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Former Power Rangers Castmembers in other Power Ranger Series

UPDATED 11/14/14

I decided to cover Power Rangers too because there have been quite a few actors during recent seasons that played other characters in different seasons. I didn't really like the ballooned castmember numbers in SPD and Mystic Force, because then they had no more budget for when other Rangers arrived. And yes, I was mistaken, there have been actors that played Rangers that played other characters. This is only actors that protrayed different characters in different seasons, not in the same season like Mesogog/Anton, Dimitria/Divatox, and Lothor/Sensei.

Barnie Duncan
He played Piggy in SPD and Toby in Mystic Force, he was a regular castmember for two straight seasons. In the episode "Ranger Down" of Mystic Force, he guested as Piggy.

Kelson Henderson
Kelson is the most popular actor by fans. He won our hearts as Boom in SPD and then played Phineas, a bi-racial mythic creature in Mystic Force. Then he was less noticeable as Norg in Operation Overdrive. Operation Overdrive was the first season he worked without Barnie Duncan and John Tui. He was in Power Rangers for four straight seasons, as he was the voice of Flit and only had a physical appearance in the last episode. He also played Eddie, the music producer of Kira, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode "A Star is Torn."

John Tui
We didn't see John's face until Mystic Force when he played Daggeron, the Solaris Knight. Bascially, he has played two Rangers, the first Ranger he played was Doggy Kruger/Shadow Ranger. He also played another character, the monkey-like Sargeant Silverback.

Katrina Devine
Katrina first played Marah in Ninja Storm and then Cassidy in Dino Thunder. This was referenced in the team-up. She was the only actor/actress that was referenced to look like a character from a previous season since it was more noticeable than the others.

Holly Shanahan
Holly Shanahan played LeeLee in Mystic Force (as a guest star) and two years later was a Series Regular as Camile, the villainess. Unlike Katrina, she first played an antagonizing non-powered character first and then a 'full-fledge' villainess. She did not appear in Operation Overdrive, and since there was no teamup and that she wasn't no references to Jungle Fury, her looking like Leelee was no mentioned.

Antonia Prebble
Antonia guest starred twice as Krista in Dino Thunder. She supplied the voice for the Nova Ranger in SPD. And finally, was a series regular as Clare in Mystic Force. She did this three years straight, but since the last roles she had were small, it was barely noticeable by all viewers unlike us that know through boards and check cast credits.

Dwayne Cameron
We first saw him as Derrick, Ethan's Bully in one episode of Dino Thunder, then as Sky's old friend Dru Harrington in SPD for one episode, and then he finally got to be a ranger and series regular as Tyzonn in Operation Overdrive. Since his last roles were in just one episode, it was only noticed by fanatics like us.

Michelle Langstone
I totally forgot about Michelle Langstone, who played Kat in SPD and guest starred as Master Guin in Jungle Fury.

 Emperor Grumm/Mentor Jii
Rene Naufahu played Emperor Grumm in SPD (we saw his human form once played by himself) and later on played Mentor Jii in Samurai.

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Former Super Sentai Castmembers in other Super Sentai series

UPDATED 7/9/10
Unlike Power Rangers in the early days, actors who used to play heroes in one Super Sentai series will make cameo or appear in another series years later as another character. They rarely ever play the same character other than in teamup specials because it is not in the same 'universe.' The actors that have reprised their roles are in teamup specials and also Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai (Red Falcon, Mega Pink, Ginga Blue, Go Yellow, and Big One) and Boukenger vs. Super Sentai (Hurricane Blue, AbareBlack, DekaBreak, MagiYellow, and MagiShine).

Hisashi Sakai
He played a young Burai in Zyuranger and then played Kou in Kibaranger, so technically he is the only actor who has played two Sixth Rangers.

1994 Kakuranger
Keisuke Tsuchiya (KirinRanger from Dairanger) and Daisuke Tsuchiya (Blue Beet from B-Fighter)
They were twins in real life and played twins Tarou and Jirou that were turned into dogs. Daisuke guest starred as Kazu's photo clone in Dairanger and Keisuke guest starred as Blue Beet's clone Black Beet.

2002 Hurricanger
Many former Rangers guested on this show as Shurikenger.

Kunihiko Oshiba (MegaRed)
He played a bumbling dectective in Episode 23 and was the first guy that Shurikenger took his image.

Ryuichiro Nishioka (OhRed)
In Ep 24, Shurikenger takes the form of this drum player.

Masaya Matsukaze (MegaBlue)
Even though he didn't play a hottie in Megaranger, he was sure a hunk in this episode. He played an idol that was knocked out and Shurikenger took his form and fell in a love spell for Nanami (Blue) in ep26.

