cheer him up. Riley and Chase show Ivan that his gem goes in the cave and he leaves. Riley says he is part of his team. He says he is not part of his team, he can't make a decision so hastily. The five Rangers fight Poisandra, Curio, Bones and Viviks. Bones beats up the Rangers individually. Gold Ranger arrives and beats up Bones.

 Chase is slightly jealous. He leaves. Shelby follows Ivan and tells him that he was responsibility. He says they have to prove their worth. She says they saved him from Fury, and that is proof enough. He says he should reconsider. The boys meanwhile are walking and get attacked by Bones who steals Chase's courage/backbone. Shelby and Ivan arrive to find the four scared of Curio. Shelby tells them that it is not who they are. The three baddies retreat and Ivan leaves too. Shelby is disappointed. Shelby forces the other Rangers inside the cave. 

Ivan collects people he thinks are brave enough to be Knights, not understanding the modern world (such as believing a sword swallower). Sledge punishes Bones for returning without all six backbones and energems. The girls deal with the scaredy-cat boys and figure Ivan is heading towards Bones. Shelby leaves. Ivan faces the baddies with his "Knights of Amber Beach" which Poisandra doesn't take seriously (rightfully so). Viviks arrive and they run off. Ivan fights the Viviks on her own which the woman of advance age continues screaming. Keeper gives the four guys a pep talk, he took a symbol but not their actual courage. Their backbone symbols return.

Pink Ranger arrives in her cycle and blasts Viviks. Ivan notices her courage. She de-morphs. The others arrive and Poisandra and Curio leave. The six morph. Gold Ranger flies and then attacks the monster with his Ptera Saber. Pink says he has found his knights. She puts his Ptera Charger in her morpher and they do a double-attack to take down Bones. Sledge makes Bones grow. PteraCharge Megazord is formed. Gold activates his Dino Drive Mode. The basic Dino Charge Megazord is formed and the five Rangers get Dino Drive Mode and they fight Bones. Bones is destroyed by both. Later, Knight tells the gang a story about the energem. Fury attacked and he pushed the Prince Colin out of the way. The Energem was knocked away. The energem boned him with the spirit of the Pterdactyl. Fury swallows Ivan into his body. The energem then bounced off into Colin's possession. Ivan gets distracted by a burger. 

Very funny episode, albeit not the most creative (their courage just returns because Keeper gives them a pep talk? and Ivan's choices for knights). But it did lead to funny moments (Chase's funny bone, Ivan's choices leaving screaming, Shelby and Kendall's reactions to the boy's fears). I do like that the Prince Philip is not there but would had like some mention of him. 

Spoilers: (Highlight the black text)
Readers beware. France has aired more of the final episodes, with only three more left. I love spoilers, I am not going to say much but, I think they are going too fast with the footage, burning out what's left for season two. Also with some toys not coming out until next year, well technically December in some areas.