Saturday, December 21, 2019

Mashin Sentai Kiramager

2020 Sentai is Kiramager, a gemstone-theme sentai with animal-vehicle mecha. It looks like Red, Yellow and Green are one team with a 3-mecha robo with Blue and Pink separate. Green and Pink are females. Their transformation trinket seems to be a Samsung Watch-like device.

 I like the belt buckles look like seat belt buckles. I like the street sashes and the glittery arms.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Lavender Ranger's thoughts on Hasbro movie announcement

UPDATED 6/22/20
[Art by Freelance illustrator/concept artist Carlos Dattoli]

It has recently been announced that Jonathan Entwistle has been hired to direct the new Hasbro/Paramount Pictures Power Rangers. Jonathan Entwistle is best known for UK show The End of the F***ing World. Patrick Burleigh (Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway) is the writer. They promise that the movie will go back to the 90's roots. It is said that the Power Rangers will return back to the 90's. Time travel is a major component of the script. I am not sure about returning back to the 90's. I am okay with the time travel element though. Now, the movie is still in early stages so it is possible this can be changed. I have not seen Peter Rabbit 2 but I have seen The End of the F***king World. It seems strange that they want a more kid-friendly movie but with a director of a young adult show with edge. I would've gotten the director of a Superhero movie (DC, Marvel, etc.) or someone more familiar with family fare but has done edgy movies like the director of The House With the Clock on Its Walls (Eli Roth) or even the director of Galaxy Quest (Dani Parisot).

I have written my ideas for a soft reboot here. But I think Mighty Morphin should be left alone, since they already did a movie in 2017 and now rebooting so quickly into 2021. Reboots are nothing new to Hollywood and recently the trend is to have new reboots really close to each other like Batman. Also I am curious if the teens will become Rangers before the time travel or after the time travel. I hope the characters have more characterization and they have a different take on Rita.