Saturday, August 26, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Poisonous plots - Episode Review

Brody does the opening narration. Aiden has reunited and tells his story. He said he'd keep the ninja steel in the high school. He said he went far away. He said when he saw it on TV, he knew it had to be Brody. Mac doesn't want to show Aiden the headquarters. They seem to be okay with it. The seven train and Aiden gets aggressive with Levi. Hayley tells him to chill out. Aiden leaves. Hayley says he just wants to show off. Brody tells them to cut them slack. Later, Levi and Hayley fail at baking. Monty and Victor as always are up top something not so normal. Chocolate falls on top of Victor of course.Victor hardens yup as a chocolate statue and they put him on a trolly. The Rangers fight Kudobots.

 Aiden fights Kudobots. A female poison monster appears and poisons Brody. Aiden wants to know. Madam Odius has the antidote, she wants the Power Stars. They lay Brody down in the auto shop. AIden wants to use the Power Stars. The Rangers want to use a trick. Mac wants an antidote. Aiden says it doesn't work, they have to give the stars. Hayley has a plan. They get the Power Stars and AIden smiles. Mac scans Brody. Monty looks for Victor. Hayley and Levi run with the Power Stars. Brody walks after them. They take him and tell the plan.

Hayley shwos the Power Stars and the spycams see this. The monsters appear. Odius give the antidote. They put the antiodote in Brody. The other Rangers arrive and are upset. The Power Stars are chocolate. Levi gives them the real ones. Brody is all right. The Rangers morph. Kudobots fight Red. Gold fights the monster. The Rangers then fight her. Gold does a tornado attack. Red does his final attack on the Kudobots. The monster makes the Rangers go down in yet another location change. Blue and Gold fight her. Blue and Gold do a dual attack. They take a selfie. Red rejoins. The monsters choose to make her huge and the Rangers call the zords.

Gold and Red robo zords fight her. The others call their zords afterwards. Gold forms his Bullrider Megazord. The Ninja Steel Megazord is formed and the Rangers don Master Mode. They destroy her. Hayley and Levi apologize to Aiden. Monty keeps looking for Levi. The teacher unveils the statue of Victor and tlels Kids to eat him He wobbles and falls. He breaks apart and shows he is human and thge kids run off. Odius tells Aiden that he is on her side.

Episode Review:
It was ok but Odius clearly doesn't understand humans as Aiden supposedly older not younger.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Galactic Sentinels MultiPortals Issue 12

Issue 12
The Sentinels go to Edenoi to get the Green crystal fragment and find a king who is the Masked Rider. I've been told this is a sad story. Watch out for shoutouts and parodies (Amazon and Hail Ferbus). 

Bounty Hunter

Ultra Knightron
When Taurus, Centaur, Aquarius, Orion and Wyvern combine.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Ranger Ribbon - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Preston takes the Rangers to the Ribbon Tree, the ribbons symbolizes important moments. Calvin and Hayley have one for their anniversary. The tree looks like Madame Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. Preston’s dad comes with a wrecking crew to tear down the tree to put up a building. Victor and Monty are his interns. Hayley and Calvin are up in the tree. Preston's dad sends him to the car. Brody, Levi and Sarah say they won;'t move. Preston's dad tells Monty and Victor to get the Rangers off which they try with a hose. Preston uses his magic to turn his hose against them. Preston and his dad leave.

Hayley says he has to be stopped. Brody wants to get the people who put the ribbons up. Trapsaw, Ripperrat's brother, arrives to Galaxy Warriors. A trap fails. In the limo, Preston's dad says he is glad his mother is not around to see this. He wants Preston to stop his parents. Levi mentions a restaurant that seems to have been changed. Trapsaw got tricked by his own trap and Brody follows him. Ripcon arrives and Trapsaw is sent away. Brody and Ripcon fight. Ripcon does a double sword dome strike and the two clash and both go down. Brody says he has to train more.

Brody leaves. Ripcon yells. Back at the tree, Hayley and Calvin jump down. Brody runs to the others and tells them about Ripcon and Trapsaw. Preston arrives and tells them to give up. He says his mom is the only one he'd listen to. A ton of people arrive to protest for the tree. Preston's dad arrives and ghets boo. The workmen say they can't for all those people. Preston's dad wants to chop it down himself, Preston refuses to move. Preston's dad says they can't save every tree. A ribbon falls on him and it was from Preston's mother. Dad says he forgot she put it there when Preston was born. Preston's dad has a Heel-Face Turn. 

The bad guys attack. Trapsaw wants to cut it down and wants to attack Preston’s dad. The Rangers protect the dad. Trapsaw left. Preston and his dad have a moment and Preston leaves. The Rangers follow Trapsaw and transform and fight. The spycams record and the audience watches. Blue and Gold knock down the monster. The six do a final attack. The audience cheer for Trapsaw and he is made giant. The Rangers summon the zords and the zords fight. The Rangers don Ninja Master Mode.

They fight. They destroy Trapsaw. A youngman watches the teens celebrate. Galavanax is mad at Ripcon while Madame Odius piles on. Ribbon Tree Park has been dedicated. Preston and Preston's dad have a moment. Monty and Victor fall for Trapsaw's last trap. The young man approaches Brody and tells him he is Aiden and they hug. 

Episode Review:
A basic episode going through the tropes of protecting a tree for environment sake against a misguided rich guy. The episode is pretty predictable but that is what we have come to expect from filler episodes. Also with the tagged-on ending in which Brody doesn't even mention his brother only that he was on the bad guy ship with Ripcon. Glad at least they mentioned Preston's mom is dead, they almost never mention the second parent, only the first.