Saturday, September 19, 2015

Megaforce vs Dino Charge Characterizations

UPDATED 10/12/15
I always disliked blaming Executive Producers for shoddiness of seasons but the evidence is too overwhelming. Seeing how Dino Charge has been going, it is way better in writing, characterization, production and details compared to Megaforce. I know this is like beating a dead horse but here are the comparisons:

Dino Charge
42 Episodes14 Episodes (Since 10/12/15)
Troy - new student, says don't drop weapons, practices sword fighting without a shirtTyler - drives a jeep, looking for his missing father, excitable, might have feelings for Shelby
Jake - soccer, likes gia, joker, jealousChase - from New Zealand, skater, fancies himself a ladies man, hits on Shelby, one track mind, hotshot, slightly jealous of Ivan
Noah - smart, inventor, xenophobic, questions himselfKoda - caveman, saved his brother, misses his brother, fish out of water, still learning English, eats a lot, frightened by loud noises
Gia - likes to keep a strong image, likes smart menRiley - grew up on a farm, has an older brother, solves puzzles, thinks logically, practices a lot, quick to judge
Emma - likes nature, BMX rider, singerShelby - fancies herself a dino expert, likes to be useful, passionate, doesn't want to be ignored, likes Tyler
Orion - alien, miner, sleeps in lockers, part time job Ivan - a knight, believes in justice and loyalty, fish out of water

 Kendall - wants to be referred by her last name, intelligent, inventor, stubborn, stuck up



Updated with time


Unknown said...

In which episode was Noah xenophobic??

Lavender Ranger said...

LeoP, Noah thought Jake and Levira together was gross.

Unknown said...

Given this a universe in which 90% of aliens are hostile ans attack Earth on a regular basis, finding someone who isn't a literal xenophobe would be tough. lol