Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where are the Power Rangers in the Fictional Universe?

With all the talk of all the Power Rangers fighting together in Troy's Dream (Referred to as the "Legend War" to Super Sentai fans) in the first episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, I came to think where could the Rangers be now in their fictional world. I will start backwards. I will not discuss the likeness of them having their powers. I am also not referring to the actors and their real lives and schedules. Most of these assumptions come from the last time we saw most of the characters on the show (either their own finales or teamups).
Power Rangers Samurai
The last we saw the Samurai Rangers, they had gone their separate ways. Kevin was trying out for the Olympics, Antonio went to catch a big fish, Mia went to cooking school, Emily and Mike went to Emily's home, Lauren returned to wherever she came from and Jayden stayed with Jii at the Shiba House. They know of the RPM Rangers.
Current Status: Parted Ways

Power Rangers RPM
The last we saw Summer, Tenaya and Dillon, they went to travel the world. Ziggy and De. K began a relationship in Corinth. Flynn was in charge of technology. Scott was in the military. Gem and Gema presumably stayed on Corinth. In Samurai, it was revealed the RPM world was in another dimension but that is still up to debate according to fans. They know of the Samurai Rangers.
Current Status: City of Corinth in Other Dimension
Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Last we saw Flit was working with RJ at Jungle Karma Pizza in their city of Ocean Bluff. Casey were teachers at the temple and Dai Shi and Camile were now students. Theo and Lilly got together as a couple. Dominick and Fran went globe trotting. So far that we have seen, the Jungle Fury Rangers know of no other team.
Current Status: Ocean Bluff and Pai Zhua Temple

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Everyone went their separate ways. Tyzonn returned to his planet with his lady love. Mac had become human and went traveling with his dad. Dax went back to stunt work, Rose went back to being a professor at an university, Ronnie went back to racing and presumably Will went back to spying. Mac's dad did get a dragon scale from the Mystic Force Ranger's Fire Heart and they know of the Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Mighty Morphin teams.
Current Status: Different parts of the Earth

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Nick went to visit his adoptive parents with his real parents Udonna and Leanbow. Everyone else remained in Brairwood working at the Rock Porium. Xander later appeared in Operation Overdrive, he met members of Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, and Operation Overdrive.
Current Status: Brairwood

Power Rangers SPD
The series took place in the year 2025. Sam, the Omega Ranger returned to his time in 2040 with Nova Ranger. In the last episode, Jack left the team, Sky became Red Ranger and Bridge became Blue Ranger. In Operation Overdrive, the Sentinel Knight brought Bridge the Red Ranger from an undisclosed time. Bridge explained that Sky took Doggie's place as Doggie took Birdie's place and Birdie retired so Bridge became Red. Bridge met members of Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, and Operation Overdrive. The SPD Rangers did meet the Dino Thunder Rangers but their memories were wiped.
Current Status: The Future

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Last we saw Connor goes on to start his own soccer camp, Ethan was doing something tech-y and Trent had graduated from High School. Kira appeared in Operation Overdrive and met members of SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Mighty Morphin. Kira already knew of the Wind and Thunder Rangers of Ninja Storm. Kira had gone to the future and met the SPD Rangers but her memory was wiped. She also fought alongside the SPD Rangers during her time as a Ranger but same thing happened. Kira was currently a recording artist. Tommy Oliver was last seen being a teacher in Reefside. The Dino Thunder Rangers also got a refresher course on all the Rangers before Dino Thunder.
Current Status: Parted Ways, Reefside

Power Rangers Ninja Storm 
Last we saw them all was in Dino Thunder, Shane and Dustin were Ninja Academy teachers. Blake was a Motocross star. Hunter was a teacher at the Thunder Academy. Cam was still in the headquarters. We saw Tori in Operation Overdrive, where she met members of Mighty Morphin, SPD, Mystic Force and PROO. The Wind and Thunder Rangers already met the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Current Status: Blue Bay Harbor

Power Rangers Wild Force
We last saw them in Wild Force, Alyssa was a teacher, Taylor returned to the air force, Max and Danny went traveling, Merrick went wandering around with Zen-Aku and Cole decided to use his talents to help animals in need wherever he roamed. Princess Shayla went back into the sky with the Animarium. Cole met members from Time Force, Lightspeed, Lost Galaxy, In Space, Turbo, Zeo, Aquitar and Mighty Morphin.
Current Status: Went Separate Ways

Power Rangers Time Force
We last saw them all in Wild Force. Jen, Trip, Lucas and Katie returned to the future in the 31st century. Wes and Eric remained as Silver Guardians in Silver Hills. The Time Force Rangers all knew Lightspeed Rangers and Wild Force Rangers. Wes and Eric met members of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, and Lost Galaxy.
Current Status: The Future and Silver Hills

