Friday, November 14, 2008

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Cutie #4: Tony Moras

He played the spoiled and stuck-up Richy Preston / Kamen Rider Incisor in "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight." Not much more is known about him.

Richy was manipulated by General Xaviax to 'vent' Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Wing Knight in order to earn his lost riches once again.

Incisor is based on Kamen Rider Scissors from of course the source of the show: Kamen Rider Ryuki. He only lasted one or more episode, Scissors died at the hands of his contract beast. Richy lasted two episodes and a half as he was 'vented' along with his beast. He was sent into a void where he will trapped for all eternity.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toripter is a boy!

It's a boy! Before, I wondered about Toripter's gender and even though he is voiced by a woman, he is male. Evidenced by Episode 38 where the villain's spell (some toxic water) makes all males that come in contact with it, freeze like a mannequin. So Toripter was effected.

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