Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gokaiger 43 and Preview of 44: All-Green Gokai Change and Green Charge!!!!



Gai as Shurikenger, Ahim as Green Flash, Don as Mido Ranger (spelling), Marvelous as DenjiGreen, Joe as Shinken Green and Luka as Shishi Ranger (Dairanger).

 Green Charge!

 Gai becomes Gokai Christmas

 The gang become Battle Fever J and Kakuranger full teams and a all-Yellow Gokai Change! Now we're just missing a All-Blue.

Gosei Yellow, Hurricane yellow, Kirinranger, Bouken Yellow, Gao Yellow and Tigerranger. It looks like Ahim is Gosei, Don is Hurricane, Luka is Bouken. And if I had to guess, I would guess Kirin is Marvelous, Gao is Joe and Gai is Tigerranger (Zyuranger).


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Gokai Vs Gavan:

Gokai Christmas for Ep44

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Pink and White Change for Gokaiger vs Gavan

The newest little nugget. We still don't know who is who. But it is a fanboy dream and awesome that the middle one is Pteraranger and a boy, I am hoping it is Marvelous!

We got there Dynapink (boy), Bouken Pink, Pink Flash (boy), Pteraranger (boy), Five Pink (boy) and Mega Pink.
Also Gao White, Kibaranger, Big One, Deka Break, Abare Killer and Geki Chopper (girl).