Saturday, September 23, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Royal Rumble - Episode Review

Drillion is about to crush them when the Lion Ship blasts him. He leaves. Galavanax shoots her ship down. Drillion returns and threatens Madame Odius. Galavanax tells him to make sure the Princess was destroyed. Odius takes Drillion with her to make sure the Rangers go down. Viera finds a floating piece of wood with a gravity crystal. She says it is damaged. Redbot and Mick are fixing the swords and stars. The others arrive and ask how they are going to destroy Drillion. Hayley has a lion pendant that becomes Princess Viera. She needs another source of power for her zord. Mick is not so happy, his planet was destroyed by her kingdom. He hasn't seen her parents in 20 years.

Viera wants to change her kingdom. They see the ship in the nexus. They have very little Ninja STeel left to make a new star to make the ship become a Megazord. Victor is being pulled by Monty on a rickshaw. Victor wants toi be more popular and finds a rock floating with a gravity crystal. Monty pulls it out and the rock falls on their feet. Victor wants to use the crystal. Back on the ship, Drillion has been powered up. Back in school, Victor passes out flyers for a weight lifting thing he is doing. The Rangers detect a monster near the Lion ship. Drilion has indeed arrived.

The Rangers face Drillion and morph. Crystals hit the Rangers. Red goes down. Mick throws the star in the nexus and it hits Viera's armor. Red gets a new morpher with a star. He spins it and Viera's armor disappears. Red gets the armor in turn. He becomes Lion Fire Red. Mick tells her that he didn';t think she changed but now he believes she has (that's pretty quick). Red beats up Drilion. Gold attacjs abd struikes lighting on Drillion. Red does a slash and makes him go down. His upgrade is gone. Red puts the star on his sword and does Flame Strike attack and destroys him.

A Kudabot makes him grow. Mick gets a new star to make a megazord and throws it the zord. Red enters the zord. He energizes the zord and makes the Megazord. He fights Drilion. Drillion spits out projectiles. The other Rangers watch. He becomes Lion again and Red gets on top and does a final strike, destroying Drillion. Back at the hideout, they thank Viera. Viera promises to change things for the better in the Lion Galaxy. She has a surprise for him---his parents via video phone. They ask when he will come home. He promises but says he has important work with his friends. The Rangers giggle. He thanks Viera. She then leaves on her ship. She says to be called if needed. Back at school, the Rangers see Victor try to break the record. Preston sees Monty put the crystal on the weights. Victor lifts it up. Everyone applaud. He goes to get the trophy and the weights stay floating. It shocks everyone. He grabs it---he is called a cheater. The crystal is removed and the weight drops down the floor. Monty and Victor fall and the others laugh,

I liked some backstory on Mick but the character development between Mick and Viera was solved pretty quick by the Dues Ex Machina machine Nexus fixed things again. Just by Viera's armor taken away by the Nexus does not resolve the issues between Mick and Viera---well it shouldn't. If I was writing this, I would had something go wrong and Viera offer her armor, hence showing she is willing to be a sacrafice.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Galactic Sentinels MultiPortals Issue 13

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Royal Rival - Episode Review

This is late because of Hurricane Irma

Sarah reveals her new creation in class which is a cookie creator that you can put any food. Victor asks Monty for his lunch. It has Sardines, Broccoli and Liver. The cookie is delicious. The teacher wants the project from Victory and Monty which they don't have. In space, Cosmo Royale introduces Princess Viera, the new ruler of the Lion Galaxy and Drillion. Drillion wants Cosmo to bow. Viera says they will destroy the Rangers. Madame Odius says she is a weak ruler. Back with the Rangers, Sarah makes cookies. Hayley sees that Victor and Monty have a cow and are going to make fresh milk. Monty finds out where the milk comes from on his phone which shocks him. Victor touches the udders to get full of milk. The police come and report a stolen cow.

Victor and Monty go with him downtown. The line for Sarah is getting longer. Redbot calls them. Mick will man the cookies. Drillion arrives and attacks. Princess watches from on high. The Rangers arrive. Drillion fights them. He beats them up. They deflect the blast which hits the Princess and Pink saves her with vines. She asks who she is. Viera is surprised. Viera goes to Drillion and tells them to stop the battle. She tells him to obey her. They leave. Pink tells them what happen. Back on the ship, Viera and Galavanax debate. Viera says she is smart, she studies her enemies. Galavanax tells Drillion to destroy the Rangers and he will rule the Lion Galaxy. Viera observes the Rangers and their cookie business.

