Sunday, December 10, 2017

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Ranger Keys

Just when you thought they would never ever do Ranger Keys again. Apparently Toys R Us saw profit from the redux of keys two years ago or was it a year ago? Anyway, fans found a listing for it. The picture is a placeholder.

You guys know I love Ranger Keys and still collect them. My buddy has made those missing keys like Movie, Ninja Steel, Dino Charge and any others, he has done amazing ones. So basically the listing says there will be SIX sets of five, so it looks like it will be different packaging than the ones we are used to. Another thing is that it says the keys will fit in the Dino Charge Morpher which I don't believe. I just hope they make another morpher with new sounds.

Now on to the speculation on which keys they could be because this wouldn't be Lavender Ranger's blog if I didn't do this....

What I think Bandai will do
1. Ninja Steel - 5 (Red, Yellow, Gold, Blue, Pink)
2. Dino Charge - 5 (Red, Blue, Green, Black, Gold)
3. MMPR - 5 (Red, Blue, Black, Green, White)

4. Samurai - 5 (Red, Blue, Green, Pink. Yellow)
5. Megaforce (Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow)
6. Movie (Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow)

What I think Bandai should do...
1. Ninja Steel - 5 (Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, White)
(Customs by @DTAKEOVR)

2. Dino Charge - 5 (Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink)
(Custom by @DTAKEOVR)

3. Dino Charge - 5 (Gold, Aqua, Silver, Purple, Graphite)

4. Jungle Fury - 5 (Dai Shi, Camile, Spirit Rangers--Bat, Elephant, Shark)

5. Missing Keys: Lauren, Kat Ranger, Nova Ranger, Sentinel Knight, Ninja Steel Gold

6. Movie (Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow)
(Customs by @DTAKEOVR)

Kaito Sentai LupinRanger VS Keisatsu Sentai PatoRanger

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger: Gentleman Thief Team Lupin (Famous French poet or Anime character) Ranger
Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger: Police Sentai Patrol Ranger

Both teams have the same henshin device called the VS Changer. The device puts in the VS Vehicles, which is the collector gimmick and mecha. 

The three Lupinranger have Dial Fighters, aircraft and the three Patoranger have TriggerMachines, automobiles. 

Both team Mecha combos are GoodStriker. For Lupinranger, the three DialFighters become LupinKaiser. For the Patoranger, the three TriggerMachines become PatoKaiser.

Itadaki Kaitou is the Lupinranger's sword/reaching claw weapon.
Kakusei Keibou is Patoranger's police baton/megaphone weapon.

The 7th hero figure is a combo of the three Patoranger.

Lavender Ranger's Opinion:
I like the suits and concept, hope the story is good. I think it is simple enough of a concept to let interesting stories even though it is unconvential. For those who remember, Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger technically had the same concept with Hurricanger vs Goraijer but without the unique title.