Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger

Old news but I got a new job that has me very busy. Chantz Simpson has been replaced by Nico Greetham as the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Chantz has been good about it and Yoshi Sudarso (Koda) has said to give Nico a chance. I personally had thoughts about it but let's just move on.

Power Rangers Dinosupercharge - Recipe for Disaster a.k.a. Cooking up Something - Episode Review

Keeper explains residue fro the ten Energems made the Dark Energem and was locked in Sentai 6. Kendall says they have to find Silver Ranger's location. Wrench  has made Fortress that knows all the Megazord modes. Heckyl criticizes it, Wrench explains he can pilot him when he is big. Heckyl likes it then. Tyler is a fancy waiter for a food critic that is there for a New Zealand dish called Palvola which Chase is making. Everything he makes it, it blows up from heat. It ends up blowing up all over the food critic who threatens them. She complains about her handbag. Chase said he followed the recipe, she says no second chances. They enter food into the base which kendall doesn't like. Chase finds out he doesn't have his Energem and discovers it is probably in the critic's bag.

Singe returns with Lord Arcanon and Doomwing, Arcanon hired Sledge and Heckyl belongs to him. He outblasts Heckyl. Heckyl becomes Snide. Snide makes Fortress big and pilots it. It attacks the city. Arcanon says he stole the technology and Doomwing summons the T-Rex zord and other zords. Kendall and the Rangers freak out. Arcanon makes the Plesio Charge Megazord and the three monsters in the cockpit. Singe and the other monsters come out. Chase meets with the woman and gets the energem. He saves her from rubble. She tells him if you do the same thing expecting different results, you have to mix things up. More Megazords are formed to go against Fortrress.   The Rangers come out and try to summon the zords and fail. 

The trio go against Snide and loose, they leave. Riley finds the copy Dino Charger. The Rangers control the zords as they morph and enter the zords. Snide says it doesn't matter. Fortress goes against the Rnagers and the zords stand up again. Chase says if they do the same thing, they won't win, they have to make a new formation. Kendall says she needs time. They call the Titano Charge Megazord. It fights Fortress but Snide stops them. Kendall comes on her bike as Purple and tells them to form Ultrazord. Purple enters. The seven of them enter the cokcpit. Snide becomes Heckyl and Heckyl doesn't care and wants to adapt. The Ultrazord naturally destroys Fortress, Heckyl escapes. Heckyl calls Fury.

Singe, Arcanon and Doomwing come. Arcanon lifts up Heckyl. Doomwing and Singe takes Heckyl. At the base, the Rangers show Kendall the fake chargers. They think Silver Ranger might be evil and gave them the info. Keeper says he can't be evil. So they figure he might have been captured. Chase gives the critic a new cake and she enjoys a slice. In the base, Heckyl is put back in his cell. Arcanon is taking over, Wrench, Curio and Poisandra cower in fear. Singe wants to destroy Heckyl, Arcanon says no, he has something to control him....

Pretty good episode. But I don't like how Sledge only lasted one season. Lord Arceanon being on top of things, it would've been nice if he came in sooner. He was the boss in Kyoryuger. And those who haven't seen Kyoryuger, there is a spoiler about Doomwing. Ive yet to see Doomwing or Singe toys in stores. My nephew asked how many more eps for Silver and asked how many are left.