Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heroine Profile: Deka Gold

Marigold was one of the new characters in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger the Movie: Full Blast Action. She was the romantic interest of Ban-Ban. She had the power to stop time. She is Deka Gold, briefly seen transforming in a flashback before being 'powered down.' She was a big sensation in the fan-dominion for a while.

Scan of a magazine, what first showed fans the first glimpse of Deka Gold. They cropped the image of Deka Gold and many believed that it was photoshopped, that it wasn't real. I like the color of the scan, that it is not gold, but a orangey-pink. It is a great color. The giant 'X' on her uniform is the roman numeral for ten.

The sketches of all her props. D-Smasher 01 and 02 are her weapons, I think they should have been shown better. It is still a mystery to who was the suit actor/actress or if there was one. Or if the costume even still exists. We haven't seen the Dekaranger costume in any display. When the movie came out, there was a display case of her weapons and her red/white dress costume.

This is the scan that came from the final Dekaranger book, it was not seen in the movie. it looks like it is CGI, not a live-action picture or maybe it was treated. I like the gold coins in the back.

Fan Made:

I love this fan-made cosplay suit.

Fan-made action figure.

Poll Results: Most Wanted Toy / Who Would Win Batch #3

Most Wanted Toy? (Female Figures)
The above three starting from the left are done by fans. The one to the right is a photoshop manipulation by me. Deka Swan and Bright didn't get as much votes as Kat Ranger and Nova Ranger, probably because they already got voted on and Shinken Red (girl) seemed better.
Shinken Red (girl) - 81 of 123
White Mystic Ranger - 67 of 112
Mele (Gekiranger) - 27 of 123
Kat Ranger - 25 of 112 / Deka Swan - 7 of 123
Nova Ranger - 20 of 112 / Deka Bright - 3 of 123
Deka Gold - 5 of 123

Jack vs. Ban
72 of 112 say Ban would win. Ban was recklessly racing and arresting through dimensions and ended up in 2025 in New Tech City and fought Jack. Jack thought Ban was a punk and Ban beat him.

Jen vs. Yuuri
61 of 114 has Jen winning to Yuuri. It was a tough decision to me. I love them both and don't know who would win. But sake of argument, Jen and Yurri were both on assignment in 3000. Yuuri went to America and encountered Jen, they both thought they were both impostors and fought.

Kim vs. Mei
65 of 114 have Kim winning to Mei. Mei was taken by Bandora to America in 1993 and faced Kimberly when Tommy lost his powers to Rita the firs time. She was so mad that she fought Mei. Mei tried out different disguises, Kim criticized her fashion sense and Mei cried.

TEAMS #1, 3 & 4
Spirit Rangers vs. PaleoMax Rangers
79 of 137 got the Spirit Rangers (Elephant, Shark, and Bat) against the T-Rex, Mammoth and Triceratops Rangers. The Spirit Rangers brought the toys to life using Animal Spirits and wiped their butts before they could use their blasters.

Aquitar Rangers vs. Kakurangers
111 of 132 got the Kakuranger kicking the butts of the Power Rangers from Aquitar. They use their ninja magic to get the Aquitar Rangers to a Japanese desert, where they dehydrate and are beaten.

MMPR vs. Zyuranger
Fans voted 67 of 116 Zyuranger winning out against the first team of MMPR. The Zyuranger are transported to 1993 U.S. by Bandora and battle it out with their counterparts. Boy is first thrown off that Trini is girl but quickly bounces back.

I'm giving more time to the polls of Koragg vs. