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Saban Brands: When adapting Gokaiger, how to handle Legacy War

This might be re-posted after the Goseiger Adaption is done.

Here are some tips for Saban Producers to handling the Legacy War from Gokaiger for Power Rangers.
For those that don't know, Gokaiger is the 2011 Sentai and might be adapted into Power Rangers in 2013 or 2014. In the first episode and apparently the movie as well, we see the Legacy War, which has the past 34 Super Sentai (teams) fighting footsoldiers of the main villain for the Gokaiger series. They loose their powers in order to back away the villains. There are some problems in using this footage...

1. Past Teams
First would be the past 16 teams (15 before Zyuranger and Dairanger) that never became Power Rangers. Now, the Saban producers can re-shoot the footage and exclude these guys or use the footage and say they are other Power Rangers from other planets, dimensions or time.

2. Aquitar Rangers as Ninjas
This is very minor but if they use the footage, there is a brief scene where the Hurricanger and Kakuranger fight together. They are both ninja in Sentai. Hurricanger = Ninja Storm and Kakuranger were the Aquitar Rangers in PR, but the Aquitar Rangers are not ninjas in Power Rangers. So the footage shows that they are indeed ninjas, using powers they didn't use in the Power Rangers.

3. Mighty Morphin Powers
The Mighty Morphin Powers themselves were said to be destroyed but we did see them be reused in "Always a Chance", "Forever Red" and "Once A Ranger." Jason and Rocky were the Red Ranger, but it can be said Jason would be the Red Ranger so Rocky could take the place of a Zeo Ranger. Zack and Adam were the Black Ranger, but it can be said Zack would be the black Ranger (even with the mask), so Adam could be a Zeo Ranger. Billy is always Blue Ranger and was only the Blue Ranger. Trini and Aisha were the Yellow Rangers, fans wouldn't want Trini there in respect for the actress who died in 2001, so we can say Aisha is Yellow. Kim and Kat were the Pink Ranger, but it could be said it is Kim as Kat can be a Zeo Ranger.

4. Zeo Powers
Zeo Powers were abandoned and still active as seen in "Forever Red." If Zack takes spot of Black, Adam can be Green for Zeo. If Jason takes spot of Red, Rocky can be Blue for Zeo. Tanya can be Yellow, Kat can be Pink if it is supposed that Kim was MMPR Pink. And even though Jason was the Gold Ranger, the powers are now with Trey. This is assumed in "Countdown to Destruction" finale for "Power Rangers in Space" even though we don't see his face.

5. Space Powers
Andros was Red, Carlos was Black, TJ was Blue, Ashley was Yellow, Cassie was Pink and Zhane was Silver. But Carlos, TJ, Ashley and Cassie were also the Turbo Rangers. Adam, Tommy, Tanya and Kat were Turbo Rangers too but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then who are being the Turbo Rangers if the other four will be Space Rangers.

6. Turbo Powers Dilemma
Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Kat were Turbo Rangers but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie were Turbo Rangers but if TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie are busy being Space Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. The only Ranger you can have with Turbo Ranger is Justin. Even if you are not using actors and just suits, you have to take this in consideration when shooting a scene that has a lot of past teams and suits. Then you would just have the Blue Turbo Ranger by himself.

Writing loophole: In the episode "Robot Rangers" of Turbo, it had been established that Zordon was making robot duplicates of the Turbo team, namely Justin, Cassie, Carlos, TJ and Ashley. So we can say they are being used.

7. Tommy's Powers
If they do use the footage or re-shoot it, it limits how many Ranger suits can appear because Tommy has been many Rangers--five in fact and only one of them that was used by someone else and can be replaced. Above we see the back of four Rangers, using the terms of Power Rangers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger.

Tommy had five powers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger. Even if they have the helmets on, it wouldn't make sense for them to exist. Above photo is from the episode "Fighting Spirit" of Dino Thunder, where Tommy is in a coma and has to fight his past selves but it was their spirits in a dream realm. So Saban producers, if I had to do it, I would just choose one suit for Tommy. If you are using just suits, then just have either Black Dino Ranger or just Zeo Ranger I Red. White and Green can't be present at all. If Black is used, then Zeo Red can't be used because no one else had those powers. But there are other loop holes......

Now two can be replaced to hold the powers, fans often quote these two but writers might not know about these. There is the White Stranger to the left (from Season 2 two-parter "Wild West Rangers") and Tommy's clone (from season 2 three-parter "The Return of the Green Ranger.") to the right. The White Stranger seemed to be a natural ancestor of Tommy from the natural progression of time. Tommy's clone was created in 'present day' of MMPR by the Wizard of Deception from a lock of Tommy's hair and was left in Colonial Times of Angel Grove, so he is alive. So these two can be taken and said they are White Ranger and Green Ranger.

Other than that, all the other teams don't have those conflicts as they all lasted one year and they didn't switch powers. The only one from Lost Galaxy and on that will be hard is the Black Ranger from Dino Thunder as I have mentioned, because of Tommy. Other than that, all the other suits (Lost Galaxy to Samurai) can be present.

Easy to Use
The following Ranger suits you can't use without a explanation and then there will be fan complaints....

PROS to Re-shooting the War:
1. Excluding those suits that don't sense to exist
2. Get to include more Power Rangers that were not in Super Sentai like Titanium Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger and Shark Ranger.
3. The original Legacy War in Gokaiger has 182 heroes, but maybe too much to re-shoot. To re-shoot, probably have around 104 or 108 Rangers.

CONS to not Re-shooting the War:
1. Have unexplained never-seen-before Rangers..
2. Have unexplained powers being used, especially the Tommy powers.
3. And the strange exclusion of Titanium Ranger.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought the Robot Rangers were introduced in case they wanted to adapt Megaranger vs. Carranger footage into Power Rangers in Space, which they never did.

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous, me too. They could have.

Douglas said...

here's a theory i have on how to get Gokaiger to make sense over here.
the different eras could be alternate realities to each other. they could go like this:
Goranger-Jetman: alternate PR Universe where these powers were used instead of the current ones we got.
Dairanger: standalone universe where they only got attacked during whatever they got.
MMPR-DT and MF-JF and Samurai onward: the 'main' universe.
SPD: the 'future' timelineof the main universe but advanced forward.
RPM: a standalone universe where the villains either took over and Dr.K built Venjixto get rid of them or the villains never appeared and Venjix just did a Skynet.

so pretty much the seasons could co-exist together, except for that Turbo problem, to explain how these guys are together and the way to bring them together would be that our 'main' universe Rangers overloaded the grid that it created wormholes and a rip in the fabric of space and brought the other rangers to the 'main' universe.

henshin0 said...

There are three possible solutions for the zeored vs dthunderblack:

Have Tommy as black and his bro, David be red (note the actor playing David died around the same time as thuy, so it could be tricky)

Have tommy be red, and have Anton mercer be black (very likely option)

Or (by a long shot) Tommy as red, and abareblack as himself (he was in Dino thunder, but again it's a long shot)

henshin0 said...

Also have all five turbo-robos there, and make Justin either gokaired or akared. Seriously, check out Blake fosters Facebook photo (assuming he didn't change it again)

sdp said...

Actually I'd feel the season with Problems is In Space and not Turbo, they were Turbo Rangers first. You can fill some roles by saying Karone becomes IS pink and if Trini is MMPR Yellow that leaves Aisha as a former ranger without powers so why not fill her in as IS Yellow. You'd only need to find a replacement for IS Black/Blue and DT Black.

Anyways if they do adapt the War I doubt they'll go into too much detail and I'm ok with that, its not really important and its for fans to decide. Most likely they'll just say they are new recruited rangers in the suits, eliminating any problems with past continuity, we've seen plenty of power transfers so it wouldn't be out of the question. That way they get an explanation fast and quickly and can continue with the plot that is important.

orez33 said...

solo quiero mencionar un ligero problema en la continuidad de la historia, en Operacion Sobrecarga, en el episodio "Quien fue Ranger", Bridge aparece como el ranger rojo y menciona el acenso de Sky a lider de la base, con esto podemos asumir que Sky se transforma en el ranger sombra, pero no se menciona que pasa con los uniformes azul y verde, se que se puede decir que tienen nuevos reclutas pero en mi opinion no siento que este bien por que la verdad no sabemos nada de esos policias, que piensan?