 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Last we saw most of them was in Time Force where Chad was a lifeguard, Dana was a doctor, and Kelsey was still doing extreme sports. Joel was on his way to his honeymoon. Ryan's life was not spoken about when he returned. Carter was seen in "Forever Red" with his Lightspeed jacket but he had returned to fire fighting in Time Force. The Lightspeed Rangers knew the Galaxy Rangers and Time Force Rangers. Cole met the Red Rangers of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, In Space and Wild Force.
Current Status: Went Separate Ways

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
In the last ep of PRLG, the Rangers were all on Mirinoi. In Lightspeed, they somehow quickly came to Earth to help the Lightspeed Rangers without explanation how they got there. In "Forever Red," Leo did take out his saber from the rock in Mirinoi. The Galaxy Rangers knew of the Space and Lightspeed Rangers. Leo met Red Rangers of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, Time Force and Wild Force. Bulk was also last seen in Mirinoi but then returned to Angel Grove in "Forever Red" and then ended up in the "Samurai" city.
Current Status: Mirinoi

Power Rangers in Space
At the end of Space, Andros, Zhane and Karone went along with the Earth Rangers. In Lost Galaxy, Karone joined the Galaxy Rangers and was last seen in Mirinoi. The Space Rangers returned to Earth. In Forever Red, Andros was seen on Earth and had a new Astro Megaship from KO-35. TJ was representing Turbo in the Forever Red episode and was on Earth. Presumably Ashley, Cassie and Carlos are still on Earth and maybe in Angel Grove. TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos knew Tommy, Justin, Adam, Tanya, Katherine, Kendrix, Leo, Maya, Damon, Kai and Mike. Andros and TJ know Jason, Aurico, Tommy, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole.
Current Status: Separate Ways, Earth and KO-35

Power Rangers Turbo
Presumably TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos are still on Earth and maybe in Angel Grove. Tanya was last seen working at a radio station, and Katherine was last seen practicing ballet. We all know where Tommy ended up. In Operation Overdrive, we discover Adam has a dojo in Angel Grove. We last saw Justin living with his father, he is now an adult. Katherine, Tanya, and Justin know  TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos knew Kendrix, Leo, Maya, Damon, Kai and Mike. TJ and Tommy know Jason, Aurico, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole. Adam knows Tori, Kira, Bridge, Xander and all the Operation Overdrive Rangers. Tommy knows the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Current Status: Separate Ways, Angel Grove

Power Rangers Zeo
Tommy last became the Zeo Ranger I Red in Forever Red but we now know where he is. We last saw Rocky in Turbo where he graduated. Trey was last seen in "Countdown to Destruction" of In Space, fighting evil. Jason was last seen in Angel Grove during the Turbo movie and still on Earth in Forever Red. Everyone else must've stayed in Angel Grove. Tommy and Jason met TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole. The Zeo Rangers knew the Aquitar Rangers, former Mighty Morphin and new Turbo Rangers. Tommy knows members of the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, and SPD. Adam knows members of  the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar,Turbo, In Space, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive.
Current Status: Angel Grove, Triforia

Aquitar Rangers
Most likely they still live on the planet of Aquitar. Aurico met TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Eric, Wes, and Cole. All the Rangers know Jason, Tommy, Katherine, Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tanya and Trey.
Current Status: Aquitar

 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Here is the big one. Last we saw Jason was in Forever Red, he didn't disclose what he did for a living. Billy was last seen in Zeo living in Aquitar. Trini and Zack were last heard going to the Peace Conference and never mentioned again. Kimberly was last heard living in Florida, noted by a letter in Zeo but last seen in the Turbo movie. Tommy was last seen in Dino Thunder (psychically, not like in SPD just in suit) living in Reefside. Adam was last seen in Operation Overdrive, he said he had a dojo in Angel Grove. Rocky was last seen in Turbo having graduated from Angel Grove high. Aisha was last heard of living in Africa from a letter in Zeo. Katherine was last seen in Turbo currently living in Angel Grove. Jason knows members of Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force and Aquitar. Tommy knows members of the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, and SPD. Adam knows members of the teams Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive. Aisha, Trini, and Zack only know members of MMPR. Katherine knows members of Aquitar, Turbo and In Space. Rocky only knows the Aquitar Rangers and Justin. Billy only knows all the MMPR, Zeo and Aquitar Rangers. That we saw Katherine never met Trini or Zack. Technically Rocky, Adam and Aisha met Trini and Zack. Same goes for Aisha and Jason knowing each other. Kimberly presumably met Justin and Tanya but never met the Aquitar Rangers nor Trey. Up to Zeo, Billy knew all the most Rangers. Tommy now knows a majority of Rangers.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels Mega AIr Jump Set

 I picked up the Mega Air Jump set from Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels at Toys R Us. It is a Toys R Us exclusive and unlike the first Hot Wheels set that comes with the Mega Striker, it comes with a car you can't get anywhere else. I picked it up for my nephew. If it is not popular with adult fans, I see this is a favorite for my nephew and kids would love it.

