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Zyuranger in Gokaiger 11

Episode 11 of Gokaiger we get Karou (female Shinken Red of Shinkenger) but we get to see Gokaiger transform into Dynaman and ZYURANGER. This is what most Power Ranger fans have been waiting for. One fan on Rangerboard said it was strange coincidence that the episode that pays tribute to the current Power Rangers will also feature the original Power Rangers, in a way, of course they are the Super Sentai counterparts. Another fan countered that it is no coincidence. Toei is aware that which series is currently Power Rangers. Plus Koichi Sakamoto who was the stunt coordinator for more than decade of Power Rangers is one of the stunt coordinators on Gokaiger. It could had been designed as a wink to fans, or maybe just a coincidence. Picture above is a capture of the trailer on

Ah yes, I was reminded that Dynaman was also the first to see the light of day in the US as it was parodied on the USA Network in 1984 for a couple of episodes (basically the same show but with comedic voice over).

Poll Results: Gold Samurai Ranger / Gokai Silver Robot / Gokaiger Episodes

Job you'd prefer for Gold Samurai Ranger?
Sushi Vendor 171 (55%)
Fisherman 137 (44%)

Name you'd prefer for Gold Samurai Ranger?
110 (36%)
189 (63%)

Favorite Gokaiger Episode so far?
127 (48%)
89 (33%)
104 (39%)
97 (36%)
127 (48%)
103 (39%)
96 (36%)
91 (34%)
147 (55%)

You like the look of GokaiSilver's robot?
209 (75%)
23 (8%)
Looks like AbarenOh
96 (34%)
Reminds me of Zyu
79 (28%)

You like that Hurricanger is included in the Gokai Machines?
226 (80%)
16 (5%)
38 (13%)
38 (13%)

Do you like the Sixth Ranger Keys included with Gokai Silver's anchor? Which ones you don't like?
40 (15%)
34 (13%)
28 (10%)
Shinken Gold
24 (9%)
I like them all
203 (79%)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Sentai: Female Episodes; The Numbers

If You see a series missing, I'll do it later in a new post
I'm skipping some series, as I haven't seen them all and only doing mostly recent years. So it is not a complete analysis, I might do another one later that is more thorough.

Even though being the only female, there was only 6 episodes that she was mostly featured in. Five episodes (5, 6, 14, 33 and 42) she had all to herself and Episode 18 she shared with Kou.

10 episodes were female focused, 2 were about White Racer (25 and 34), 3 (6, 11 and 38) were solely about Youko (Pink) and Natsumi had 2 (18 and 44) that were solely hers. Episode 21 was the episode they shared, n episode most fans have nicknamed the 'Girl Power' episode, which is common in Sentai, one episode where the women have to save the boys.

Being the only girl, Nanami only had 6 episodes that featured mostly her. 4 Episodes she had to herself (3, 6, 30, and 46). Episode 26 mostly was about her but it is arguable that Issumi was the protagonist. Episode 13 she shared with Yousuke.

Magiranger had 20 episodes that featured girls, Houka only had one episode that was solely to herself and it was 29, but she was most important in 9 Episodes (5, 11, 12, 15, 22, 39, 40, 45 and 46) that she shared with the men. Urara had two episodes mostly to herself (20 and 26) and 4 shared with her love Hikaru (20, 35, 36 and 47) and 4 Episodes she shared with her brothers (4, 8, 13 and 43). Episode 8 they shared, the 'Girl Power' episode.

Boukenger had like 13 episodes that featured females, Sakura had 4 episodes just to herself (5, 22, 26, and 37) and Natsuki had 4 (14, 24, 33 and 34). Episode 12 Sakura and Natsuki shared. That most fans have nicknamed the 'Girl Power' episode, which is common in Sentai, one episode where the women have to save the boys. Episodes 9, 33 and 34 Natsuki shared with Masumi. 3 eps Natsuki shared with Eiji (17, 20 and 44). Sakura shared 31 with Eiji.

