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Kamen Rider OOO Pictures #1 - Winter 2010

Horses in Super Sentai

While horses appeared in Power Rangers briefly, but more prominently in Super Sentai. I am sure I am missing some horses, but let me know.

12/20/10 Update

I was reminded that horses appeared in the Ohranger movie and incidentally in a Zeo episode that used the fooatge form the movie, which is rare. The enemy had five horses and the Ohranger took them.

In Gingaman, the heroes each had a horse, where Red briefly had a horse in Lost Galaxy episode. Red had the white horse and the others had brown horses. There was toys of the horses in Japan.

In the Hurricanger Movie, only the main three Hurricanger rode horses briefly. Red having a white horse and the other two with brown horses.

In Magiranger, Kai was stuck in a dimension with the black horse Valkyrion. He briefly rode the horse but not very long.

In Episode 34, it featured Unikirion, that was introduced in the movie, MagiShine comes riding on the white 'unicorn.'

In Shinkenger, Takeru called upon a white horse using his ShodoPhone in the first episode. The horse appeared here and there and he used it to fight Juzo near the end of their final battles. Juuzo had a black horse.

In the Shinken movie, Red had a white horse and the others had brown horses. Blue had a light brown horse.

Horses in Power Rangers

UPDATED 12/21/10 8PM EST
While there is more horses in Super Sentai, horses have appeared in a couple of episodes of Power Rangers.

Also, the horses in Zeo via the footage from the Ohranger movie.

In Gingaman, the heroes each had a horse, but of course they didn't have it in Lost Galaxy. In one episode "Silent Sleep" where Leo fought Chillyfish with a horse, this was footage from Gingaman.

Ah, yes, I forgot about the Forever Red Horses on the moon, ridden by the Machine Empire a.k.a. Beetle Borgs.

In both Magiranger and Mystic Force, they used a real horse for the same mechanical kind (Valkyrion/Catastros). In "Legendary Castastros," Nick was stuck in a dimension with the black horse Castastros, filmed in New Zealand.

I couldn't find the Power Rangers picture, but Daggeron brought Brightstar, riding on a white unicorn.

In Shinkenger, there was a horse or two and also in the movie, Power Rangers Samurai, has horses in CLash of the Red Rangers, Red Ranger has a horse in Origins Part 1, The Great Duel, Evil Reborn and other episodes.

Poll Results: Which Obscure Heroes would you count as the 200 heroes of Super Sentai for Goukaiger?

I counted 185 Rangers that would count part of the 200 but so many that would and doesn't quite make 200, it would be more than 200 (206). And if you only count 5 per team (except for Sun Vulcan), you got 168, leaving 17 heroes that are sixth or extra that can be considered 'official.' So I asked you guys who would you count. Here are the top 15...

1. Female Shinken Red
193 votes

2. Aka Red

3. Deka Bright

4. Bull Black

5. Deka Swan

6. Deka Gold

7. Gosei Green

8. Titanium Ranger
There is no guarantee that he will appear in Super Sentai as he has only appeared in Power Rangers, but many American fans are hoping he does to fill the Sixth Ranger void.

9. Rio and 10. Mele
113 each

11-15. Goukaiger as part of the 200

If you don't count the Goukaiger, here are 5 more that made the cut according to fans

11. Mask X-1

12. Ninjaman

13. VRV Master

14. Abare Max
I don't agree with this, but he got a lot of votes!

15. Demon Hunter Seig
100 votes
I would count all these above except for AbareMax, maybe Signalman or Seig-Jenne in place.

Seig-Jenne (GoGoV) got 89 votes, Zuuban (Sentinel Knight in Power Rangers) got 87, Signal Man (Blue Senturion in Power Rangers) got 85, Gunmajin (Auric the Conqueror in Power Rangers) got 77, Replacement Rangers (5 that replaced dead ones or ones that quit) got 65, White Racer (from Carranger) got 56, Bio Hunter Silver got 49.

December 5 I put up this poll but I forgot Gosei Green but got 50 people to vote for a day, made the new poll, that lasted 2 weeks (usually I have it for one week). Aka Red is the highest voted at 36 votes, Deka Swan at 35, Deka Bright at 34, Female Shinken Red at 31, Bull Black at 30, Deka Gold at 26, Ninjaman at 24, Rio at 24 and Mele at 25 to just name a few.

Here are the 200 Rangers according to the poll:
Some are not in order because I didn't have a lot of time and had to use a previously made collage I made. I also had to go straight down 10 rangers down 20 rows, so I split it in half in order for it to be a wider picture and not just be a skinny vertical photo.

Poll Results: Goukaiger Past Mecha Speculaiton

What other past mecha would you like Goukaiger to have? Part 1
Tyranno (Zyu) 138 (67%)
Tyranno (Abare) 92 (44%)
Sky Phoenix (Oh) 80 (39%)

Tiger (Geki) 81 (39%)

Star Lion (Dai) 78 (38%)
Gorilla (Ginga) 77 (37%)
Gunpherd (Go-On) 72 (35%)
Hawk (Hurri) 71 (34%) Hawk (Jetman) 57 (27%)
Star Phoenix 52 (25%)
Frog (Kaku) 62 (30%)
Top Galer 48 (23%)
What other past mecha would you like Goukaiger to have? Part 2
Jet (Boukenger) 91 (54%)
R. Ladder (GoGoV) 74 (44%)
Dump (Bouken) 72 (42%)

Red Mars (GoGoV) 67 (39%)

Tank V. (Mega) 58 (34%)
Red Veh. (Car) 58 (34%)
V Police (Car) 53 (31%)
Jet Seeker (Flash) 53 (31%) Red Turbo GT 50 (29%)
Saucer V. (Mega) 49 (29%)
Jet (Changeman) 46 (27%)

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New Goseiger and Go-kaiger in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger Pictures

UPDATED 12/26/10 5 PM EST

Following Pictures from
Dark GoseiKnight


Goseiger vs. Shinkenger...


Goukaiger in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger...