Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preview to Episode 15 of Gokaiger isn't the Sixth

UPDATED 5/22/11 6:30 PM EST
I thought he was the sixth ranger but turns out he is Basco.

We got Episode 15 preview with Basco (not GokaiSilver) that summons five Sixth Rangers.

Aka Red also seems to be on the ship (probably a flashback judging by one pick of Marvelous and Basco eating).

Gai has a monkey friend, interesting.

Yeah its not Bairzog/Sid becoming good like I once thought.

Bosco, Basco defected to Zangyack and betrayed the Red Pirates. I am against people saying people look 'gay' or 'effeminate' but I got to admit I thought he was a woman at first glance. Please don't make anti-gay remarks.

He seems to have a gold Mobirates.

Pictures from

Basco Ta Jolokia is a man who was member of the Red Pirates together with Marvelous. The pirate crew was eventually destroyed by Zangyack and Basco seems to have been behind this. "In order to gain something, you have to sacrifice something"
Zangyack sees him as a special pirate and he travels with his ship, Free Joker.
His parter, Sari the space monkey, moves quickly and attacks with two cymbals.
When Bassco puts Ranger Keys into his trumpet, he can materialize Rangers.
They become puppets and moves as they've been told.

Rikkidoroid, Basco's giant weapon.
The blue version is called "Wateru-kun".
They appear from Sari's chest.

Poll Results: Best Male Yellow Ranger Suit?

Best Male Yellow Ranger Suit? (1)
Ki Ranger
51 (21%)
Denji Yellow
31 (12%)
49 (20%)
28 (11%)
39 (16%)
Yellow Lion
68 (28%)
Yellow Turbo
44 (18%)
Yellow Owl
69 (28%)
Tiger Ranger
126 (52%)
Kirin Ranger
121 (50%)

Kirin Ranger almost won by * * much.

Best Male Yellow Ranger Suit? (2)
Ninja Yellow
71 (28%)
Ginga Yellow
60 (24%)
Go Yellow
45 (18%)
Time Yellow
66 (26%)
Gao Yellow
94 (37%)
Hurricane Yellow
114 (45%)
Magi Yellow
131 (52%)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Official 199 Heroes List

I'm currently sick (a virus) so can't do much maintenance.
I put these mini Ranger pics for the leaders and the 10 Extra Heroes. If there was an extra hero, I put their picture, I chose not to put sixth heroes in order not to get confused with the extra heroes. 172 regular Rangers from the 35 teams, 15 Sixth Rangers = 188 who were in the Legend War and 10 Extra Heroes (Signalman, BullBlack, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Wolzard Fire, MagiMother, Zuuban, Rio, Mele, and Shinken Red Karou), Aka Red and the 199th --- ?????. Even though I believed Gokai Silver was to be 200th, it seems that the 199th might be Gokai Silver because it is rumored he will cameo in the 199 heroes movie.

We are at episode 14 and there has only been six 'tribute episodes' (Magi, Deka, Geki, Gao, Shinken and Car), leaving 28 more teams to be covered and if this year is 50 episodes, like only 8 'filler' episodes. Unless they decided to go 80 episodes and end in August of 2012 and start a new series at the same time as Kamen Rider does. If not, they would have to be doing back-to-back 'tribute' episodes.

Power Rangers Samurai SMASH Apple’s iTunes

For the first time ever, fans can bring Samurai Power to their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when the all-new interactive adventure game Power Rangers Samurai SMASH exploding onto Apple’s iTunes® today from Saban Brands. The fun-filled, highly addictive game features the star characters from the hugely popular Nickelodeon show “Power Rangers Samurai.”

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Five Gokaiger as Sixth Rangers?

Recently this pic popped up online of filming exterior shot for Gokaiger. Here we have 3 crew people, one monster and five stunt people dressed as Sixth Rangers. Dragon Ranger (Green), Mega Silver (with a skirt), Time Fire, AbareKiller (with a skirt) and MagiShine. I am led to believe that GokaiYellow and GokaiPink dressed as Mega Silver and AbareKiller. I also beleive that AbareKiller is a stuntwoman because of her height.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 15 of Power Rangers Samurai The Tengen Gate Description Revealed

The Tengen Gate
Octoroo wants the Red Ranger's powerful sealing symbol, so he poisons Jayden in order to get it.

According to PR On-Air Central the 15th episode of Tengen Gate is based on Shinkenger Episode 23 "Rampaging Gedoushu." They are going way too fast and they are planning the series for 2 years? And we haven't even seen the first two episodes, and there isn't that much to be revealed, judging by how by the book they are adapting, the first two will be just as bland. Episode 23 had Shitari poisoning Takeru. This is also the episode where Genta meets Juuzo, which means Antonio and Deker will meet in Episode 15 of PRS. I remember in Facebook Rick Medina said how Steven Skyler was a good actor, maybe he was talking about this episode. Episode 24 is where the Rangers get Super mode, who knows if it will happen or Jayden will get that toy Battlizer instead. Or maybe they will able to use Mega Battle in actual battle.

My point is they are skipping 2 more episodes: 21 and 22. With hat, they would have skipped 6 episodes. Which is a good because they can use the monsters from those episodes later or adapt an episode later on. Saban Brands said in Europe that they got the rights to the two Kamen Rider Decade episodes, they are skipping one episode (21) that had faint connection to Decade teamup. Maybe they are saving it for later, its not for sure they will adapt the teamup.

