Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poll Results: Editing Profiles/Who Wild Win Zords/Updating Posts Annually

Did the post about editing side profile images help understand how we made them?
Yes it did - 108 of 129
I already knew - 21 of 129

Tyrannosaurus vs. Tyranno
The classic wins 69 of 99 to 30 votes for the DT version. Connor wanted to see how his zord measured up so Tommy and Hayley rigged it so they could bring the old zord back.

Dragonzord vs. Red Dragon Thunderzord
The Green Ranger's dragon won at 75 of 95. Tommy and Jason butt heads with zords. Remember that in Season 2, while the others used their Thunderzords, Tommy could still use his Dragonzord.

Dragonzord vs. White Tiger
The White Ranger and Green Ranger clone fought and it was a close fight but White Tiger won 50 out of 98.

Megazord vs. Thunder Megazord
The first Megazord won 58 out of 98. Zordon brought the old megazord to fight against the second one.

Megazord vs. Thundersaurus
The original won out 64 of 91. Connor also had Tommy bring the two Megazords battle.

Thunder Megazord (MMPR Season 2) vs. Thunder Megazord (Ninja Storm)
Cam used a time scroll and had the two Thunder Megazords battle it out, the original won 61 out of 93.

Omega Megazord (Lightspeed Rescue) vs. Omegamax Megazord (SPD)
A wormhole opened up and OmegaMax (SPD) won 52 out of 88.

How many times do you visit Henshin Grid?
Every Day - 100 of 135
Twice a week - 17
Depends on Info - 13
Once a Week - 4
A couple months - 1
Once a month - 0

Would you want me to update the animals in Sentai every year? (When there is animal mech of course)
Yes - 90 of 100
No - 10 of 100

Would you want me to update Kamen Rider different shades every year?
Yes - even to add just two Riders - 44 of 86
Yes - when there are more than two - 24
No, not necessary - 18

Would you want me to update different shades of colors in Super Sentai?
Yes if you want - 55 of 98
Yes every year - 28 of 98
Not all the time - 15

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Movie Stuff and Gosei Wonder


Kabuto, Crocodile, Elephant, Dolphin and apparently the bird is an eagle but it's called Gosei Bird.

I Have Updated: Animals in Sentai: 2010 Edition | Super Sentai: Different Shades of Colors 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Poll Results: Who Would Win? - Zords #1-3

Dragonzord - 113 of 145
Mecha Godzilla - 32
Rita sends the Dragonzord to Tokyo Japan where Mecha Godzilla is attacking and the Dragonzord makes chop shuey out of the grey robot.

Quantasaurus - 87
Tyrannosaurus - 60 of 147
Qunatasaurus is accidentally sent through time portal to meet the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and makes mince meat out of it.

Daijinnryuu - 115 of 147
Serpentera - 32
Daijinnryuu finds out an usurper had been taking its image and giving it a bad name as a wedding carriage and loosing energy. So, Daijinryuu dives down to the moon and kicks Serpentera's butt, burying it in the sand---thus, weakening it enough to be destroyed by the Wild Force bike.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Power Ranger Props in TV Movies

Unfortunately I don't have pictures because I never thought back when that I could record the stuff and transfer it to DVD and then on the computer and put it on a blog. Anyhoo, back when Fox Family started, they made their own movies...
Men in White
Men in White (1998) was a parody of Men in Black, I don't know how it is possible to make a parody out of a comedy but it was a horrible movie. I remember seeing the Piranhatrons in the movie, according to IMDB, they had other Power Ranger monsters in it, I am not sure which ones. Also, like in my posts about Buffy and Malcolm in the Middle, Karim Prince (Cestro Blue Aquitar Ranger) was in this movie too!!!

The Chippendales Murder (2000)
I don't have a picture of it, but this TV Movie was made by USA network and was supposedly based on a true story. It starred Naveen Andrews of "Lost." Anyhoo, they had the Movie costumes of Red and Blue in it. I couldn't find the info on IMDB or Wiki, but I remember it there. They didn't have the power coins on the chest and was missing the gloves and other things.

Super Sentai inspired by popular media?


Magiranger / Mystic Force
When Magiranger first came out, fans thought the magic theme was by inspired Harry Potter. Well, actually fans said that it was ripping off Harry Potter. I don't think so.

I think that the Engines (talking vehicles with eyes) are inspired by Disney/Pixar's Cars. I like how it was not only cars but other vehicles and also animal-inspired.

What's next Vampires? Nah!

(Twilight the novel came out in October 2005, and Nai and Mea (Necrolai) was in 2005 Magiranger, way before the book was released and Kamen Rider Kiva premiered in February of 2008. And by the way, I know those commenters on this post were joking.)