Yoshihiro Masujima (Blue Racer from Carranger)
In Episode 34, Shurikenger took the image of this man Wendinu had a crush on.

Yuji Kishi (Red Racer of Carranger)
He played a famous Shamisen player that Shurikenger imitated in episode 35.

Tomohide Koizumi/Shuhei Izumi (Time Yellow)
Shurikenger disguised as this ramen eater and the Hurricanger imagined him in other jobs in Episode 39. He was the only former yellow ranger to play Shurikenger.

Kenji Oba (Battle Kenya in Battle Fever J & DenjiBlue in Denjiman)
Kenji played Shurikenger at a temple protecting Gozen-sama in Episode 45. He also guested in Gekiranger as Jan's dad Dan.

2005 Magiranger
Machiko Soga (Bandora and others)
Even though not a Ranger, she was a good guy for the first time in Magiranger as Magigel.

2006 Boukenger
Takeru Shibaki (Gao Blue from Gaoranger)
He guested as a Ragi, a boy of an ancient civilization turned into a Jaryuu creature.

Eri Tanaka (MegaYellow from Megaranger) and Keisuke Tsuchiya (KirinRanger from Dairanger)
They guest starred as BoukenYellow's ancient parents, it was appropriate since both actors were once Yellow Rangers.

2007 Gekiranger
Kenji Oba (Battle Kenya in Battle Fever J & DenjiBlue in Denjiman)
Kenji guest starred in Gekiranger as Jan's dad Dan, the user of white tiger power and was Rio's rival and Gou's sempai.

2009 Shinkenger
Kayoko Shibata (Matsuri Tastsumi/GoPink from GoGoV)
Well not technically a Ranger per say, she was Seig-Jenne in the GoGoV movie. Oops! I thought she was Sieg-Jenne but it was GoPink!!!!! My Bad. Her role wasn't much in Shinkenger, just a school teacher. She didn't really contribute much to the plot but had two scenes with ShinkenRed.

Goseiger 2010
Yousuke Ito (Sen-Chan from Dekaranger) recently played Magis in a flashback in Goseiger.

Teruaki Ogawa (Ninja White) and Satomi Hirose (Ninja Red/BullBlack in Gingaman) recently played wife and husband, parents of a little girl in Goseiger (2010).

Also, the producers have been careful not to pick actors that would have to play their former Ranger character in a teamup. Notice that none of the former male Heroes (Big One, GingaBlue, or GoYellow) in "Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai" were in Hurricanger as Shurikenger. And none of the former Heroes in "Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai (Hurricane Blue, AbareBlack, DekaBreak, MagiYellow, and MagiShine) appeared in Boukenger as another character. Also, actors who appeared in teamups didn't appear in the next year series as another character.

Oh, I was also told by one of the many Anonymous comment leavers that Jyunichi Haruta/GoggleBlack from Goggle V also starred in Dynaman as DynaBlack. Plus, Kenji Oba played Battle Kenya in Battle Fever J & DenjiBlue in Denjiman.
More covered by Sean Akizuki here

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Actor's Faces in Power Rangers Toys

This idea was given to me by fellow fan Raul Ramirez.

Auto-Morphin Power Rangers (Season Two)
I remember in the 1994 TV Guide Interview, Thuy Trang had said she didn't have the figures yet with their faces on it, the interview was before they were released, around the same time. The toys came out in Fall of 1994. They looked somewhat like them, I think the ones that look most like them was Jason, Tommy and Billy.
Actors: David Yost (Billy), Thuy Trang (Trini), Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack), Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) and Jason Frank (Tommy).

UPDATED 7/23/09
Doll Assortment
I totally forgot about these. I was the one that added them to the toy section on PRC, funny enough. I bought the Pink Ranger for my niece for Christmas way back when (in 1994), she loved it. She loved Kimberly. Anyway, they made one of Trini and Aisha as well. They repackaged the Kimberly and Aisha in sets in regular version and 'movie' sparkly version. Also, for Zeo they had planned Tommy, Tanya and Katherine but that never happened.

Season Three Auto-Morphin
When three actors were replaced, they got toys but the next year. Karen Ashley (Aisha), David Frank (Tommy), Steve Cardenas (Rocky), and Johnny Bosch (Adam). There was also movie versions.

Zeo Auto-Morphin
Tommy's head clearly looks like the one from the White Ranger. Rocky looks like a new head. Fans often take Katherine's head and attached it to MMPR Pink Ranger. David Frank (Tommy), Nakia Bruise (Tanya), Katherine Sutherland (Kat), Steve Cardenas (Rocky), Austin St. John (Jason) and Johnny Bosch (Adam).