KR ShinkenRed said...

Yeah spd, but fans will complain about the powers existing when they shouldn't, the only turbo powers which exist for the original team (not the robots) are red and blue

KR ShinkenRed said...

sdp fans will complain about the turbo rangers being there when their powers were destroyed, only TJ and Justin still have their powers, the in space team should be as they were in finale

Anonymous said...

As they might remember "white stranger" they also remember the rest of the "wild west rangers". SO there is an other group of potential power ranger in the past, who may become dairanger or so, as they might develope.

OceanicBlue said...

I think the solution is simple

Core MMPR = Original Five
Trini portrayed by Audri or

Green MMPR = Tommy's Clone
White MMPR = White Stranger

Zeo V = Rocky
Zeo III = Justin

Black PRDT = Tommy

Turbo Rangers = Robot Rangers

Lavender Ranger said...

Orez33 said I just want to mention a slight problem in the continuity of history, Operation Overdrive, in the episode "Once A Ranger", Bridge appears as the red ranger mentioned the Sky ascent to leader of the base, with this we can assume that Sky is the Shadow Ranger, but it is not mentioned what happened to the blue and green uniforms, you can say they have new recruits but in my opinion I do not feel that good because the truth we know nothing about these cops, that think?

Orez33, eso fue en el futuro, ellos pueden llamar ellos antes que eso.

That was the future, they can get them before that happens.

Manuel said...

I think that the only way to make more sense its that the pirate rangers go a cross of time because now they can see a lot of tommy's and say that the other sentai heroes that never appear are from other times before mighty morphin

LUKE said...

I think Saban didnt expect this to happen in happen...and this is what they will have to deal with. Anyway as a newbie super sentai fans and an old power rangers fans, I hope that Saban will use this chance to write their own original story which everybody hope. And the best part is that, they really really didnt buy scene from Japanese Sentai and just the suit...

I hope that will happen with we want our voice being heard...

Anonymous said...

Dairanger is a non-issue to begin with. Since they were never on Power Rangers, they can easily be new Rangers. And honestly, I rather have the Wild West Rangers remain a one-shot deal, since that was the lamest episode in the original series. I seriously doubt Dubois will ever portray "Trini", much less Aisha. Most likely they'll keep Trini in costume.

Lavender Ranger said...

Well said Luke

Anonymous said...

you know... it would be very awesome if they at least show turbo rangers for a moment.
ex. show all the turbo rangers fight then after showing off for a bit, then tj, cassie, ashley, carlos, all transform to the space ranger to team up with andros and zane.

for the tommy thing, we can see him as the green ranger first, **show off awesome moves** next as the white rangers ** boom** then transform to red zeo ranger ** show off even more moves** finally turn into the black dino thunder ranger **kick punch boom**

we dont have to see the costumes for the whole war, just for a bit yah kno? It does seem pretty cool to have rangers with two or more costumes right?

Anonymous said...

Here's a simpler solution. Moved the Legendary War to the very end of the season and have them reunited the different incarnations of Tommy and the pre-Lost Galaxy teams with time traveling.

Megafighter3 said...

For the pre-PR teams, it has been said that Zordon has made Ranegrs before, maybe these were the powers of previous Ranger teams.

For Tommy's Powers, there's all but one I've got figured out.

Green: Tommy.
White: A new character played by Brad Hawkins (who was slated to be White Ranger before JDF came back)
Red Zeo: David.
Red Turbo: No idea.
Black Dino Thunder: Devin.

Anonymous said...

Or they could just not use the whole Legacy War story, come up with something more original, and just have the rangers morph into ones that made it over for Power Rangers. I think that would be easier. Then we don't have to worry about Tommy being three other rangers at once.

henshin0 said...

You know, the reason we are arguing this is this, for those who aren't familiar with the show won't have to worry because to them, they are 199 random faceless costumed warriors, but hard core fans like us, would be confused because the existace of turbos, zeos, spaces, and additional tommys would go against canon if not explained. If you read my earlier post, you'd see I suggested using David but the actor died around the same time thuy (trini) died. If canon didn't matter, you'd not only have all 199 costumes, but also random people as random rangers, Zane can be spd blue dillon can be zeo green, you'd even have Tommy as lightspeed rescue pink.

henshin0 said...

Ps, if that comment about canon says it's by anonymous, that was me, I might have been logged off when I posted it

sdp said...

What do you mean that the Alien Rangers are not Ninjas, counting they got their powers from NINJOR, and their suits look like Ninjas it makes sense that they are Ninjas even if they never mention it, I doubt they actually said "Oh we're not Ninjas". And even if it said that how is the pairing up with NS Red make any difference? They can pair up even if the Alien Rangers are not Ninjas. Sorry that part in the post makes no sense.

henshin0 said...

Sorry lavender, I strongly believe in you, but spd kinda has a point. There's no reason to omit kaku vs hurricane, even the shadow dance could be a skill mmar had, but subsequently didn't think of using in the continuity of 10 episodes

Lavender Ranger said...

About this ninja debate, I am not arguing, it isn't even a debate, we can disagree, that's fine. I'm not the law, just because I write something, don't mean it is automatically right.

Nick M said...

I think the issue of space vs turbo rangers is moot the space powers existed before the turbo rangers went into space. It is safe to assume that there were space rangers with andros and zane prior to the former turbo rangers arriving, or they could have handed there powers to new people being that they where one of the only teams not to lose there powers.

henshin0 said...

I know, that's the whole point of a blog, to discuss express and debate opinions on a given topic. this just a rare one where you and I disagree. But expect a pleasant surprise, within the next few days

Gabriolus said...

hey I look at your site and read all the comments of the adaptation of Gokaiger my friends and I who are huge fans of both Japanese and
American rangers since we was kids. we chatted a lot on what should be done, and how it should be done.

A lot of the Rangers here in America has lost their powers so how can they be in the Legacy war? we came up with an very easy very bs idea
When the Sentinel knight Gave some of the former Rangers their powers back since the powers are connected to each other in the morphing grid
it created a backlash that restored everyone else powers to. some thing that is simple and understandable

for MMPR use all the original suits, and have Aisha in the yellow suit,

Have Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya in the Zeo suits,

Turbo Cassie and Justin

then we can have the space rangers in their suit and Karone has the space pink ranger,

SPD we can have jack and sky return to their old colors for a short time just to help fight.

Tommy has been 5 rangers so we can either have him switching between powers and suits or
make him sick cuz of all the powers n have all the smart ppl, like, Billy, Trip. Haily. Cam dr, K gem Gemma
find away to make him a new type of ranger. or something like that. if any thing i rather see him has the green ranger

n they should defiantly re-shoot the war so they can add all the extra rangers. and the Alies like Ninjor,
Aoric, Phantom Ranger, Blue Santurian, Magna defender, Sentinel knight, Snow prince, solaras knight
and the koragg the knight wolf. Camille , Jarrod.

Personaly i love gokaiger but the Adaptation should be skipped and used as an ending so the american version of PR in like in other 5 to 7 years.

Chris said...

As Far as I'm concerned, they can do the Gokaiger adaption one of two ways and have it make sense- One: Exclude all of the stuff that was taken from past seasons of PR and make it just another stand-alone, or...
Two: have it take place in the RPM timeline with a team sent to earth from a differant planet as a rescue operation and have them constantly running into old ranger teams and joining forces with them. This one would also help a lot to explain which rangers survived the Venjix Apocalypse in case we ever go further into the recent future again.

Daniel said...

Everyone remember in the great war when DragonRanger, Black Condor, and TimeFire were there? Despite them being dead? Yeah, here's the solution to this topic. NOBODY is going to care. Seeing 100 or so power rangers destroying evil monsters is going to be so awesome, people won't argue. We can assume either new rangers were recruited, the sentinal knight deux ex macchina'd and restored old powers again, and that robot's = power rangers.

PS has any official explaination been formed for how those sentai rangers came back? if so then you can create legit reasons for Power rangers returnin

Anonymous said...

I think they should use the original cast for MMPR with Aisha replacing Trini (didn't knew she died BTW, what happened?) and with no Green Ranger cause he's powers were destroyed.

