Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tamashi Nation to release Megazords, Tyranno Ranger (MMPR), Gokaiger, Jetman, BoukenRed, DekaRed and other Shinkenger

 At NYCC, they revealed the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and other planned releases from Tamashi Nations such as Bouken Red, Deka Red and the Jetman Black Condor and Red Hawk who were Akibaranger releases. Also four male Gokaiger. they also had on display Shinken Gold and Shinken Red which were already for sale at Toys R Us. Pictures from Tokunation!

 Also there was GokaiOh, Daizyujin, ShinkenOh, and DaiBouken

As for MMPR Red, it is rumored that the figures will be sold as MMPR in America and Zyuranger in Japan. They are planning to release a new Ranger each month and supposedly they are debatng over to make the Yellow Ranger figure with a female body or a male body. For those who don't know, in Zyuranger Yellow is male and not female. Most likely they will do two bodies. 

The box for the Super Robot Chogokin line Megazord which will be sold as Daizyujin in Japan.


Unknown said...

It's DaiBouken, not BoukenOh. Just some minor correction.

Jonathan said...

Very cool. I like how they're treating America special by marking the Zyuranger as Power Rangers for the US. Nice to see MMPR gets that love. Much deserved.

It may be a little too early for Gokaiger if it's going to kid stores like Toys R Us. Might be confusing for children since they won't be adapted for a while (if they are). Then again, Jetman is there too, so Gokaiger isn't that early. :D