Sunday, August 28, 2022

Cosmic Fury Speculations and Spoilers

Late last night or early today (considering your time zone), producer Simon Bennet revealed Power Rangers Dino Fury will continue in the third season called Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. At Power Morphicon today on August 28, 2022 (the 29th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), the Dino Fury cast was interviewed in a panel to reveal they know almost nothing about the new season. Here is a breakdown of the information and speculations and one spoiler from Dino Fury.

Breakdown of Information:

  • The six castmembers/Rangers will return
  • The cast thinks they will be the same colors but they did say they were in dark so this could prove not to be true.
  •  Season 3 will continue the same story and characters of season 2.
  • Season 3 will take place in space.
  • Shooting for Season 3 has not taken place.
  • The cast found out about the name "Cosmic Fury" through fans. One fan found the name for it.
  • They will be in new studios and the sets were dismantled and will either be recreated or reconstructed. 
Things we yet to know:
  • If they will have the same suits
  • If they will use Kiramager footage
  • If they will use Kyuranger footage
  • If they will making new footage with Dino Fury suits. 

If they use Kiramager footage, it would correspond with Zayto, Ollie, Izzy, and Amelia's colors but not Javi and Aiyon. Javi would have to be yellow and Aiyon would have to be silver. 

If Kyuranger is used, the Rangers could fall in their color slots.
Red - Zayto
Blue - Ollie
Pink - Amelia
Gold - Aiyon
Black - Javi
Green - Izzy
Purple - Terrick

Now the rest is just my speculations:
Orange - Blair (singer from one episode)
Silver - J-Borg
Yellow - Aquitarian (not one specifically, could be new character)

Or they could go for budget and use the Kyuranger character suits and use the footage. Blue, Black and Gold have creatures so they can keep those. Pink and Purple were also costumed characters too. Then it would be...
Red - Zayto
Yellow - Ollie
Pink - Amelia
Orange - Javi
Green - Izzy
Silver - Aiyon

Blue - a wolf alien
Purple - Terrick
Black - a bull robot
Gold - an android 

Or they could use the same Dino Fury costumes.