Saturday, August 24, 2013

Poll Results: ACG possible name/BBB and VR DVD sales/Shogun cards/Megaforce Episodes

What name would you want for Power Rangers ACG Series 4? 
Balance of Power
  44 (50%)
Legacy of Strength
  39 (44%)
Legends of Truth
  34 (39%)
Colors of Courage
  49 (56%)
Cycles of Virtue
  19 (21%)
Ring of Honor
  20 (22%)

Shout! Factory says Big Bad Beetleborgs and VR Troopers DVD sales are low, what can they do to improve?
Make Box Set
  91 (76%)
More TV ads
  67 (56%)
More print ads
  35 (29%)
More web ads
  52 (43%)

 If they make Shogun Mode cards, which would you want most?
Shogun Red
  76 (60%)
Shogun Pink
  56 (44%)
Shogun Blue
  58 (46%)
Shogun Yellow
  59 (47%)
Shogun Green
  58 (46%)
Shogun Gold
  76 (60%)

How much are you looking forward to new Megaforce episodes to air in the US? 
Very much
  77 (55%)
A lot
  21 (15%)
  27 (19%)
Not at all
  13 (9%)
Which Megaforce products are you looking forward to?
Bandai Fall Line
  84 (70%)
Megaforce DVD
  48 (40%)
Megaforce 3DS
  42 (35%)
  46 (38%)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Megaforce Ranger Ultra Mode, Pink Ranger Toddler and Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Adult Costume

Found a couple new costumes
Red Megaforce Ranger Ultra Mode Child Costume
(Wal-Mart has it as 'Super Megaforce')

Toddler Costume

 Pink Megaforce Ranger Toddler Costume

 Black Megaforce Ranger Muscle Costume

Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger Adult Costume

As usual, there is Mighty Morphin Red, Pink and Green Ranger Adult costumes.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jason David Frank raffling the SDCC Gold Legacy Morpher, money going to Crosby Church

 Jason David Frank is giving a 2nd chance (I am not sure what was the 1st chance) to win an autographed Gold Legacy Power Morpher. You must submit $5 to Paypal to and proceeds will go to Crosby Church. It will end September 2nd. So you will giving $5 which may get you the gold Legacy Morpher signed by JDF or giving it to charity.

I'm not sure but I think this is the Crosby Church

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jason David Frank's "My Morphin' Life" Preview

Jason David Frank posted this video preview of his upcoming reality show "My Morphin Life." It is unknown if this show will be exclusive to his YouTube channel or will be shopped to a network. The video has him reading the Super Megaforce finale script and explaining it to his wife. Also a short clip of the shooting of the Mega War.

I have updated my "Who is Who in the Mega War" post with Yellow Turbo Ranger