Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Name Changes

Above are the thirteen riders. Here is the official website. In Downloads, there is cool AIM icons and wallpaper of atleast the Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. For those not familiar with Kamen Rider Ryuki, here is an easy guide. All the Contract Monsters have the same names!

Premieres January 3rd on CW4Kids
Special Sneak Preview this December 13 at 9:30am

Here are thirteen name changes. Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ryuki literally means "Dragon Knight." So there is that translation. Kamen Rider Knight becomes "Wing Knight" because of the bat wing. Kamen Rider Scissors becomes Incisor which is similar. Kamen Rider Zolda's name is derived from the Russian word, "soldat" meaning "soldier" or "mercenary". So 'Torque' comes from left field. For me, is that they wanted a generic name. Kamen Rider Raia, since his contract monster Evildiver is a mantaray, then 'Kamen Rider Sting' makes sense. Since Kamen Rider Gai is based on a rhino, and is all about brute force, 'Thurst' makes sense. Kamen Rider Ohja translates to be Cobra or King Snake, 'Kamen Rider Strike' is sort of generic but also goes along with it. Kamen Rider Tiger becomes Kamen Rider Axe for some reason (well, he does carry an axe) and Kamen Rider Imperer becomes Spear, Imperer is based on Impala, a cousin of the Gazelle. Kamen Rider Femme, where Femme means 'Female', 'Siren' is an interesting choice The Siren is a Greek mythological bird-woman hybrid creature, since her contract monster is a swan, it makes sense. Kamen Rider Verde, where 'Verde' means Green in Spanish, 'Camo' refers to camouflage to chameleon so that makes sense. Kamen Rider Odin, where Odin is the chief god in mythology, Wrath is an interesting choice. Kamen Rider Ruuga became Kamen Rider Onyx. Onyx is a black stone.

Meet them all here
Seems that 9 out of 13 will be Caucasian, while 2 are Asian, 1 Latino and 1 is African-American. Maybe one is Italian or Latino, who knows.

Cate Blanchett and Jay Leno discuss Power Rangers

Cate Blanchett was on the Tonight Show tonight promoting her new movie with Brad Pitt and they were discussing her children's like of the Power Rangers. And that she was 'going' to be one of the Rangers. She wasn't sure which one was female, she said sometimes the female is pink or yellow. Jay, of course, was not sure. So they brought up an old picture of the original MMPR (above) and tried to figure out which one was female. She said the 'yellow one' had 'man boobs.' Jay said he saw no gender in the Power Rangers, that they were all the same. ::sigh:: Cate had mentioned the Black Ranger going to jail but that is very incorrect. Walter Emmauel Jones is in no legal trouble, if that is the one they are talking about. Do your research!


In July of 2009, Walter Emmauel Jones was arrested for driving under the influence in Alabama. Is Cate Blanchett psychic?