At first I didn't think that the car was based on it but it slightly has the colors of the Gosei Ultimate and has some elements similar to it such as the red lines and the triangular shapes on the back of the top.

Front, side and back views. It is a convertible of sorts. It has red transparent 'windows.'

 As I said on the video, it has five tracks, four go in the first one, attaching to the clamp and the jumping ramp. The ramp is attached to a tower with another ramp. The tower ramp also has a track to hit the floor. The set comes with no paper instructions, just tiny illustrations on the back of the box. It is pretty simple to assemble, especially if you have assembled Hot Wheels tracks before which I have,

 The Red tracks come with a gold attachment that slides under the groves of the other red track and snaps with the circle dot. It is easy to dissemble as well.

Some Hot Wheels cars are usable and work in the jump. The Yellow Ranger car does not. The Red Ranger car works great. For us, even better than the silver one. There is a gold mechanism before the jump that if you hold it back, it lets the silver car do the jump successfully. The silver car comes with plastic rubber band-like band that you need to take off the wheels before using.

 I also got my grand nephew the Yellow Ranger Tiger Zord car as he requested it and it has a great design, it has bull-dozer-like wheels, but they aren't the actual wheels. The car toy wheels are covered by the 'dozer' wheels. It makes it difficult for the car to run through the Mega Air Jump track. It get stuck at the first stop and doesn't jump. Like the Blue Ranger car, it also makes it difficult for it to fit in my Nephew's Hot Wheels carrying case that carries regular Hot Wheels cars.

 I found the Blue Ranger car under my desk (I have a big desk).

 Kids Rating: 4 Stars 
Lavender Ranger's Rating: 4 Stars
My nephew Jaiden loves it! It is great for kids, easy to assemble and easy to use. Hard thing for parents is storage. I have just been dissembling it and re-assembling it. I like playing with my grand nephew and it. My nephew that is 25 and likes cars also likes this one. 

Adult Collector Rating; 2
I don't think this was made for collectors. If you are both a Hot Wheels and Power Rangers fan, I suggest picking it up just for the silver car. It is quite cool. But can it be confused with other Hot WHeels cars as it is not as 'dynamic' as the Yellow Ranger car or Blue Ranger car? Yes, it is sort of generic in the mist of Hot Wheels cars.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce: Never Surrender Game Review

Never Surrender is the new game. I am not much of a gamer but I got really into the Super Samurai game, I am not so crazy about the previous Samurai game. So I decided to try this one out.

Unlike the Super Samurai game, you can have two Rangers at once but you only get to play one. You select your Ranger and then you have to select your partner. Once you accumulate cards and pass a level, you get more cards for your Ranger. So far there is 3 cards per Ranger.

 I forget how many levels there are, I think it is 5. Unlike Super Samurai game, you don't get to pick the level. Also you can't pick Easy or Hard. Each level just gets harder. This is a detergent for my grand-nephew Jaiden as he is only 3 and looses a lot on the harder levels. And when you lose, it doesn't say "Game Over"---it says "Continue."

 Up arrow makes you go up the screen. There is no things you have to jump except for in level one where you jump boulders. To jump press the Letter "Z." The green bar represents your life level. The Blue level represents the use of the "X" key. In Super Samurai, it was "Z" that had to be filled and it called your zords. So using X makes a dual attack between the two rangers. If you lose your partner, the X key is useless.

Your enemies are Green Loogies with axes, White Loogies with lasers and big giant Red Loogies with big axes. One bad thing is that you press "Spacebar" to attack but it alternates from your weapon to the Mega Blaster. Even when having the card of your weapon, you still have the Mega Blaster. There is no real way to keep one weapon. When you get close to an object or villain, your personal weapon appears. From far away shots and pressing Spacebar makes use of the Mega Blaster.  

 Pressing down on the Space Bar does call for the Mega Blaster. When you get a zord card, it just provides a strong blast from your Mega Blaster with an animal symbol. So the first card you can get is the weapon card, then the zord card and the final is dyanamic card, which costs the most points. When a villain goes down, you collect Gosei Morphers that provides points. Also you can pick up a "Health Box" to increase your green bar. Your partner can disappear after being beaten but there is no status bar to your partner and there is no way you can save them other than having your life bar up.

