Saturday, August 8, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 19 - Three's A Crowd

Seven's a Crowd?

Episode Summary:
Recap of Gold and Silver wanting to blow stuff up, them knowing Dillon's sister and the two keys.

Dillon tries the sister's key in the locket and doesn't work, Flynn comes to offer help and Dillon refuses his help and he tells him what he his Aunt Auggie used to tell him---if you dwell in the past, you get stuck in maure. Flynn and Scott shop at the grocery store and end up with two robbers---and Ziggy meets an old 'friend' Nelson and puts whip cream on his face. Ziggy gives him a hard time and Scott beats up Nelson's friend. They beat up the two and Gold and Silver bust in the shop, saying they wanted in on the action. The robbers run out and Ziggy and Scott run after them. Ziggy morphs and teleports and gets caught on some stairs. Scott fights the thugs.

The two are incapacitated. Meanwhile, Tenaya gets a new arm upgrade instead of working on the new Attackbot. She accidentally destroys some Grinders and sends Crunch to make a bot. Back with the Rangers, the seven try forming SkyRev Megazord as a test. The twins fly the Mach Megazord upward to see a 'boom' and the other two robos crash into each other. Gold and Silver are distracted. Dr. K says aborting further testing. Later, the five snack. Ziggy talks smack about Dr. K and she is behind him. She takes away his candy. Dillon says it is more fun to watch him snag. Crunch makes his ridiculous bot (Balloon Bot) grow and the two main megazords are formed. The bot takes the two down. Dr. K analyzes it and tells them to hold their fire.

She says there could be toxic in the baloons. And The Mach Megazord comes in and all they want is blow things up and without listening, they blow up the balloons and destroy the bot, saying waiting is no fun. Scott is mad. Later, Scott scolds the twins on shooting first, saying poison could have filled the dome--the twins said it didn't have poison so everything is fine. Gem apologizes, they don't know what they are doing. Scott suggests Dillon talking to them, Ziggy wants to do it, they say no.

The twins want to go to Venjix as they have some sort of plan and run off, promising to shoot first and not ask questions later. Meanwhile, Tenaya plays target practice and shows off a new bot--a pink Textile Bot (which she refers to as a 'him' while in Go-Onger it was female) to Shifter. The five Rangers are anxious to tell Dr. K the twins are reckless, but they do tell her delicately and she is surprised to tell the least.

She says she didn't give them a device and she figures they are in trouble, as they are heading to the disturbance.. a trash island? After the commercial break, Gem and Gema find the disturbance---Tenaya blasts at them. The Texitle Bot tosses Gema off and Grinders keep Gem occupied. Gema fights the bot. The twins transform. Tenaya, Shifter and Texitle get together and Tenaya blasts at the two. They say they should have thought it through and form Mach Megazord.

Dr. K tells the two to hurry up. The two robos are swimming to the island. Mach is down and webs spin around it as Crunch has made Texitle grow up. Just when the bot is to destroy them, the other two megazords arrive. Venjix enters the room and asks where Shifter and Tenaya are and Crunch squeals on them, he says he didn't authorize the attack and sees the video. Texitle blasts at the three robos, Mach Megazord flys out of there. Tenaya says they are winning and it is all thanks to her new powertful... Mach Megazord blasts at them and destroy the cannon. Shifter laughs at Tenaya. Gem says to combine the three, Gema says it didn't work last time, Gem says they weren't in sync last time. Mach Megazord saves the other two.

Scott leads them, they countdown and then combine the nine zords into SkyRevMegazord. Dr. K sighs. The five have their Handle Blasters and the other two have the morpher/weapon combo. Venjix has arrived in his jet. The seven blast Venjix and then destroy the monster. Venjix falls down out of his destroyed jet and his body has failed him for the last time he says. Ziggy tries to talk to Dr. K, she eats popcorn and relaxes.

After the break, at the store the twins fix the door they busted down as the others watch. Flynn pitches in with his drill. Ziggy comes out with more candy and snacks, saying why waste the trip. The twins apologize, saying they were reckless and from now on, it will be different. Dr. K reports a disturbance, they wanna run off, but the five ask them to ride with them. They oblige.

Not much a change in tone since Eddie is gone and Judd Lynn is now in charge, this is because most likely this episode was already in production under his supervision. Not much change in the Dillon story but they finally handle the Twins/blow up situation and we see a more human side to the twins. Good fun ep.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Special Re-Paint/Re-Names

These are re-paints of 'zords' or mech that did not appear on the show but was a toy.

Gao Panda - Gaoranger - 2001
Gao Panda was the first of its kind. Like Gao Kong, Gao Panda was a re-paint but it did not appear on the show nor in a movie. Gao Panda was released as a toy with a CD and storybook. That year, there was also special re-painted Gao Lion (blue and white, special contest), Gao Elephant (black, with Gao Knight set) and Gao Aligator (blue, which appeared on both shows), but did not have specific names nor stories. Wild Force toyline also released a re-painted Bison (in purple).

To match Gao Polar and Gao Bear, a fan re-painted one to make a Grizzly Bear (it was grey-ish), I don't have a picture.

To my surprise researching today, I stumbled upon this card. It was an utter shock. An utter shock to find a 'zord' that did not appear on the show but to appear in the Ranger Strike card set. Since Ranger Strike only deals with stuff that came on the show, out of the 33 series, it surprised me to find they made a card of a 'character' that did not appear on the show. But it is indeed a special treat from a Plex. I think its cute.

