Friday, June 26, 2015

More Upcoming Power Rangers Dino Supercharge toys

UPDATED 11/23 6:30 AM EST
Razzle1337 has found listings for new toys.Speculations below names:
43002 T-Rex Super Charge Morpher
Speculation: I suspect this has to be the Gabutyra that Red uses to become Super. 

Dino Stunt Bikes 
 I wonder why Green doesn't get one.
43071 Dino Cycle and Red Ranger
43072 Dino Cycle and Black Ranger
43073 Dino Cycle and Blue Ranger
43074 Dino Cycle and Gold Ranger
43075 Dino Cycle and Aqua Ranger
43076 Dino Cycle and Graphite Ranger
43077 Dino Cycle and T-Rex Super Charge Ranger


43098 Plesio Charge Megazord (Megazord and Rocket Modes)

43103 Ankylo Zord 
43106 Deinosuchus Zord 
43104 Pachy Zord
43105 Ammonite Zord (Toy Fair images above)

43151 Spinosaurus Zord  
43152 Spinosaurus Zord (I wonder why two different listings)

 43131 11" T-Rex Super Charge Red

43230 5" T-Rex Super Charge Red

43231 Aqua (male)

 43232 Purple (female)
43233 Dino Drive Gold 
 43234 Dino Drive Graphite 
43235 Dino Drive Aqua (Fake pic above)
43236 Dino Drive Purple

43242 Plesio Charge Megazord

      43310 Purple (perhaps male)

43244 Ninja
My monster expert friend thinks it is Debo Shinobinba.
43245 Game Face 
My friend thinks it is Debo Spokorn.
43243 Snide (Villain)
Has been confirmed to be "Neo Zeltrax" the monster form of new villain Jekyl. Snide means an unpleasant or underhanded person or remark. It is also a play on words with "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Also @odot92 of Rangercrew found these:
Dino Charger Ultimate Power Pack 1
Toys R Us Exclusive
This has the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pachy and Ankylo Dino Chargers but the zord toys are different colors. Triceratops is blue, Pachy is purple, Ankylo is orange and Stego is violet-red like Dino Thunder and Tyranno is Black.

Ankylosaurus from Dino Thunder was orange and the now Ankylozord is cyan. Mixed toy above.

Stegosaurus was pinkish-red in Dino Thunder and now blue in Dino Charge, hybrid above.

 Bunpachy was purple in Dino Thunder and grey/graphite now in Dino Charge, hybrid above.

Dino Charger Ultimate Power Pack #2
Toys R Us ExclusivePachy is green like in Dino Thunder, Pterandon is Yellow like Dino Thunder, Raptor is red for some reason, Deinousuchus is Blue for some reason, supposed to be orange and the Cycle one is grey. Well the Raptors were Raptor Riders in Red, Black, Blue and Yellow in Dino Thunder.

Triceratops was blue in Dino Thunder, now pink, hybrid above.
Para was green in DT and black in DC.

Pterandon now is gold in DC but was yellow in Dino Thunder.

 Linear Ranger found Dino Spike toy and in the back, there will be color-coded Dino Chargers like the red one that was for Carnival (Super).

From Razzle1337: says 43308 Teacher could be the monster at left. says 43307 Shinge could be Endorf that is full of fire.

43308 Doomwing has to Mad Torin, the evil counterpart to the Kyoryuger mentor.
43246 Silver Ranger