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Power Rangers Super Samurai - Strange Case of the Munchies - Episode Review

Emily trains with Mike but trips up when she is 'nice.' Kevin tells her that she is too nice and has to toughen up. Mia and Emily go shopping and have a mini 'fashion show' with a variation song to Power Rangers song with lyrics about love or something. Bulk and Spike just so happen to be at the store. Bulk asks Spike if there is anything he likes when he spots Mia and hides from her. Bulk tells him to speak to her but he doesn't. Mia and Emily leave and Spike spots her Pink Wallet. They see the driver license and they have their address. The new Nighlok makes people hungry and/or thirsty when his dirt hits them. The Six Rangers arrive and fight Moogers. Emily, trying to prove herself, fights the monster and he beats her up. She de-moprhs, Mia, Kevin, Anronio and Mike get dirt on them and de-morph and become hungry.

 Jayden tries protecting Emily, the monster hits Jayden, he de-morphs but the monster is out of dirt. At the Shiba House, the five Rangers eat like crazy. Emily tells Jii that it is her fault. The monster apologizes to Serrator but he says its fine because they will suffer and the water will increase. Bulk tells Spike that when he returns the wallet, she will get her hero. Spike imagines how it would be, we see the SHiba house. Spike says his heart belongs to the Pink Ranger. Spike and Bulk arrive at the Shiba House. Bulk thinks she is rich. The doorbell is the Power Ranger theme song. Spike thinks Mia opens the door but it is Jii and Jii says that he is not interested in buying anything. Spike says he wants to see Mia, Jii runs off when the Rangers make noise.
 Bulk and Spike sneak in the house and see the Samurai armor and dojo. Bulk almost faints. Jii fights Kevin from eating flour and gets covered in flour. Bulk and Spike 'mediate' in the dojo and Jii catches them. Bulk tells Jii they want to sign up for training. Jii says there is no training. Jii runs to Emily and tells her to get rid of them. Emily spots them. Emily recognizes Spike as the guy Mia met at the factory. Emily dresses up in a wig and dressed 'tough' and acts like a military drill sergeant. She asks for 500 push-ups. She leaves the room and realizes she can be tough. Emily and Jii try cleaning up the kitchen. Emily then have Bulk and Spike hit the dummy 500 times. Jii gives the five healthy food to eat---watermelon. Emily has the duo to hold watermelons. The shiba alarm go on, Jayden still feels the duty and leaves. Emily puts the alarm on silent. Jayden and Emily run off and Emily tells the Spike and Bulk to not move. 
Jayden fights the monster in a quarry. Emily comes in her 'tough' fatigues and morphs and protects Jayden from bombs.  She creates a wall to defend from his dust. He strangles her and knocks her in the air. She falls after an attack and says she won't give up. Jayden throws her the Black Box. She goes Super Samurai and flies through the air and does a Super Primate Cyclone. Everyone returns to normal. Jii sends the Rangers through the back way to morph. Bulk and Spike are sweating. Bulk's eggs under his chins and hands fall off. The Rangers arrive in their Zords. Emily calls for the Gigazord and is in Super Mega Mode. The monster beats them. Emily goes inside the Ape Zord and disengages and climbs on top of him. 

The others lift into the air and slash at the monster. She doesn't go into Shogun Mode and the monster explodes. Emily runs off. Bulk and Spike crawl on the floor. Emily returns in her outfit. Spike returns the wallet. She says tomorrow won't be so easy. They groan and leave. Mike checks the fridge and it is empty. Emily gives Mia her wallet. Emily says, "Don't ask." Kevin asks what happened, they don't remember. Emily says it was the toughest day ever.