Gekiranger had 8 episodes that featured females. Ran had 5 episodes to herself (5, 11, 15, 23 and 37). Mele had 3 episodes to herself (9, 16, and 30). Episodes 15 and 37 featured both Mele and Ran but the majority of it was about Ran. Episode 30 Mele kind of shared with Ken. Episode 15 Ran had to save the boys.

10 episodes of 50 that featured the girls, Saki only had two episodes to herself (24 and 34) and Miu only got one (42). She shared three with Hiroto (17,18 and 20). Episodes 26, 31 and 36 Saki and Miu shared. That most fans have nicknamed the 'Girl Power' episode, which is common in Sentai, one episode where the women have to save the boys. The only ep where the girls had to really save the boys was episode 36. Episode 6 revolved all around Saki but the boys had the most of the focus. 10 Episodes is like 20% right?

About 12 episodes or so of 49 featuring the females. There was only like 5 episodes that were soley female. Mako had 3 episodes (8, 29, 34) she didn't have to share with a male. Kotoha only had one episode, Episode 41. Episode 13 was the only episode Mako and Kotoha shared, that most fans have nicknamed the 'Girl Power' episode, which is common in Sentai, one episode where the women have to save the boys. Episode 13 was a change as their villain was not a girl, but a boy.

There was around 8 or so of 50 episodes that featured the girls. Three episodes Eri had to herself (21, 30, 41) and Moune had 2 to herself (25, 37). Episode 9 was obligatory episode where the girls saved the boys. 5 episodes they shared with men (3 and 11 Moune shared with her brother) and two eps Eri shared with Alata and another with Agri (7).

I will make a new post on the other years soon.

Power Rangers: Female Episodes; The Numbers

This came to mind today, as I am obsessed with the heroines in Sentai and Power Rangers. I know they are boy's franchises but I wondered how many episodes got female focus. , I also did a Super Sentai one but couldn't do the whole thing because I have not seen all the seasons. But with PR, the whole PRC episode Guide is almost complete and I've seen almost every episode of Power Rangers.

MMPR First Season
18 of 60 Episodes of the first season were female-focused. Episode 3 and 7 Kimberly and Trini shared. What fans call the 'Girl Power' episode. Trini had 4 episodes to her own: Episodes 4, 9, 11, and 48, while she was somewhat important in "Dark Warrior," "Trouble with Shellshock" and "Food Fight." Kimberly shared 12 & 16 with Billy. Kimberly had 9 to herself (5, 14, 24, 26, 27, 31, 45, 54, and 57). That is like 25%, a quarter.

MMPR Second Season
13 of 52 episodes (25%) were female-focused. Kimberly had 66, 71, 76, 79, 85, 107, 110 and 111 to herself, but 71, 79, and 110 she shared with Tommy. "Forever Friends" she shared with Aisha. Trini had "Welcome to Venus Island" and Aisha had "Where there's Smoke, There's Fire." "Storybook Rangers" featured Kimberly and she was important in "White Light." Aisha was important in "The Power Transfer," "The Ninja Encounter" and "Goldar's Vice Versa."

MMPR Third Season
18 episodes of 42 episodes (42%--almost 50%) had females in the primary. Kimberly was important in one part of "A Friend of Need," she had 9 episodes: A Brush With Destiny, Changing of the Zords, Follow that Cab! and A Different Shade of Pink saga. Kimberly and Aisha sort of shared "A Ranger Catastrophe" 2 parter with Katherine. Aisha had the 2-part "Stop the Hate Monster" and the 2-part "Hogday Afternoon." Katherine had the "A Ranger Catastrophe" 2 part, A Different Shade of Pink saga, Another Brick on the Wall and Sowing the Seas of Evil. Aisha and Katherine shared "The Sound of Dischordia."

10 of 50 episodes featured the girls (20%). Tanya had four episodes and Katherine was involved in 6 episodes, she shared 3 with Tommy (For cryin out loud, There's no business saga, and A Small Problem). Tanya was sort of important in Episode "Game of Honor" and Katherine was in Hawaii Zeo and the rest of There's No Business like Snow Business 3-parter.