Firenokodon - Abaranger - 2003
Much like Gao Panda before it, Firenokodon came with a CD and storybook, it was a re-paint of Dimenokodon and did not appear on the show.

Unnamed Claw Cannon Zord - Power Rangers Jungle Fury - 2008
While not in Super Sentai, I thought it was curious to add this one. I will not be covering the hundreds of extra animal zords Bandai came out with for Jungle Fury and RPM for their non-sentai megazords, this one is unique because it came with the zords from the show (in the Transforming Battle Megazord package) and had the colors of the Claw Cannon.

Skydor - Go-Onger - 2008
Skydor came late in the game (January), and I don't think it came with a CD and storybook, but it was a re-paint of Speedor and had its own symbol.

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Movie-Edition Zords

 UPDATED 8/3/12
I thought it would be fun to go over the 'zords' or mech that was 'exclusive' to the Super Sentai movies.

Gaoranger - Gao Kong - 2001
The first toy or character to be exclusive to the movie but it was also the first re-paint of an existing robo or 'zord' from the series. It was a re-paint to Gao Gorilla and made Gao Knight.
The toy was released in America as Ultimus Megazord but did not appear on the Power Rangers show, as it did not appear on the Gaoranger show. The RangerStrike card of Gao Knight was labeled as 'Ultimus Megazord' for the recent Power Rangers card game.

The red gorilla was also used for a toy in which the red ranger turned into it.

Hurricanger - Tri Condor - 2002
Tri Condor premiered in the movie, even though it later appeared on the show with another origin. Bandai Japan released a special movie edition of the toy. Only the show version appeared in Ninja Storm.

Abaranger - Bakurenoh - 2003
Bakurenoh was bascially a re-paint and slight re-model of Abarenoh excluding the Pteradon. Bakurenoh was the first robo to appear exclusively in the movie but also appear on the show. So it appeared on Dino Thunder but it was called 'Copyzord.'

But in the toy line, it is called Blizzard Force Megazord. They repainted the repaint for some reason and the colors didn't make sense with the name. And it included the Pteradon, repainted green, but many say that it doesn't fit with the Megazord.

The Carnoryutus (with its original colors) was used for a toy with the Red Ranger becoming it and it was called G-Zord.

Dekaranger - Blast Buggy - 2004
Exclusive to the movie and did not appear on the show. It shocked fans as it was not a re-paint and was the first mecha to not be a re-paint and be original. Also, since Deka Gold appeared in the movie, many thought she would pilot it but she did not.

The toy appeared in the SPD toy line in America with no name or explaination. It did not appear on the Power Rangers show.

Magiranger - SaintKaizer (Phoenix Unizord) - 2005
A re-paint of the Firekaizer, Unikiron (Brightstar) was a repaint of Valkyrion. It appeared in the movie and the show and appeared in America in both the show and toy form (with another name--Steerdergon Fury Megazord).

Gekiranger - GekiRinTohja - 2007
It appeared in the movie and show. The episode in which it appeared was not used for Jungle Fury, but its other form did (not named). The Lion and Chameleon did appear in the Jungle Fury toy line. This formation got no formal name in America.

Go-Onger - DaiShogun - 2008
A re-paint of EngineOh, it was in both the movie and the show. It is the fourth Sentai re-paint. It did not appear in RPM and was slated to be released as a deluxe toy but wasn't, only a Micro Megazord in the United Kingdom under the name 'Engine Shogun.'

Shinkenger - Kyoryumaru - 2009
It is exclusive to the movie and is a new mold. It is the forth original creation made for a movie. It did appear in the show and a OVA special where Shinken Gold became Hyper Shinken Gold. In Power Rangers Samurai, it went from dinosaur to shark called the Shark Zord. The Shark Zord got a toy and even a Mcdonalds toy and Red Ranger's Mega Shark Attack mode is used a lot in promotions.

Goseiger - GoseiWonder - 2010
Five zords, in the molds of the first robo GoseiGreat with some mild changes and color changes. 

Go-Busters - Enetan - 2012
This frog becomes a submarine but it is the same size and takes the same place as Usada Lettuce in the Go-Buster Oh. She is the only female Buddyroid.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Power Rangers RPM Merchandise

Disney had not been advertising Power Rangers RPM a lot like it did with its past seasons. But slowly, merchandise started appearing but slowly. Usually there are backpacks, sunglasses, posters, birthday stuff, etc. But the other things I have seen is some t-shirts and now birthday stuff. But there is not the usual plate, cup, napkins and tablecloth, instead we got one hard plate (below), sharpeners, paddles, erasers, pencils, mini water bottles and other 'treats' to put in the birthday bags. I wish there was napkins or cups. Also, there are halloween costumes like always, but that seems to be it. At the Disney Store, there are usually water bottles, little cars, shrink towels, clothes and plush dolls, but this time there is nothing of the sort. Only toys (the disney store website now only has 3 pieces of clothing in stock while it used to have more than 14). It really does seem they are phasing out the brand (slowly producing less and less merchandise).

The illustrations contain all five, mostly the four males. Out of the birthday stuff, the Yellow Ranger is only included on the big plate and in one of the paddles. Also, the DVDs have come eariler than the Jungle Fury DVDs. Which is good since the show is not broadcasted everywhere.

While the merchandise for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with capes (only the Red, Blue and Black Rangers I might add) continue appearing. There are umbrellas, t-shirts (for adults too, above), sunglasses, etc. They started making these around 2006.