Use Tommy in the Power Rangers Zeo with Adam, Kat, Tanya, Rocky & Trey.

Use robots with Turbo.

Use Carlos, TJ, Cassie and Ashely for Power Rangers in Space or use new rangers for In Space & use the cast for Turbo.

I don't see any complications, why include all Tommy suits? Can't we just see the more powerful one? Or say that another guy is wearing now the suit?

Why include the Green/White rangers if their powers were supposedly destroyed?

Let's just see Tommy being the Red Zeo Ranger cause he was one of the main rangers & not a "buy 5 and you get one free Ranger".

I also think is a really great idea making Tommy a "new ranger" maybe a combination of all of them, maybe the Rainbow Ranger LOL, JK but really it would be cool if he could become something new that resumes all his past powers & in that way you can save your self from a headache.

I also think this Legacy War should be saved for the very end of Power Rangers, but I don't think it would ever end.

I think in the way I explained things it would work just fine, but is just my opinion you don't have to agree with it.

Lavender Ranger said...

Rapha, Thuy Trang (Triuni): http://henshingrid.blogspot.com/2010/08/where-are-they-now-mighty-morphin-power_24.html

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Lavender Ranger!

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Lavender. But let me propose a suggestion. Reshoot the whole thing like they did on forever red. (Using beetleborgs as monsters lol)

MMPR - Zack, Kim, Billy, Aisha,Jason

MMAR- Delphine, Aurico, Cestro, Tideus, and Corcus

ZEO-Rocky,Tanya, Adam, Kat
Tommy! Trey as Gold

Turbo: Cassie, TJ, Ashley, Carlos, Justin

Space: Karone (Pink) I like whoever suggested that!
Andros (Red of course)
Zane (Silver)

Divatox as Yellow (I know im retarded, but she is good now...)

Who will take over the Blue and Black Ranger Powers? well considering the space costumes were turned into SPD A Squad im not sure... but what about BULK and SKULL?! haha They wanted to be rangers? LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! OR MAYBE BULK AND SPIKE...


Z - Yellow Ranger
Young Sam - SPD BLUE

I think thats all...


What do you think? I was only joking about Bulk and Skull, but if anybody else has any suggestions? I do like the divatox idea

Toni said...

This might be a little late, but you can take this into consideration of using Tommy's power. Here's how:

Green MMPR: As you said, use Tom Oliver, Tommy's clone. The problem is time lapse right? There's an episode of SPD time travel into Dino Thunder time. Solved.

White MMPR: Use White Stranger like you said. Time lapse? Time travel.

Zeo 1 Red: Use the original Tommy. He used it once during Forever Red. Just say, he's safekeeping the Zeo power in the Morphing Grid in the case of emergency like Forever Red. OR...to DT part.

Red Turbo: Use the robot TJ

Black Dino: How about Tommy passing down the power to his child (it is mentioned in the future that Tommy's married to Kat, and has a son who later became a Ranger). Ok, the Dino Gem had bonded with Tommy's DNA fully, keep Tommy as Black DT, and his son as Zeo 1 Red. Problem solved.

Though, I don't care too much about the details. It just rocks to see all suits back.

Mildly Indifferent Pop Culture Geek said...

Here's a great idea for Tommy. Akared. The end.

But all of this, is shouldered on one important thing; any of them coming back for this. If I remember right on an episode of VH1's "I Love the 90's" all the rangers they interviewed said they hated the show and how it wrecked their careers, so it would be a longshot to get any of the old ones back. Jason David Frank might be the only one.


AndrosOliver said...

Here is my answer.......considering Wesley Collins' Time Force morpher is passed on to Sky Tate's father, He can assume Red Turbo Ranger powers. Karone can be pink Turbo Ranger considering how Kendrix came back to life. Aisha can be Yellow Turbo Ranger if considering Trini's death her cousin or sister wanted to seek revenge and become Yellow mighty Morphin Ranger. Green can be Mike Corbett considering the Magna Powers return to the original Magna Defender.

AndrosOliver said...

However if Justin becomes guardian of the Turbo powers, he can be Red, Wesley - Green and Mike - Blue considering his Terra Venture uniform is Blue anyways.