You can also smash things around like trash can, hot dog stand, newspaper bin and etc. to gain points.
It is hard to smash things when you use your zord card because it mostly calls your Mega Blaster. You don't call zords and the monsters don't become big, which my nephew does not like. He liked that part in the Super Samurai game. There is three main villains, one level doesn't have a main villain. There is Sacarba, the Monster of the Day of the first episode, Creepox and Vrax. Vrax appears on the last two levels. Vrax is hard to beat. You get a life bar of the villain to see but he doesn't really react and interact with you like the Loogies do. They just keep attacking.

Like Super Samurai, playing the Blue Ranger is hard for short range attacks because he has a bow. The Blue Samurai Ranger had a bow that was only good to shoot at villains for far away. Playing this Blue Ranger, the Bowgun up close to a villain doesn't pack much of a punch. Same goes for Pink's Phoenix Shot.

When you pass a level, you can enter the shop. Most of the time, you get around less than 2000 points and only can afford the cheaper cards. I do not know what happens yet if you get all the cards. When you get one card, it later says "Sold Out." If you don't have enough coins, it says that.
1000 points gets you a weapon card, a zord card is 1200 points and a Dynamic card is 2000 points. It is easier to get cards and things in this game than in Monkey Quest. I got an overload of the same color helmet or shirt but still haven't been able to get certain colors. Anyway, I digress. The dynamic card deals with an attack having to do with your weapon in some way.
 All in all, it is a good effort game, but I don't like how your weapon alternates from where you are and some times its hard to gauge. I also don't like how you can't help your Partner ranger out. My nephew doesn't like that the monsters do not grow and you can't play the Megazords. He currently has a thing for Megazords. I do like that the duo attack called upon the "X" key has feathers in it, inspired by Goseiger---they were Gosei Angels.

UPDATED 2/25/13
Now they put a choice of Easy, Medium and Hard. Also, you can choose a new game. Plus, when you get the dynamic card, any Ranger you picked would have an Earth dust effect before. But now with Red and Pink, you get fire and Blue you get water. Black and Yellow Rangers gets black puffs of smoke now.

Regarding those copyright images

Our Power Force liaison Marni has e-mailed us a message concerning the recent hundred of photos of Power Rangers poses that were discovered and shared by a fan.
Here is part of what she wrote:
"Unfortunately, these photos are not supposed to be public and contain sensitive copyrighted material. While we are very supportive of the fans and generally allow you to post content as you please, these photos are copyrighted material that we cannot allow to remain online. As a result, we have dedicated significant resources to the task of having these photos removed from public consumption."
Their legal team will be issuing take down notices to anyone who posts the photos. Saban Brands has asked us in Power Force remove any of these photos we may have posted as well as links to the downloadable files. So as a courtesy to other fans, I am spreading the word as well to remove the pictures. If you do not know what pictures I am referring to, don't worry about it. They were promotional photos of Megaforce and Mighty Morphin.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Poll Results: ACG/20th anniversary products/New York

 What Megaforce and 20th anniversary toys are you most looking forward to?
Mini Figs
  34 (22%)
Tokyo Vinyl
  34 (22%)
  37 (25%)
Pop Figs
  28 (18%)
Armored Figs
  43 (29%)
Metallic Figs
  54 (36%)
MMPR Figuarts
  79 (53%)
  74 (50%)
Legacy Morpher
  83 (56%)
Other Figuarts
  49 (33%)
Six MMPR Heads
  53 (35%)
Deluxe ShinkenOh
  60 (40%)
Deluxe Megazord
  73 (49%)

 Now hearing about Guardians of Justice series 2 cards, which season you want most?
In Space
  85 (55%)
Lost Galaxy
  67 (43%)
  58 (37%)
Ninja Storm
  55 (35%)
  76 (49%)
Mystic Force
  57 (37%)


What do you think about Lauren the female Red Ranger being included with the 20 Red Rangers are on a bus and meet and great form?

  137 (80%)
  15 (8%)
Don't Care
  19 (11%)
 Given that the first is Rise of the Heroes and the second is Guardians of Justice, what name would you like for ACG Series 3?
Defenders of the Earth
  95 (64%)
Super Defenders
  27 (18%)
Journey of the Rangers
  43 (29%)
Rangers Forever
  43 (29%)
Epic Thunder
  23 (15%)
Warriors' Courage
  39 (26%)
Courage of the Victor
  26 (17%)
Now that I heard of the NickToons Marathon called "Colors of Courage," I regret not using that.
What do you think about the Red Rangers in New York Monday Feb 11?
  101 (64%)
  60 (38%)
Not Enough
  19 (12%)
  26 (16%)
  17 (10%)

Which of these Power Rangers products you like least?
Hot Wheels
  57 (46%)
  36 (29%)
Trivial Pursuit
  24 (19%)
  36 (29%)
  66 (54%)
  41 (33%)
  40 (32%)