Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bandai Toy Product Search

Bandai America and Edison Nation are looking for innovative kids' toys. But it is not one ordinary contest. You have to have a prototype of the product and have to give $25 dollars to enter the contest. They are looking for innovative products and can use any of the Bandai labels like Power Rangers, Ben 10, etc. Don't take my word for it, click on the link and check it out. I know there is fans out there that make custom toys, so I wanted to put this out there for them to check out.

Gokaiger 30 and 31 Preview

Navi tells them to look for a skateboarder.


Joh's Skateboard, has a sticker that says 'Colon,' shout-out to Colon the robot.

The Gokaiger became Liveman while GokaiSilver goes Gold Mode.
Ahim giving Don a boost.

Super Live Robo

 Episode 31 seems to be jam-packed with a lot of stuff.

chief of U.A.O.H.?

OhRed meets with Basco

 It seems that Basco brings his whole slew of his Extra Heroes (9), we finally see Princess Shinken Red, Deka Swan and Signalman in action. Zuuban and Wolzard Fire become big.

Power Rangers Samurai Second Season statement making more sense

There was 16 episodes that aired from Feb 7 to June 4th, 'Boxed in' being the last. Nickelodeon now announced 5 weeks of new episodes, which includes 'Broken Dreams' and 'The Ultimate Deal' and probably 'Origins' (two parter). Oct 29th the fifth episode "Party Monsters" will air. I am not using RPM as an example as the last episodes aired in December but Jungle Fury's last episodes aired November 3rd and Lightspeed to Operation final episodes aired in November, meaning that these five episodes will probably be the last new episodes we will see this year. They might sneak one episode in November but most likely that will complete 21 (or 22) episodes for this year or 'season.'

So like we feared, each season will be less than 40, we once thought it was 20 and 20 but it seems it will be 21. And the rest in 2012, the 'second season' of Power Rangers, which would be a rather short season. And we heard from the stunt group that they stopped shooting for Samurai, probably meaning they shot the two seasons already (On Twitter, Hector David and the others are back in New Zealand as of Sep 18 filming). Hector David and the cast said it wasn't the end, probably meaning we wouldn't see the rest of the series until the end of 2012. This 'two season' thing is probably being done in order to establish the foreign markets and Power Rangers merchandise (which we still haven't seen in abundance here in the United States). When 2 seasons and 40 episodes was announced, I figured it would be this way, noting how Nickelodeon handle "iCarly" and their other shows and 'seasons.' But the confusion was over the cast saying 'second season' and that most seasons last one year and the casting is occurring now for new Rangers.

Most likely they will cast the new cast by the end of this year and start shooting in 2012 and probably air the new team season in 2013 using Goseiger and hopefully not be 20 episodes per year. 2013 is the 20th anniversary and we are hoping Gokaiger get adapted but if it would get adapted, most likely it would be in 2014 and not 2013. The 'two seasons' of Samurai and a new team in 2013, would lead fans to believe that Gokaiger will be skipped and the 2012 Sentai (yet to announced) being used for 2014. Now these are just speculations and not anything officially. I find this confusing because how can you have two seasons of 21 or 20 episodes and then in 2013 have a season of 40 episodes? Or will it be just be done like this every two year? I understand the need to establish something and get people used to it but this is ridiculous.  And they are taking forever with the merchandise, Disney didn't take this long with Ninja Storm. I guess the 2010 year off really screwed up negotiations because Mega Bloks and all those other products and the live tour is set to come out in 2012. And the Samurai toys---most PR toys came out in November and the Samurai toys snuck in a new or two before Christmas, not enough time for kids to put it on their lists. As for the Samurai cast, if they did indeed stop shooting, I am sure they will be plenty of public appearances, promos for Nick and maybe a movie this year.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai in Terebikun Magazine

For those who don't know, most Power Rangers (once a year only) get one page or two in Terebikun and with spoilers---this is how we found out about Thrax in Once A Ranger, the Spirit Rangers in Jungle Fury, the Mystic Force Battlizer and much more. Anyway, here there is no spoilers (much like RPM), just the mega modes and the morphers.

My Crazy Idea for Future Gokaiger McDonalds

In response to the quality of the McDonalds Toys of Power Rangers Samurai, I was thinking of an impossible idea. Impossible because it might not happen because of the quality and the amount of toys. They did recently have 16 Smurf toys. Recently they have toys split into girls and boys, 8 each. If Gokaiger gets adapted into Power Rangers, I don't think this would happen. I thought this would just be fun to do. I did the six Pirates and tried to do one key per team, which was hard. I also tried to make the keys simple as possible. Oh the thing is that they are key chains.

Top Left to Right: Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Yellow Mystic Ranger, (Red Ranger);
Bottom Left to Right: Gold Ranger, Black Space Ranger, Violet Wolf Ranger, White Dino Ranger,Titanium Ranger and Blue Turbo Ranger.

Top Left to Right: Pink, Yellow, Princess Red Samurai Ranger, White Wild Force, Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Pink OO Ranger.
Bottom Left to Right: Pink MMPR Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger, Ranger Silver, White Aquitar Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger and Yellow SPD Ranger.

For the Titanium Ranger, I used a fan made key I didn't make. I wanted to use a Gold Ranger from RPM or Samurai, but I already had RPM Silver and female Red Samurai Ranger. Some key grooves are the real ones from the Deluxe or Gasphon Keys, some I reused from another one, so they aren't all accurate. Some I just pasted the logo on a key I changed the color to. For example, the Pink MMPR key, I used Miss America's Key.

