Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard 7 Images

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Go-Busters Mission 35 Gallery



Mickey Mouse Sentai Robo Uh..... Isn't this collab super late?!

Bandai has revealed it is collaborating with Disney to make a Super Sentai Robo inspired by Mickey Mouse and his friends. With the EIGHT years of Power Rangers being owned by Disney and Toei collaborating enough to have shot opening sequences for both Magiranger (2005) and Gekiranger (2007) in New Zealand where Power Rangers is being filmed, you would think something like this would already had emerged.
Donald Duck is the right arm, Daisy Duck is the left arm, Pluto and Dog house is the right leg, Goofy is the left leg, Mickey is in the center and the Steamboat Willie is the head. I don't know about Minnie.  It seems Mickey Mouse plays the Red Ranger role of the team. It seems cool, I would get this for my grand nephew but hope it comes to the US!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Power Rangers Monolopy and Trivial Pursuit on their way!

I mentioned before it was cool if they made a 'Scene It' game for Power Rangers and now there will be a Monolopy and Trivial Pursuit! So that is so good and beyond my wildest dreams! I will definitely picking up both!

RRR Toku:

License Mag Article:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tiny Chat Live Now!

UPDATE 10/18/12:
It went very well last night. The next one is Monday 22nd at 6pm Eastern!

Tiny Chat Tonight!

Don't forget Tiny Chat tonight at 10pm! Forget about the Over 18 age limit. It was brought to my attention by MorphinLegacy that the people who frequent his chats, they are underage and I figure since they know me from my chats, they might visit me too. My grand Nephew Jaiden, age 2 (3 in two weeks), might be there too. So please don't curse a lot, he usually doesn't pick it out if it is in the middle of a sentence.
Tonight at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central/8pm Mountain and 7pm Pacific.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Poll Results: Quotes/Space Aliens/Amy Jo/Halloween

Which is your favorite MMPR Quote?
"It's Morphin Time"
  156 (86%)

"Power Protect You"
  55 (30%)

  56 (31%)

"I've a Headache"
  35 (19%)

  49 (27%)

  20 (11%)

"Yes My Empress"
  14 (7%)

Pat asks: Have you seen any Power Rangers Halloween costumes on sale in local stores lately? If so, which ones?
  57 (41%)

  32 (23%)

  36 (25%)

  35 (25%)

  31 (22%)

  51 (36%)

Pat asks: Are you aware of the recent Amy Jo Johnson interview on No Pink Spandex?
  87 (55%)

  70 (44%)

Pat asks: In Honor of Halloween, which season of PR do you consider the scariest?
In Space
  41 (27%)
Lost Galaxy
  45 (30%)
  52 (34%)
Mystic Force
  47 (31%)
  58 (38%)
  27 (18%)

What type of Power Rangers villains you want to see more of? 

Space Aliens
  91 (40%)
  41 (18%)
  50 (22%)
  42 (18%)

What type of villains you feel that is synonymous with Power Rangers?
Space Aliens
  149 (77%)
  13 (6%)
  13 (6%)
  18 (9%)

Tamashi Nation to release Megazords, Tyranno Ranger (MMPR), Gokaiger, Jetman, BoukenRed, DekaRed and other Shinkenger

 At NYCC, they revealed the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and other planned releases from Tamashi Nations such as Bouken Red, Deka Red and the Jetman Black Condor and Red Hawk who were Akibaranger releases. Also four male Gokaiger. they also had on display Shinken Gold and Shinken Red which were already for sale at Toys R Us. Pictures from Tokunation!

 Also there was GokaiOh, Daizyujin, ShinkenOh, and DaiBouken

As for MMPR Red, it is rumored that the figures will be sold as MMPR in America and Zyuranger in Japan. They are planning to release a new Ranger each month and supposedly they are debatng over to make the Yellow Ranger figure with a female body or a male body. For those who don't know, in Zyuranger Yellow is male and not female. Most likely they will do two bodies. 

The box for the Super Robot Chogokin line Megazord which will be sold as Daizyujin in Japan.

Morphsuits launches Power Rangers costumes

"Firm powers up as product becomes best-selling item in the company's history.  Lycra costume company Morphsuits has teamed up with Saban to launch a Power Rangers dress-up range.  And the costumes have already become the best-selling items in the company’s history. The suits come in the classic colors from the ‘90s TV program: black, blue, pink, yellow and red. Last weekend (Saturday, October 13th) saw hundreds of dressed up fans ambush World Zombie Day in London (pictured). Videos and photos popped up online and on Twitter under the hashtag #RangerAmbush.  After defeating the zombies, the Power Rangers took part in a mass conga line across Waterloo Bridge.  Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits, said: “There’s a whole generation that grew up wanting to be a Power Ranger, so we’re extremely excited that we’re the ones to make that a reality. They’re the best selling suit we’ve ever had.”

Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Tiny Chat Scheduled for Wednesday 10/17/12

I got inspired by my buddy MorphinLegacy for Tiny Chat, which is a web-cam based chatroom website. So join me Wednesday October 17th at 10pm Eastern/9pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Also check my Twitter when I start it. Also check the website and register and log in. You don't have to webcam, you can also just type and chat. The first one will be around 2 hours or so. MorphinLegacy usually goes for a longer time but I don't have that much time. I will also be planning one for Sunday October 22nd at 9pm Eastern! Also Monday 22nd at 6pm Eastern! . We will talk mostly Power Rangers and Super Sentai and you guys can ask me anything you want.