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Super Sentai: Enlarging Techniques 2019

UPDATED 10/28/19 3PM EST
Chronicling the differences through the years how they made monsters grow.

Battle Fever (1979) was the first to have giant robot battles, many from episode 5 onward have 'little brother' giant robot doubles.

In Denjiman (1980), Vader Monsters control their body's Cellular structure and are thus able to make themselves grow larger or smaller.

In Sun Vulcan (1981), the monsters have an Expansion Program built into them that not only repairs them, but enlarges them as well.

In Goggle V (1982), this thing made them big.

In Dynaman (1983), the Evolution Beasts undergo Big Bang Process to enlarge when defeated.

In Bioman (1984), the Bioman fought the same five Beastnoids and everything else were big robots.

In Changeman (1985), Gyodaai was One-eyed monster enlarging creature.

In Flashman (1986), Kragen is a jellyfish they call that came from a dimension and makes the monsters grow.

In Maskman (1987), a bug/mollusk hybrid Okelampa that emerges when the Tube Empire monsters are defeated and are enlarged with its ray as Okelampa utters "yare-yare" ("Good heavens!") before taking its leave.

In Liveman (1988), Giga Phantom enlargement bazooka makes monsters grow.

In Turboranger (1989), Jarmin would open her mouth and a large fiery snake would come out and go into the sky and shoot down the same tornado as Zimba and Lehda. Zulten would just blow on his dried out blowfish and a blue tornado would come out and drain energy and lifeforce from the Turborangers to enlarge the beast.

In Fiveman (1991), Gorlins are giant white-skinned robot alien which absorbs and mimics the defeated Galactic Warriors. Each have a number, some combined wit the monster and there were special black Gorlin as well.

Dimensional Bug/Bio Dimension Bugs inside the Dimensional Beasts and Bio Dimensional Beasts would stay alive while the beast died and then it would grow in Jetman (1991).

In Zyuranger, Bandora would throw her wand to Earth and it would make the Earth crack and a mist that would come from it would make the monster grow.

In Dairanger (1993), the Gorma would use Enlarging Bombs. The Gorma foe would have one and take off the top and an explosion would make them grow.

In Kakuranger (1994), lightning would make the Youkai grow.

In both Ohranger (1995), Kocha would make the machine foes grow with a laser from its mouth.

In Carranger (1996), the Gorotsuki would grow thanks to the Imo-Youkan. It is a yellow cube-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes. If it is not from this certain store, the Gorotsuki will shrink.

In Megaranger (1997), Bibidebi would bite the Nejire Beasts to make them big, effecting their DNA.

Top Left to Right: Iriesu Battobasu; Bottom Left to Right: Budou Sanbasshu
In Gingaman (1998), depending which General the monster came from, they would drink from a different canister to grow.

In GoGoV (1999), Pierre would throw the cards to the right side to make the demon grow or revive/grow. Bats would surround the demon.

In both Timeranger (2000), this seal would be pealed off the foe and it would make them grow. In was explained that because the criminal was shrunk, the seal keeps them from becoming giant, it was a side-effect from shrinking them.

In Gaoranger (2001), Tsuetsue would enlarge the Orgs with her wand and seeds, then what appeared to be green vines wrapped around to form the giant.

In Hurricanger (2002), there were four ways. For Sargain's robot corp, Wendinu would send through her PDA down a rocket that became the Copy Giant that would copy the look of the robot monster. For Chuzubo's aliens, Wendinu would send down the scroll with a bazooka and the scroll would magically pick up the pieces to make the monster big. For Satorkura's, Wendinu would fling downwards a big mask that was like a boomerang to enlarge the foe. And fourth, Saandaru would use his fan to enlarge his beasts.

In Abaranger (2003), the Life Berry of the Torinoids (it acts a heart) and when destroyed the berry lifts up into the air and they are resurrected as a giant. The Giganoids are already giant to begin with.

In both Dekaranger (2004), the aliens used robots, some did grow but no specific way.

In both Magiranger (2005), the monsters were grown by Infreshia or Wolzard's magic symbol.

In Boukenger (2006), Gekkou made the Tsukumogami into a giant version called a Oogami using his Sutra. Other monsters would just magically grow. As seen in Task 16, Ryuuwon can make a Wicked Dragon grow by firing a special dart from his gun. The Ashu would use robots.

In Gekiranger (2007), the bad guys would grow with their own animal energy Ki.

In Go-Onger (2008), the Gairac used the Bikkurium energy inside the Bankijyu to become big.

In Shinkenger (2009), the Ayakashi just have two lives so when they die once, they automatically become big.

Buredoran in Goseiger (2010) makes monsters grow with his bats.

In Gokaiger (2011), they use a beam from their ship.

In Go-Busters (2012), they use robots and megazords. Rhino Doubler was grown by Enter using a MetaVirus.

In Kyoryuger (2013), Luckyuro waters the remains of the defeated Debo Monster and/or Cambrima with a pumpkin watering can containing Restoration Water, which restores a Debo Monster and makes them grow. It should be noted that Restoration Water only works on members of the Deboth Army, as Restoration Water is derived from the cells of Deboth himself.

In Toqger (2014),  When a Shadow Monster is destroyed, its power goes out of control, making it grow giant.

In Ninninger (2015), When a Yokai is destroyed in battle, Kyuemon Izayoi uses the stolen hammer and a Kibaoni Nin Shuriken to revive the fallen Youkai and make it grow.

In Zyuohger (2016), After a Deathgalien Player is defeated, Nalia is teleported down to insert one of these tokens into a slot on their body. These Medals are infused with power from Ginis' cells, thus allowing the said Deathgalien to be revived and supersized.

Enlarge Inrō
In Kyuranger (2017), the method of growth is dependent on the medium surviving the user's destruction. The majority of them use Enlarge Inro.

In Lupinranger vs Patoranger (2018), using the Get big/Gros caliber syringe Lupin Collection Goche Ru Medou can perform reconstructive surgery on fallen Gangler Monsters, enlarging and reviving them.

In Ryuusoulger (2019), Minosaurs grow naturally with strength.