Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sixth Ranger Ranger Keys

UPDATED 4/20/11 11PM EST

At, you have play a game to see the Ranger Keys, but you can...
And change the numbers. It goes from r1 to r189 and m1 to m189.

We've seen the regular keys, but here are the Sixth Ranger keys.

Dragon Ranger
Green like any other Green Ranger key, with the Zyuranger symbol.

Kiba Ranger
Has Dairanger symbol on key with white.

King Ranger
Black key, not gold because in Sentai, he's Black.

Mega Silver
His key is a dark shade than the white ones.

Black Knight
THERE IS A KEY_M113.GIF file!!!! Black Knight (黒騎士 )? Yes sir. But no front of the key.

Time Fire
Surprisingly, his key is darker red, it is the same shade as Kabuto Raiger's.

Gao Silver
Has the general Gaoranger symbol on the key, not the one he has on his belt.

No back key that I can find.
Everyone is commenting on the shade of green of Shurikenger but look at him in the promo that came out a couple of months ago where he is a different shade of Dragon Ranger, were in real life they are same color.

Abare Killer
Gokaiger is considering him a sixth ranger, I also found his key in TV-Asahi, the only live-action pic of the sixth ranger keys we've seen.

Key back not available.

Deka Master
Eh???!!! Wow. Of the Dice-O keys, it seems that the only extra hero to have a key. For those that don't know, Deka Master is not part of the sixths of Gokai Silver. The key seems to be the same shade of Hurricane Blue's.

The back Ranger Key is gold, not yellow.

Bouken Silver

Go-On Gold
Key is same shade as Magi Shine.

Go-On Silver

Shinken Gold
Key is same shade as Magi Shine.

Gosei Knight
Key is silver, maybe a bit lighter than Go-On Silver and Bouken Silver. Strange to see him stream-lined.

There is debate about the shade of color on the back of the keys.

Above Left to Right: Hurricane Blue, Magi Blue, Gosei Blue and Shinken Blue.
Second Row Left to Right: Gokai Blue, DekaMaster, Blue Swan, Ninja Blue,
Third Row Left to Right: Ao Ranger, Kuwagata Raiger, TriceraRanger (Zyuranger), Bouken Blue
Fourth Row Left to Right: Tenma Ranger, OhBlue and Ginga Blue.

Interesting, Kuwagata is darker than Hurricane Blue's. And Magi Blue's seems to be the same shade as Gokai Blue and Deka Master. Tricera Ranger, Tenma Blue, OhBlue, Ginga Blue, and Bouken Blue seems to be a regular blue. Strange that Gokai Blue is a lighter shade, since his suit is not a light shade.

GingaBlue, Shinken Blue and Gosei Blue keys seem to be the same shade as the Tricera Ranger one on the show. And Magi and Hurricane Blues seem to be the same.

But here Shinken Blue and Gosei Blue's keys aren't the same shade as on the show.

This is the color of the actual key of the toy of Gokai Blue.

Top Left to Right: GekiViolet, Time Red, Kabuto Raiger, and Time Fire. Bottom Left to Right: Ginga Red, Tyranno Ranger, Change Dragon and Ninja Red. Kabuto and Time Fire seem to be around the same shade. I put Violet there for fun, not really comparison.

White & Silver:
Top row (l-r): AbareKiller, Gosei Knight, Go-On Silver, Bouken Silver.
Bottom row (l-r): Ninja White, Kiba Ranger, Mega Silver and Gao Silver.

Orange, Yellow & Gold:
Top Row: Battle Cossack, Ki Ranger, Tiger Ranger

Bottom Row: Go-On Gold, Shinken Gold, Magi Shine

Miss America seems to be the same shade of pink, on the show the pink keys are slightly different shades. Miss America, Momo Ranger, Ptera Ranger, and Gokai Pink

Momoranger's ranger key is a lighter shade on the show.

Battle Kenya, Mido Ranger, Gokai Green
Second Row: Shishi Ranger, Oh Green, and Dragon Ranger

Everyone is upset that the Battle Kenya key is green because he is mostly black. We have to wait and see on the show, but I doubt its really green. It is a darker green than Dragon Ranger, which is a darker shade than the other Green keys.

The different shades:

My own renditions of Deka Break and Shurikenger keys

I made the key light green like the image of Shurikenger seems to be. The two above are photoshopped.


ORION said...

do you think you can hijack the page & get the ranger key pics?

Lavender Ranger said...

nope i've just been saving them.

Okamura said...

Ive featured your articles on my blog, if thats ok?

Yuripa87 said...

And not so much as a thank you to me for pointing out that you could access these pictures from the Dice-O site.

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kanjilearner3309 said...

The Battle Kenya Key is dark green because, at the time, black was a taboo color for a Sentai Ranger (Goggle Black had yet to break the mold).