9 of 45 Episodes (17%). Katherine had 2: "Weight and See" & 'Cars Attacks', Tanya had "Transmission Impossible," Ashley had 2 episodes and Cassie had 2 episodes. Cassie and Ashley shared "The Rival Rangers." Cassie had focus in the Phantom Ranger episodes as well. Katherine was also important in "Passing the Torch."

In Space
6 out of 43 episodes (13%) had females featured. Cassie had 4 episodes (When Push Comes to Shove, A Wasp With a Heart, A Delta Discovery and Silence is Golden), Ashley had 2 episodes (Grandmother Matchmaker and Invasion of Body Switcher) and Ashley was involved in "Red with Envy" but was not in focus. And "A Rift in the Rangers" had both girls. "Always A Chance" involved Cassie a bit.

7 of 45 (17%) had female focus. Maya had Kendrix had 2 episodes (Memories of Mirinoi, Loyax' Last Battle), Kendrix had 2 (Double Duty and Power of Pink), Kendrix and Maya shared "Orion Rising," Karone had 2: Protect the Quasar Saber and Facing the Past. The girls were victims in 2: Stone Beauty and Mean Wheels Mantis. The lack of girl episodes could be chalked up to Kendrix actress' sickness. Maya was important in some episodes but had no focus.

8 of 40 episodes (15%). Dana had 4: A Matter of Trust, Go Volcanic, The Last Ranger, In The Limelight and Kelsey had 4: The Fifth Crystal, The Great Egg Caper, Riding the Edge and Up To the Challenge. They share no episode together.

13 of 40 episodes (32%), Jen had 2 episodes on her own (Jen's revenge, Time Force Traitor), 4 she shared with Wes (Trust and Truimph, Something to Fight For, Ransik Lives, and Undercover Rangers), she was main focus in 2-part opener, and Katie had 3 (Future Unknown, Legend of Clock tower and Full Exposure). Lovestruck Rangers, the girls had to fight the villains, but the episode mostly dealt with the boys but it is the episode where Ransik made fun of "Girl Power." Jen had main focus in "End of Time Part 3." Jen also had some importance in "Quantum Secrets." Jen was the leader but even though being the leader and in charge, I was only counting the episodes that mostly dealt with her. Wes had like 11 episodes were he was in focus (not including the four he shared with Jen) but 7 were solely his--the other 4 he shared with Eric or others. So we can say Wes had 5 more solo episodes than Jen.

The Girl Rangers had 6 of 40 in focus (15%). Taylor had 3 episodes (Revenge of Zenaku, Click Click Zoom, and Bear Necessities), and Alyssa had 3 (Father's Footsteps, Ancient Awakening and Battle of Zords). Alyssa did help in Secrets and Lies and Taylor had some focus in other episodes but she was a minor character.

Being the only girl, Tori only had 8 episodes of 38 that featured mostly her (21%). 4 Episodes she had to herself (Snip It, Snip It Good, Beauty and the Beach, The Wild Wipeout and Pork Chopped), "Double Edged Blake" and "I Love Lothor", "Nowhere to Grow" and the Thunder Stranger saga has some focus on her.

Kira had 5 episodes to herself (Diva in Distress, Missing Bone, Mad Mackerel, A Star is Torn, and A Ranger Exclusive), out of 38 (13%), but had some focus in White Thunder saga.

6 of 38 had female focus (15%). Syd had 3: Dogged, Zapped, and Stakeout; Z had 2: Sam Part 1 & 2, and Kat had Katastrophe. Z had some focus in Messenger Part 1. I am surprised Z didn't have more focus.

