Sunday, December 13, 2015

Female Monsters 2010 to Now in Super Sentai

 Goseiger: 3 | Gokaiger: 0 | Go-Busters: 0 | Kyoryuger: 2 | Toqger: 0 | Ninninger: 3 | Zyuohger: | Kyuranger: 2 | Lupinranger vs. Patranger | Ryusoulger: 2 | Kiramager | Zenkaiger | Donbrothers
A continuation of the list of Female Monsters in Super Sentai, here I will add more of a few years.(
Goseiger: Irian of the Queen Bee, Sarawareteiru of the Yosei, and Pikarime of the Shakokidogu. Only the first monster appeared in Megaforce.

Gokaiger had no female Commanders.

Go-Busters had none as the nature of Vaglass was gender-less but they all sounded male.

 Kyoryuger had Debo Kyawaeen that had two different forms. In Dino Charge, she was known as Memorella.
Beautiful Zorima

In Toqger, I don't think there were any females.

 In Ninninger, there is Futakuchi-one and Yuki-ona

Akyanba and Mardakko


Medusa Minosaur and Mummy Minosaur