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Lavender Ranger's Sky Mega Ranger Mask Toy Review

 I rarely do toy reviews but here is one..
Sky Mega Ranger Mask Toy Review

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As with the Fire Mask and all others, it has basic packaging with a tag attached on the helmet able to be detached. The toy itself is the mask form of Pink Ranger's Mega Mode Helmet. Unlike the flimsier Roleplay set masks, it is made of a durable thicker plastic but not meant for safety protection.It has a semi-dark lens for the child to see perfectly out of it.  The mask is worn with a normal elastic band that wraps around the wearer's head.  It has an eye & nose guard into place to protect the wearer. The mask can be worn as an adult. I have a large head, so it pokes me on the bottom chin and two points on the top.

 I can't wear it more than five minutes, it starts getting hot. If you are a parent who joins in on your child's Ranger playtime, this mask will fit.  Plus, the mask is able to stand up on it's own on a flat surface. This would be great for collectors, especially those who like the female figures like I do.

  Bandai has also released these masks for the Green Ranger.  I am glad that Bandai decided to make a Pink Ranger mask. They made one for Red, Gold, and Blue, that is almost the whole team except for Yellow. I think they are great fun roleplay toys for kids, and make great display pieces for adults too. 

This is probably the closest girls can get to having a Ranger helmet and it is really worth it.  I'm sure girls and or boys will love wearing these masks as they play with their other Samurai Morphers & Weapons.  I am not a fan of wearing it because it is hot for me and pokes my head but it wasn't meant for me. My nephew, who is two, is not comfortable wearing masks but it didn't poke him and it fit fine. I urge those of you who love female figures to pick up this mask! Hopefully they will make more.

Poll Results: Mega Battle/Megaforce Episodes

What name would you like for the Legend War for Power Rangers Megaforce? 
Mega Battle
  42 (22%)
Mega War
  50 (26%)
Ranger War
  130 (69%)
Ranger Battle
  27 (14%)
Power Battle
  22 (11%)
 How many episodes would you want for each Megaforce season?
  50 (13%)
  23 (6%)
  19 (4%)
  144 (37%)
  213 (55%)

If there was more episodes ordered for each season of Megaforce, would you feel better about Gosieger and Gokaiger being adapted?
  150 (70%)
  28 (13%)
  41 (19%)
Don't Know
  25 (11%)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad on DVD!

Some fans might even think that Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad was from Saban but it was actually DiC and the source footage was from Gridman, which was made by Tsuburaya Productions and not Toei Productions. Most shows from DiC are now owned by Cookie Jar. And Mill Creek Entertainment (the distributor of Cookie Jar) will release it EARLY 2013.  The above picture is from a book. Anyway, the releases from Cookie Jar and relatively cheap and can be found in the $5 bin.

RRR Otaku:

Funko Pop! Vinyl Power Rangers Figures

Thanks to MorphinLegacy for the update. There will be seven (including White and Green). People are complaining about the symbols on their chests. November 29 is the release date!

Click on the link above for more!

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Poll Results: New Sentai 2013 and Girl Ranger Toys

The new 2013 Sentai is called Kyoryuger and is about Dinosaurs, what do you think? 
  141 (59%)
Dinosaurs again?
  93 (39%)
  64 (26%)
  8 (3%)
Tired of Dinosaurs
  24 (10%)
Can't Wait!
  69 (28%)
Don't Like it
  7 (2%)

What colors you would want for Kyoryuger?
  68 (27%)
  76 (30%)
  97 (38%)
  87 (34%)
  31 (12%)
  54 (21%)
  73 (29%)

What would you want most? (Female Ranger toys)
Girl cycles & figures but limited amount
  56 (38%)
More girl Chase Figures
  43 (29%)
Toys in Girls Aisle
  32 (22%)
Girl Ranger Collectibles
  51 (35%)
  37 (25%)
None of the Above
  29 (20%

Kamen Rider Wizard 3 Images