Turbo Shifters
They had a different name but it was Auto-Morphing. I am not sure but it kind of looks like they got new models. David Frank (Tommy), Nakia Bruise (Tanya), Katherine Sutherland (Kat), Blake Foster (Justin), Austin St. John (Jason) and Johnny Bosch (Adam).

Lost Galaxy 10" Auto Morphin Power Rangers
2 years later and no Auto-Morphin to get 10" tall. Domon's figure look sort of like him, except for the red lips. Leo and Kai don't look like the actors. Danny Slavin (Leo), Reggie Rolle (Domon), and Archie Kao (Kai).

Time Force - Talking Ultra Power Rangers and Time Force Auto Morphin Rangers
The Auto-Morphin Rangers were only available in the United Kingdom. Only Lucas didn't really look like him. As for the Talking Ultra Power Rangers, the promotional picture of Daniel as Eric on the box was the first sight that fans had of the actor's face. The Lucas of the Talking Ultra figure looked like him but not in skin color. Jason Faunt (Wes), Kevin Kleinberg (Trip), Michael Copon (Lucas), and Daniel Southworth (Eric).

Wild Force Auto-Morphin
The Auto-Morphin came back for the female figures after five years. Alyssa looks nothing like her. Max, Danny, and Taylor sort of look alike. The Merrick picture is from the bigger figures. I don't have the picture of the Aut0-Morphin Merrick. Also, Zen-Aku flipped his head into Lunar Wolf Ranger head. Ricardo Medina, Jr. (Cole), Alyson Kiperman (Taylor), Phillip Jeanmarie (Max), Jessica Rey (Alyssa), Jack Guzman (Danny), and Phillip Andrew (Merrick).

Battlized Warrior Rangers
Danny, Max, Leo, and Merrick with Battlizers.

Ninja Storm - Talking Ninja Battle Power Rangers and Weapon Warrior Power Rangers and Red Wind Tsunami Cycle with Ninja Ranger
I don't have a good picture of Cam so didn't put it. Well, the Hunter and Dustin pics aren't specular either, but whatever. Tori was the only and may be the only 12" female figure and extremely hard to find. For Talking Ninja Battle figures, there was five and the Green Samurai Ranger had just flip helmet. Shane had maybe like 3 figures with face. And the males got Weapon Warrior Power Rangers. Cam got the Weapon Wariror and R/C Ninja Glider Cycle. I also think there was an early Red Ranger with a Caucasian (white) face, not looking at all like Shane. Pua Magasiva (Shane), Sally Martin (Tori), Glenn McMillan (Dustin), Adam Tuominen (Hunter), Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Blake), and Jason Chan (Cam).

Mega Battlized Talking Power Ranger, 12" Triassic Ranger & Raptor Cycle, Talking Thunder Power Rangers
Connor had like 5 or 6 figures,two battlized, one with a bike and others were the talking ones. Tommy had two figures, they look like him. Trent had two, one battlized and one talking. Ethan got one but I don't know if it looked like him. James Napier (Connor), Kevin Duhaney (Ethan), Jason David Frank (Tommy), and Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent).

SPD - Talking Power Rangers
They were not show-accurate at all, I don't have a picture of the Blue Ranger, but I am sure they didn't look like the actors. The problem is that these figures were produced before the show premiered. Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack), Chris Violette (Sky), and Matt Austin (Bridge).

Mystic Sound Power Rangers
This is probably the last time the females get figures with the actress' faces. They all look fairly accurate except for Nick. Firass Dirani (Nick), Angie Diaz (V), Richard Brancatisano (Xander), Melanie Vallejo (Madison), and Nic Sampson (Chip).

Operation Overdrive Moto-Morph Rangers
Mac and Tyzonn look accurate but the others don't. Mac got two other versions. James Maclurcan (Mac), Samuell Benta (Will), Gareth Yuen (Dax), and Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn).

Series that didn't have figures modeled after the actor's faces: Power Rangers in Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Jungle Fury, and RPM.

Rangers that get didn't figures with a face: Katherine (MMPR), Andros, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, TJ, Zhane, Karone, Kendrix, Maya, Mike, Carter, Dana, Joel, Kelsey, Chad, Ryan, Jen, Katie, Kira, Z, Syd, Daggeron, Rose, Ronnie, Casey, Theo, Lilly, RJ, Dominick, etc.