Sarah offers a box of cookie and offers her one cookie. Viera says it is delicious. A thief steals the box. Viera become a cape and wraps around the young thief. Sarah arrives and tells her to let her go. They find out the kid has nothing to eat and he had to drop out of school to look after his sister. Sarah takes Billy with her. She shows him the cookie creator. Sarah offers the machine for her so no more stealing. Viera says might makes right where she came. She reveals she knows she is a Power Ranger. Sarah puts her knuckles up. Viera tells her she is shown kindness is stronger.

Drillion arrives to destroy them both. Viera sheilds Sarah. The Rangers arrive and blast Drillion. Sarah thanks Viera who she sends to safety. The Rangers morph and fight Drillion. Drillion stops their attacks/ He throws disks at Blue and Pink and break their element stars. Viera comes in and helps Sarah. She has an idea and leaves. Red fights Drillion. Then the others. All six fight him. The ship tells the bad guys to look for Viera. She hides and gets on her Lion Zord and flies away. Galavanaz tells Cosmo Royale to make Drillion big and sends Skullgators.

The Rangers see this and call their zords. They make the Fusion Megazord and enter the cockpit. They do Fusion Slash and destroy the Skullgators. Drillion knocks the Rangers out of their zords. The Lion zord arrives and blasts Drillion. It becomes night and Drillion says not too and that she is too powerful. Drillion leaves. Viera is proud and leaves. The Rangers are happy.

Galavanax is peaved. They fire cannons at her and her ship goes down. She crashes. At their class, Sarah tells her teacher she can not continue the project. Billy the boy arrives and tells the teacher she gave her the invention and thank you. He has re-enrolled in school. The teacher changes her grade to an A +. Victor and Monty are called but they are still in jail--in a line up. They are pointed out in the line up. Meanwhile, Viera leaves her ship. To be continued...

I live in Miami and because of Hurricane Irma, I had no electricity, cable or internet. I kinda liked the episode. Sarah has only gotten one episode so far so its hard to pin point her personality. Here she is radically different from the mutlitasking genius she was. Here she is cool under pressure and quick thinking with helping the boy Billy. BUT then utterly stupid when she is about to accept a failing grade with the teacher. She should had just told her the truth and how convenient it is that Billy arrived just then. He looks like he belongs in elementary compared to the twenty-somethings. Viera is an interesting character and a nice actress. Looks like the next ep we will see more character development from her and Mick. Even though this episode starts up an arc, it still acts like a standalone filler episode, much like Dino Charge. 

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Ace and the Race - Episode Review

Because of Hurricane Irma this is late. I live in Florida and I'm okay!

The Rangers enter the Lake Sunshine Fun-Athalton. The lake mascot is a fish named Bubbles. Calvin, Brody and Levi are in the orange team and the others in green. Calvin sees Ace, a 50's greaser in an awesome car and abandons his friends. Shoespike becomes human and can turn people or goons into statues. Ace cleans his car and calls Calvin the wrong name. He shows him the engine. Calvin sees something to fix and Ace tells him to do it. Calvin pushes the car away from the park. The race begins so they get a replacement for Calvin--the monster turned human. He turns Brody and Levi super-competitive with a stick. 

Victor is getting a haircut and has no paftner. They get ready and run off. Shoespike gives a massive headstart and Brody knocks Preston into the bushes. He then gives the stick to Levi. Levi throws someone in the lake and wins. The 'losers' such Hayley, Sarah, Preston and Victor become trophies. Levi and Brody see this. A dog takes the Victor trophy away.  Shoespike become a monster and the two brothers get competitive against each other. Then they morph. Calvin hits his head with the hood. He wants help fro Ace which he does grudgingly. Ace says he hates when he gets oil on his hands. A receipt from a fix it shop comes out and Calvin realizes Ace is a poser. Ace makes fun of Calvin and blows his own car as he leaves the school auto shop. 

Mick makes Calvin realize that they weren't friends and he wasn't a true friend to the Rangers. Victor trophy ends up in the aquarium. Calvin bumps into the trophies in the forest and see Shoespike and the Rangers going to compete again. Calvin morphs. The Rangers and monsters race. Yellow notices ShoeSpike is cheating. The Rangers then use teamwork. It is a photo finish and the Rangers win. They de-morph and the spells is broken. The trophies become human. The Rangers morph. Basherbots fight them.

Red goes down. Shoespike throws a huge ball on Red and Gold. Red and Gold destroy it and mention being family. The Rangers call the zords when he grows. The Rangers destroy him with the fusion megazord. Calvin apologizes. Monty looks for Victor. Victor finally becomes human out of the fish tank. 

Oh my. The biceps and legs. They should have every ep like this! The Rangers in skimpy outfits. Also, are the bad guys suppose to know Brody and Levi are brothers?