UPDATED 5/24/11
Episode 16 –Boxed In
When Jayden is kidnapped by Deker, the other Rangers must summon the strength to fight a mutant Nighlok without their leader.
Saturday, June 4th, 2011 12n/11c

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poll Results: Best Originally Female Suits


Change Mermaid 106 (19%)
White Swan 147 (26%)
Ninja White 160 (29%)
Gao White 183 (33%)
Deka Swan 150 (27%)
Magi Mother 181 (33%)
Blue Dolphin 141 (25%)
Blue Swallow 137 (25%)
Hurricane Blue 243 (44%)
Magi Blue 167 (30%)
Deka Gold 93 (17%)
Deka Bright 121 (22%)
Go-on Silver 306 (55%)

I would like to appologize if there is an unnecessary spacing between the ballots. Everytime I click on "preview", every line skips to the next line automatically. If the line spacing is normal, then everything is fine, but the appology is to cover the scenario if the spacing isn't normal.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Review

When I mentioned Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I am surprised some people haven't seen it and I decided to write a little something about it, since I also was surprised that I hadn't done a post on it yet. I did a review for JapanHero but the site is down and I don't know where it is. Anyway, fans nickname the show "PGSM," it was more like the Manga than the Anime and then went its own way. It had 49 episodes and Final Act which was a movie that came out on DVD after the series ended. The series aired from 2003 to 2004, only lasted one year and only covered the first manga and had no Chibi-moon or Outer Senshi (Pluto, Saturn, etc.). It did feature Sailor Luna, which was the human form of the cat Luna, Dark Mercury--which was Mercury under an evil spell and Sailor Moon got a Princess Sailor Moon powerup, which was her past self incarnation that worked on her own motives. Some people can't believe it has been 20 years since Sailor Moon manga came out in 1992 but I can't believe its been almost 8 years since this series aired.

The girls had regular hair before they transformed and then donned wigs when in costumes. I think part of the reason the series only lasted one year was because the teenage actresses had to dress in these real costumes, and it was over-dealing for them to do it for five years. Plus, most Tokustasu casts only lasted for one year. So if you don't know the Sailor Moon story, this story is about a teenage girl Usagi who finds a stuffed kitty who can talk and gives her a magical locket to become Sailor Moon. She fights a monster that possesses her friend's mother and is helped by the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen. Ugly Betty-ish sweet smarty Ami is found out to be Sailor Mercury and Usagi wants to include her with her own friends but Ami is so used to rejection. They hang out at Crown Karaoke, instead of the Arcade in the Manga and Anime.

Usagi and Ami meet Rei, a young priestess whose father is absent and mother is dead and Sailor Mars is not for joining the team. New student Makoto/Sailor Jupiter later joins the team and they meet Queen Beryl, the one behind the monsters and find out their past lives was on the Moon. Sailor Venus makes her appearance (shedding her Sailor V form) and says she is the Moon Princess, but it is all a rouse. Teen Idol Minako, unlike her previous selves in the Manga and Anime, is not cheerful and remembers her past life and takes it seriously. There is four kings that work for Beryl and when most of them are defeated, the last one aims his eye on Mercury. They had all become great friends but the girls get distracted and Ami is left alone, victim to become Dark Mercury. Luna becomes Sailor Luna, a little girl, in order to fill the void. In a way, Sailor Luna is like the 'sixth ranger' but both Mars and Venus act more like the 'sixth ranger.' For a couple of episodes, Mars is like the loner rival and for the majority of the series, Venus doesn't join the team and is a lone entity.

Eventually it is found out that Usagi is the moon princess and Mamoru is Prince Endyimon, donning his prince outfit. It takes a long time for Usagi to figure out Mamoru, who she finds annoying is Tuxedo Kamen, but he found out her identity early on. Venus is against them being together, she blames their union on why they all died in the first place. It is then revealed that Queen Beryl wanted Endyimon and that's all she wanted and followed Queen Meteria, who needs human's energies. Mercury is eventually cured, Beryl creates a girl Mia that is like her and she makes the girls' normal lives hell. Mia is a teen idol rival of Minako. Usagi and Mamoru become a couple and Beryl kidnaps Mamoru, making the inner Princess Serenity come out of Usagi and become Princess Sailor Moon. Mia entertains Mamoru in the dark kingdom.

It is later found out that Minako is dying of a disease. Many believe that Dark Mercury was a replacement of Dark Endyimon from the manga and anime but Dark Endyimon does appear and Usagi is forced to defeat him. In the end, the big villain is believed to be Queen Meteria but in reality, it was Princess Serenity, whose crystal was feeding Meteria and making the end of the world. Princess Serenity's aim was to make the world end so she and Endyimon be back together. Venus dies and is reborn at the end. I was happy that Sailor V appeared more than once in this series (she got her own prequel in Act Zero---thanks Hat! for reminding me) when in the Anime, she appeared in a flashback of one episode. I was not crazy about Sailor Luna's inclusion, and the actress that played her, thought she was going to be Chibi-Moon. And the creator Naoko Takeuchi admitted she wished Uranus and the others would be in the series.

After Queen Metalia's power began to grow exponentially in reaction to the Silver Crystal's power, a new type of Youma began to emerge in Acts 31, 37-38, 40-41, 43 and 47. Like mentioned before, the Gorma Hei of Zyuranger appeared, possibly a Power Rangers reference, but they never had a name. I liked the monster designs, not the ones before but others. Anyway, in the final act--it took place four years later and no new Sailors and they hadn't used their powers in a while. Usagi and Mamoru got married and they fought Mia and defeated her. The special effects were kinda corny and not as great as the ones in Super Sentai. The PGSM series is not perfect but I liked it, you get sucked into it, it is immersing. It is worth watching. Hat! reminded me about Act Zero, I did think about it when I wrote this though, the prequel dealt more with Usagi than Minako and I felt the origin story was a bit rushed and a little too convenient.