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
All the Mystic Knight figures had the actors' faces because obviously their masks didn't cover everything. There were 2 figures for each I believe. They all fairly looked like their actors.
Actors: Lochlainn O'Mearain, Lisa Dwan, Vincent Walsh, Justin Pierre, Ben Palmer

Beetleborgs Metallix/Force
Beetle Blast'n Beetleborgs

For the second season, they had the figures in the new versions and same but with coating of their last colors. The faces slightly looked like the actors. Jo was hard to tell, as two actresses played her.
Wesley Barker, Herbie Baez, and Brittany Konarzewski

Saban's Masked Rider
Ecto Accelerating Masked Rider and Karate Kickin' Dex
There were three figures of 'Ecto Accelerating' which were like Auto-Morphin, but they all changed into Dex. Dex got his own figure that sort of looked like his outfit on his show--it looks more like suspenders than a jacket. Actor: T.J. Roberts

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McDonald's Toys and Stuff

I have been wanting to cover how many times McDonalds have had toys of Power Rangers or even the other Saban shows. But it's hard to find pictures. I have some of these items but it will take some time to take good pictures of them.

Power Rangers and VR Troopers "Power Coin Pack" Pogs
I was so excited when this came out. I remember passing by my local Mcdonalds at the gas station in front of it and seeing a poster of the White Ranger on the drive-thru wall. I got a pack and I remember I got the White Ranger and the Blue Ranger, I think I also got the Red Ranger and Goldar, but I lost them, so I don't got them anymore. I know I didn't get the VR Troopers. This was the closest thing to a VR Trooper/Power Ranger teamup. There were 13 in all: Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, White Ranger, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Ryan, JB, Katilin, and Jeb. These came out in 1994 but I don't remember what month, it for sure happened in the Fall/Autumn.

Summer 1995
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie
The most popular of the Power Ranger toys, the ones from the movie. In the regular Happy Meal, you could get a whistle signal (I still have it, its black and clunky), a communicator, a Power Buckle with the infamous Ninja Coins (but they were three and double-sided), and a blue whistle. If you paid for them, you could get a Ranger and their Ninja Zord. The Rangers were modeled after their Movie suits. I still have Red, Yellow, Black and Blue. I never got Pink (by the time I could, McDonalds no longer had them) but my cousin did get White. I couldn't find the commercial but I remember there were two. I think I remember one of a boy and his father being stopped by the White Ranger and his Falconzord.

May 2000
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
When they came out, I actually tracked them all down and got them all except for the Red Ranger. This was awesome, they all came separately. There was the Rescue Zords, Rescue Rails, and Rangers, in all there was 16 toys: Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Titanium Ranger, Red zord, Yellow zord, Blue zord, Green zord, Pink zord, Red rail, Yellow rail, Blue rail, Green rail, and Pink rail. The zords could fit in the rails. The Rangers came in humanoid zord-like cases that merged together to make one big Megazord. The Red or Titanium case could make the head, so I was fine without the Red one. The Yellow Ranger had a skirt, where in the show, she didn't have one because the yellow one was a guy in the original series Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive. I remember more or less where I got most of them. I remember the commercial too, which I couldn't find, it had all the six Rangers.

December 2003
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
These toys came out before Power Rangers Dino Thunder came out and I hated them. They were not possable and were akward. They were part of the Boys happy meals, while the Girls one was Disney Princesses. I only got the Black Ranger one. There was 8: Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Tyranno, Tricera, Dimetrozord, and Celphazord. It is interesting they had the female Yellow Ranger, as it was the Boys Line, I am not complaining, I think it's cool.

December 2005
Power Rangers Generations
The last one and they were pretty cool that they mixed the generations. I still have the two pog launchers. In fact, I have two of the Blue ones. There were 6: Dino Thunder Red and Black Rangers, Mystice Force Green and Red Rangers, Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Pog Launcher and SPD Blue Ranger Pog Launcher. The commercial had the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and Mystic Force Green Ranger. This was part of the Boys line, the Girls toys were W.I.T.C.H.

1995 or 1996?
VR Troopers
I don't know what year this came out, I didn't get these. There was 4: Virtualizer, the communciation device-- both which didn't have regular toys, a camera and virtual glasses. This had to be in season two of VR Troopers because it has a drawing of Ryan's second VR suit.

Beetleborgs Metallix
I never got these either. There was 6: the Gold Chromium Borg, Titanium Silver Borg, Platinum Purple Borg, Thunder Stinger, and two Beetle Bonders. The borg heads opened but I don't know what was inside. I remember this commercial as well for some reason but couldn't find it online.

This was all in the United States, it varied internationally.