Mystic Force
Girl Rangers got 8 episodes of focus out of 32, females all together got like 11 episodes (25 to 34%). Madison had 3 to herself: Rock Solid (which she kinda shared with Nick), Scaredy Cat and Ranger Down. Vida shared a lot of episodes, like Code Busters, Petrified Xander, Stranger Within Part1-2, Hard Heads and The Return. Clare had Gatekeeper 1 & 2 and Long Ago. Udonna had Light Source Part 2 and Heir Apparent Part 2. The episode they were supposed to have together from Magiranger was not used.

6 out of 32 episodes had female focus (14%), even though Ronny On Empty Part 1 & 2 had her name, it barely had any character development on her but eh, I'm counting it. Rose had 2 episodes (one she shared with Tyzonn) and Ronny had 4 (2 she shared with Will and 1 she shared with Mac). Ronny was the victim twice.

Jungle Fury
Lily had 6 of 32 episodes in focus (21%), she was lightly spotlighted in Taste of Poison and Dance the Night Away. Her solo eps were Way of the Master, Pushed to the Edge, Bad to the Bone and Fear and the Phantoms. Pizza Slice of Life and Pushed to the Edge had some Camille focus.

There was like 5 to 6 out of 32 episodes (18%) that had female focus. Summer had Ranger Yellow Part 1/2, Dr. K had Dr. K and shared If Venjix Won with Ziggy, Gema had Not So Simple but she shared it with Flynn. Summer was important in many eps and Gema shared eps with Gem. Summer was important in Brother's Keeper and Belly of the Beast.

Won't do the numbers until season ends.

In later seasons, it doesn't matter if there was a duo of females or only one female. There was more female focus in the beginning but probably because there was more episodes, the percentage was about the same. Jen had more focus because she was leader.

Extra Hero Ranger Keys??

Avid readers of this blog already know but this is to clarify for other fans. In Gokaiger, Gokai Silver will premiere sometime in may and he represents 15 Sixth Rangers and they appear on his phone and he will have their Ranger Keys.

Dragon Ranger, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver, Time Fire, Gao Silver, Shurikenger, AbareKiller, DekaBreak, MagiShine, BoukenSilver, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, Shinken Gold and Gosei Knight. As you can see AbareKiller is being counted even though he came fifth but had a 'sixth' attitude. DekaBreak was technically 7th but took the place of a 6th.

These illustrations of the Ranger Keys have appeared on, the actual props haven't appeared yet. Dragon Ranger key will be available as a toy for sale along with the Gokai Silver key with his transformation phone. With his anchor item, comes with MagiShine, DekaBreak, Shurikenger, and Shinken Gold Ranger Keys.

Many fans, including me thought that Extra Heroes would have a 7th Gokaiger extra hero but it seems there won't be one. In upcoming 199 heroes movie in June, 10 Extra Heroes appear. They are Signalman, Black Knight, MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, Shinken Red Karou, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Zuuban, Mele and Rio. Many wonder where Ninjaman is.

Recently on the Dice-O site, there are signs that there is a Kuro Kishi (Black Knight) and DekaMaster Ranger Keys. We don't know if they will be available as toys or will any the Gokaiger actually use these keys in the movie or show. One theory people have is that the Extra Heroes in the movie will give the Gokaiger their own Ranger Keys. Fans spot that Deka Master didn't appear in the Legend War but when Doggy Kruger appeared in Episode 5, he didn't seem to have his powers. I think the two above keys are much like Wild Force Yellow Ranger having a skirt, just a promotional thing but nothing related to the show. But we are so used to Toei/Bandai having their spit together that maybe they slipped up (evident that we don't actually see the image of Black Knight).

About the extra heroes giving keys, one fan brought a good point in Rangerboard. I forgot who it was, but they said it would pointless for Karou to have her own Ranger Key... because if a male Gokaiger uses a 'female red' key, the suit would still become male and if a female used the regular male key, they would get a skirt. And GokaiPink used the ShinkenRed key and gained a skirt in the Preview Stageshow. So 7 more Ranger Keys of Extra Heroes to go?

Fan Zeltrax541 made these. Above are Signalman, Zuuban and Kuro Kishi (Black Knight).