Saturday, July 25, 2009

Former Power Rangers Castmembers in other Power Ranger Series

UPDATED 11/14/14

I decided to cover Power Rangers too because there have been quite a few actors during recent seasons that played other characters in different seasons. I didn't really like the ballooned castmember numbers in SPD and Mystic Force, because then they had no more budget for when other Rangers arrived. And yes, I was mistaken, there have been actors that played Rangers that played other characters. This is only actors that protrayed different characters in different seasons, not in the same season like Mesogog/Anton, Dimitria/Divatox, and Lothor/Sensei.

Barnie Duncan
He played Piggy in SPD and Toby in Mystic Force, he was a regular castmember for two straight seasons. In the episode "Ranger Down" of Mystic Force, he guested as Piggy.

Kelson Henderson
Kelson is the most popular actor by fans. He won our hearts as Boom in SPD and then played Phineas, a bi-racial mythic creature in Mystic Force. Then he was less noticeable as Norg in Operation Overdrive. Operation Overdrive was the first season he worked without Barnie Duncan and John Tui. He was in Power Rangers for four straight seasons, as he was the voice of Flit and only had a physical appearance in the last episode. He also played Eddie, the music producer of Kira, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode "A Star is Torn."

John Tui
We didn't see John's face until Mystic Force when he played Daggeron, the Solaris Knight. Bascially, he has played two Rangers, the first Ranger he played was Doggy Kruger/Shadow Ranger. He also played another character, the monkey-like Sargeant Silverback.

Katrina Devine
Katrina first played Marah in Ninja Storm and then Cassidy in Dino Thunder. This was referenced in the team-up. She was the only actor/actress that was referenced to look like a character from a previous season since it was more noticeable than the others.

Holly Shanahan
Holly Shanahan played LeeLee in Mystic Force (as a guest star) and two years later was a Series Regular as Camile, the villainess. Unlike Katrina, she first played an antagonizing non-powered character first and then a 'full-fledge' villainess. She did not appear in Operation Overdrive, and since there was no teamup and that she wasn't no references to Jungle Fury, her looking like Leelee was no mentioned.

Antonia Prebble
Antonia guest starred twice as Krista in Dino Thunder. She supplied the voice for the Nova Ranger in SPD. And finally, was a series regular as Clare in Mystic Force. She did this three years straight, but since the last roles she had were small, it was barely noticeable by all viewers unlike us that know through boards and check cast credits.

Dwayne Cameron
We first saw him as Derrick, Ethan's Bully in one episode of Dino Thunder, then as Sky's old friend Dru Harrington in SPD for one episode, and then he finally got to be a ranger and series regular as Tyzonn in Operation Overdrive. Since his last roles were in just one episode, it was only noticed by fanatics like us.

Michelle Langstone
I totally forgot about Michelle Langstone, who played Kat in SPD and guest starred as Master Guin in Jungle Fury.

 Emperor Grumm/Mentor Jii
Rene Naufahu played Emperor Grumm in SPD (we saw his human form once played by himself) and later on played Mentor Jii in Samurai.


HeatEdgeSword said...

Disney are so greedy! They only care about money!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it qualifies, but Fran in Jungle Fury played Diane (or Hydrax) in SPD for a couple of episodes. She wasn't a ranger, but still...she's Fran :)

Lavender Ranger said...

Steven, I had no idea. That was the same actress?! Wow, what range.

Anonymous said...

Kelson Henderson also plays Eddie, the music producer of Kira, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode "A Star is Torn"....

Anonymous said...

Carol Hoyt played Dimitra AND Divatox in Power Rangers Turbo...for at least half a year. According to Wikipedia, the original Divatox was preggers at the time.

(courtesy of

Also, Angela from Lightspeed Rescue had a few PR Time Force and Wild Force. Of course, that's all viewable on Wikipedia ( where mileage may vary.

Now, Wiki is hit or miss, but I trust the information since there are people who go through the system with a fine tooth comb, who are complete experts to the series.

Trishala Ray said...

um... you missed rita repulsa sh played the mystic mother

Anonymous said...

hey, u missed out dr. kat manx, she also appear in jungle fury as master guin.

Zach said...

Grant McFarland played both Lothor & Sensei in Ninja Storm.

Daniel said...

wasn't the black guy from the Samurai's Journey in PR Ninja Storm play Coronel Truman in PR RPM? If not, they definately look and sound like the same guy.

SharkGirl359 said...

Beth Allen from The Tribe played Ally Samuels in Spd and Vella in Operation Overdrive.

Unknown said...

I think it's really fun :D

knightforce01 said...

So John Tui chronologically replaced himself as the 6th ranger. He was Doggy the spd shadow ranger and later the solaris knight in the series that replaced spd.
Also you forgot to mention Ric Medina jr the wildforce red and hes second appereance on power rangers samurai.

Sonic Ranger said...

Rick Medina played Cole and Deker

Prince Trexus said...

James Napier (Connor from Dino Thunder) was in the last couple episodes of Ninja Storm as one of the new students at the Wind Ninja Academy