Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 7 Pics

For those who didn't see it, basically Navi told them to find a Tiger's son. So Marvelous got in a Tiger pen in the Zoo, they went to a cat mascot and Joe gets dressed in leopard-print. But Ahim and Don find Jan and Ahim wanst to train with him after loosing to the son of the villain from Geki vs. Bouken. Anyway, Don doesn't want to train, he wants to be as strong as Luka, Marvelous and Joe and finds out they have their own of training and then comes to train along with Ahim. After they practice, Jan's students tell them he was a Gekiranger and they see the GekiRed helmet over his face (he is son of a tiger as he was raised by tigers). They fight the monster, become Gekiranger and destroy him and then fight with the GokaiOh, taking GekiBeasts out.

Episode 8 Preview...
They will turn into Denjiman in Episode 8

It looks like we will be getting some flashbacks in Ep 8. If you can't make them out, Joe in black with Gormin--confirming rumors he was part of the Zangyack. Middle pic of Ahim in a nice drss with a butler bowing and Luka in poor clothes fighting Gormin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Explaining Current Polls

I wanted to explain this polls I posted three days ago since some people had asked and I wanted to explain for those people that might had asked but were still confused or didn't even know it needed to be clarified.

A Male Pink Ranger would be...

  • Cool
  • Wrong
  • Strange
  • Unnatural
  • Don't Mind It
I know I asked this before, about male Pink Rangers but I changed the options and it is a little different, as with Gokaiger, it seems to be a possibility as we have seen all 5 Gokaiger as Red, three as Black, and three as White; female black rangers and female red rangers out of it.

Gokai Red, Green and Blue becoming Pink Rangers make me feel that...
  • Pink is just for girls
  • Just weird (I misspelled it)
  • Makes them look weak
  • Makes them look gay

What I meant to write was 'If Gokai Red, Green and Blue do become Pink Rangers, and I didn't like this, it makes me feel.' This poll is those are uncomfortable with the idea, it is not for everyone.

I believe Pink is a girl color because...
  • Society
  • That's How It Is
  • Weak Color
  • Feminine
I've also done a poll like this before, links below.

Do you like the color Pink?
  • Yes and I'm a woman
  • Yes and I'm a man
  • No and I'm a woman
  • No and I'm a man
Above I changed it a little bit as I have more space.

Pink for you is...
A Girl Color - 115 votes of 172
Neither - 55
A Boy Color - 2
That was an interesting poll because for yellow, people said the color could go for both, but blue, most voted for 'Neither, it's just a color'---which I feel about all colors, but people strongly voted that pink is a girl color.

Goseiger and Gokaiger Scans -- April

I got these pictures online from other blogs and boards, I didn't scan any of these.

The Post-Gokaiger Special....

Gao Lion Gokaiger pics...
It looks like the first three auxiliaries might combine with GokaiOh at once. That looks a lot like DekaGokaiOh's handguns.

Goseiger and Gokaiger

All right, it is time to come clean. Yes, this is an April Fools Prank that I orchestrated. I thought it could look so-so enough to fool some people (hence the lighting) but not taken too seriously. What I did was take an existing pic of Titanium Ranger and the beach background from the Dagon picture. Then I took a photo of it with my camera against the monitor and then added the Kanji, and text from other Gokaiger scans. What I didn't like was the bitter attitude of some people. It's all in fun! And those of you that are nitpicking on the accuracy of the text, relax, it's April's fools.

Kids Masks

I am not the only one that did a Power Rangers April Fools Joke... Power Rangers on Facebook said there was a Mauve Ranger, with the element of wildflowers and the Jellyfish Zord. I like the mauve color used!

mjt2 of Rangerboard says it could had been a callback to Bulk and Skull as the Mauve and Puce Ranger in Hamilton Comics with Ernie dressed as a monster.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crossdressing in Super Sentai

UPDATED 3/31/11 9pm EST
I am sure there are more I missed. Thanks to those of you who told me of others, I will post the others as soon as I find pictures.

Banba dressed as an old lady.

Goggle Five
Miki dressed as a 'Prince' doll to contact a 'Princess' doll.

Raita from Jetman dressed as a geisha in order to fool a monster who was stealing young women's voices.

In Ohranger, Shouhei crossdesses as a woman as a secret undercover mission.

A character who only appeared in Episode 23, a princess crossdresses as a construction worker in order to fool a monster. She was in cahoots with Naoki/Blue Racer.

GoGoFive's Nagare crossdressed for a mission.

Gao Black crossdressed in a wedding dress to fool Wedding Dress Org.

Yukito (AbareBlue) crossdressed in an episode.

In Dekaranger 26, he dressed up as a woman to get into an illegal fighting club - originally, he was there with Hoji, but was recognized as a Deka, and therefore had to dress differently to get in and not be recognized. And in Dekaranger 45, he dressed up as Swan to help get rid of a someone that was bothering her. Testu crossdresses to fool an Alienzer.

Magiranger vs. Dekaranger
Hikaru and Tetsu crossdress to fool one of the monsters.

Three of the boys crossdressed in a retelling of Cinderella that Natsuki did in Ep 26.

Sakura crossdressed as a prince. Natsuki and Eiji were the only ones who didn't in that episode.

I forgot that in the last episode, Morio disguised as Sakura as she went into space with Akashi.

All the males were rendered frozen and the girls hid them from the bad guys by dressing them as women as mannequins. Episode 38.

Hanto dressed as an old woman's granddaughter, but it then turned out that the woman was a scientist from another dimension. Episode 27. Sousuke dresses up as an old lady or "Ba-san" in one episode when they were wearing disguised in the next episode, 28.

Ryuunosuke (spelling wrong) crossdressed as a bride in Episode 8.

In their post show special, they all crossdressed. I haven't seen the special so I do not know the purpose. Mako and Kouta as school boys, and the boys as girls, Genta was the only one who didn't wear his ranger-color of the boys, he wore pink.

Hyde dressed as Nanami/Hurricane Blue for the Teamup special (they showed old teamups, by half-hour) that aired an hour before Goseiger.

Eri as AbareKiller, for the same special, that aired for a couple of weeks.