By getting rid of the Rangers who are stuck in 'Shinkenger' mode, they can have a semi-original episode. The concept of Yellow not having confidence and the monster are from Shinkenger but of course the Bulk and Spike plot with Emily is original. Emily going in and out from the dojo to the kitchen was like a metaphor for what the writers go through, staying true to Shinkenger and paying homage to MMPR and trying to combine the two. Emily not going Shogun is disappointing because I wonder when she will become Shogun? I guess they are doing premieres of Super and Super Mega separate from Shogun.  Also, Bulk and Spike returning the Rangers something they lost was already done with Antonio's Morpher. It was a pretty good episode overall.
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Akibaranger Episode 1 and 2 Review

 Check out the subtitles of Akibaranger at Jefusion:

 I just checked out subtitled episodes of Akiabranger since I've been busy and I was surprised to find out that when they transformed, it was just a delusion. I was disappointed when I found out as Nobuo Akagi out as well. But not a bad kind of diappointed. I like the plot twist. Here is a small summary of the first two episodes:
Nobuo Akagi is a 29-year-old delivery boy who is obsessed with Super Sentai (much as I but I am a substitute teacher). He spots a robbery but just trips his bike and he daydreams of saving the lady. But in real life, the lady saves herself using the bike. Professor Hiroyo Hakase recruits him along with Mitsuki Aoyagi (who wants to be a martial artist) and Yumeria Moegi (a cosplayer who uses a baby voice) to become Akibaranger. She owns a Sentai Cafe with an assistant who cosplays as Sentai heronies and villainesses. The trio transform and train, using their powers. Their goal is to become an 'Official' Sentai as they are 'Unofficial,' in a 'real world' where Sentai is a show. Hiroyo doesn't know the villain and tells the trio to look for bad dealings. At night, they bump into a girl saying there is bad dealings in a night club she works at.

They go inside and see Nai and Mea and she becomes a monster and another woman becomes Malseena of the Stema Otsu Corporation's head of redevelopment. They transform and are transported out in the morning in a quarry and fight. Blue is better at fighting. Malseena becomes cold and leaves. Red comments on when bad guys say they gotta go, the monster of the day is doomed. They destroy the monster and then they expect him to grow big but he doesn't. They wait for the sunset. They then return to the Cafe... to find out that it was all just a delusion. She shows them footage of them standing around 'fighting' out in the street. The police saw them and raided the place. So their delusions lead to real life crimes being foiled. And the episode ends. The ending credits have pictures of what it would look like Akibaranger was an actual Sentai with a Christmas cake, an Akibaranger movie and kids dressed with Akibaranger clothes.

 In the second ep, Akagi is disillusioned about the delusions. Akagi walks around aimlessly and spots Ryuji Sainei and calls him BanBan as he is dressed as BanBan. BanBan says he wants him to be his partner... but it turns out to be an delusion. The real Ryuji hears him and tells him that he is just dressed like that for Power Rangers SPD expo thingy and leaves. Akagi is sad. The girls followed some fanboys going to get bootleg photos of Aoi (the Anime show-within-a-show). Malseena had a pink sticker over DVD covering her 'naughty bits' so the DVD glows and the men are made naked instantly and carry around boards like the sticker. The girls are told to engage her and they transform and eventually fight.

 They fight off the grunts in comedic fashions and then fight the monster of the day that looks like the first one but he is a different guy, which has a long name which is used for comedic effect. Meanwhile Akagi spots Deka Red on the street and then in an alley they confront each other. Deka Red doesn't talk and does 'charades' with him. He tells him to 'see the light.' Also, we find out that Yellow has a deep voice when her wig comes off. Akagi is inspired and goes fight. He reunites with the team and Hiroyo tells them to take the car. Machine Itashar is a prius that is decked out with Aoi and transforms into a robo. Bascially it ejects the trio and the girls go in the front seats and Red goes on top.

They confront the bad guys and fight but the robo ejects them because supposedly they aren't 'deluded enough.' It turns out that Deka Red is just a guy in cosplay that Hiroyo hired. But when the trio battle the MotD, Deka Red appears--shocking Hiroyo. Deka Red tells Akiba Red that they are partners and he becomes handcuffs and they use it to defeat the bad guys. At the end of the episode, Akagi is happy. 

 It's pretty good series, the second episode is more well-put together and flows better than the first one. The first one had a bit of clunkiness when it came to Hiroyo recruiting the three and them transforming. Anyways, I do kind of see myself in Hiroyo except for certain aspects as I am a 29-year-old Sentai fan, but Otaku fans are more well known in Japan, but this is universal with any fanboy, nerd, geek, etc. It isn't as 'scandalous' as I thought it would be. Sure there is looks at boobs, panties, etc but they are quick.

Akibaranger 3