Here are the ones I wanted to use but traded for other colors.

I just had fun doing this! Someone else made the logo, I did not.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai McDonalds Toy Commercial

McDonalds commercial aired on Nick today, saying this Friday PRS was coming. It had the Rangers (three male Rangers in the cockpit of Battlewing) inside the Samurai Megazord and saying they were hungry. The blue dragon foot lands next to a speaker and the lady asks how they can help them, 15 sec commercial. The real actors' voices were not used.

Official Press Release:
LOS ANGELES (September 20, 2011) – Saban Brands announced today that the #1 kids action series Power Rangers Samurai is teaming up with McDonald’s to offer Power Rangers toys in Happy Meals at participating McDonald’s restaurants throughout North America. The relationship between these two iconic brands began in 1994 with a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Happy Meal. Over fifteen years later, today’s collaboration focuses on positive lifestyle choices, including fun fitness and balanced eating for America’s youth, and coincides with the roll-out of McDonald’s new Happy Meal, that now includes apple slices in every Happy Meal purchased.

“We are so proud of the long relationship between the Power Rangers and McDonald’s,” said Saban Brands president Elie Dekel. “It is a testament to the legacy of the Power Rangers that McDonald’s and this iconic franchise have sustained their collaboration long enough to introduce a new Power Rangers Happy Meal to a second generation.”

Power Rangers fans visiting participating North American McDonald’s restaurants between Friday, September 16 and Thursday, October 13 will receive one of eight limited edition toys inspired by the hit series Power Rangers Samurai, now airing on Nickelodeon, with the purchase of a Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal. This new promotion brings a mix of action figures and role-play items where kids can recreate high-action moves in the palms of their hands and inspire fun, active play.

McDonald’s new Happy Meal, which will begin to roll out in select McDonald’s locations across the U.S. this month, will include a smaller, 1.1-ounce portion of fries along with produce (apple slices, a quarter cup or half serving) with the choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets, and choice of beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk.

In addition, this promotion coincides with the newest cycle of Power Rangers emPOWER, an initiative that inspires kids and families to put the Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action through programs at schools, online and at events in local communities. Another way is to encourage exercise and active play in and after school by using The Power Rangers emPOWER Activities. The emPOWER Activity Kit Sweepstakes is offering schools and youth organizations the chance to win a $10,000 donation and a visit from the Power Rangers and is available through November 11, 2011 on

Old Sentai Fan-chosen names through Polls for Gokaiger as Power Rangers

There are some debates on if the Super Sentai that were not Power Rangers be adapted into Power Rangers if the Gokaiger footage is used. I say 'if' because of these 16 teams that were not Power Rangers, fans think it might not be adapted. But as I have said before, these suits have been used sparingly and not prominently. I say if they were used prominently, then it would had been an issue. But most of the time, when the Gokaiger transform into them as a whole team, it is briefly and the footage can be skipped. Power Rangers often use very little of the footage. And as of Episode 30, only two of these teams have been given an episode, which can be skipped. Anyway, these names were voted on by you guys earlier this year. Gorangers got 88 votes to be Go Rangers transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger and The Original Rangers got 81 votes.

Card Rangers got 136 votes for JAKQ if they are adapted into Power Rangers via Gokaiger. The Gokaiger have transformed into the whole team in 2 episodes so far, they might be used.

Global Rangers got 132 votes for Battle Fever J if they adapted into Power Rangers via Gokaiger.

Dynamo Rangers got 116 votes for Denjiman if they adapted into Power Rangers via Gokaiger. The Gokaiger have become them a couple of times, they might be used.

Solar Rangers got 140 votes for Sun Vulcan if they get adapted.

Gem Rangers got 195 votes for Google V. The Gokaiger became the whole team once briefly but can be skipped.

Dynamic Rangers got 210 votes for Dynaman. The Gokaiger became the whole team once briefly but can be skipped.

Digital Rangers got 122 votes for Bioman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger.

Prism Rangers got 133 votes for Flashman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger. Flashman, Changeman and Maskman are rumored to be influenced into the GokaiGalleon Buster, maybe we won't see them and they can skip the footage, it depends on the footage.

Mythical Rangers got 138 votes for Changeman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger. We might have a zero chance to see Changeman in Power Rangers because as of Episode 30, they yet have to transform into any of them and when they do transform into them, it might be skipped.

Aura Rangers got 148 votes for Maskman to be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger.

Beast Rangers got 118 votes for Liveman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger. Yellow Lion of Liveman appears in Episode 30 of Gokaiger, so they might get adapted into Power Rangers. Let's see if it happens and if they call them something specific. Beast Rangers sounds good. Live Rangers make no sense.
Auto Rangers got 86 votes for Turboranger be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger. They have become the whole team twice but briefly, could be skipped.

Vector Rangers got 109 votes for Fiveman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger.

Jet Rangers got 125 votes for Jetman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Gokaiger. Black Condor appears in Episode 28 of Gokaiger, they could use the footage, Jet Rangers sounds good. Maybe they will go with Avian Rangers. The Gokaiger have become Jetman before and briefly.

Thunder Rangers got 115 votes for Dairanger for Power Rangers via Gokaiger. Ryuuranger will appear in a later Gokaiger episode, maybe they will use the footage. 

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