Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UK Power Rangers Samurai Magazine

Panini will publish a magazine only in the Untied Kingdom based on Power Rangers Samurai. Power Rangers has not have a magazine since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Magazine from 1994 to 1996 in the United States. I, myself, still have 2 issues of the old magazine. I was subscribed to it for two years. This magazine will have 36 papes, the cover price of £2.99 kids will also get a free Tribal Shooter toy and stickers and aimed for children from four to eight. Power Rangers' master toy licensee Bandai is running a competition in the maiden issue. There was also 'annuals' in the UK for MMPR to Zeo and then Ninja Storm to RPM.


Unknown said...

This came later than expected. The annuals sound intresting.

James Spiring said...

There was a Power Rangers Turbo annual and comics for Ninja Storm through to RPM as well.

Annual: http://www.tonystrading.co.uk/galleries/annuals/powerrangers.htm

Comics: http://www.park.fateback.com/zeoranger/merch/mags/prmag/prmag.htm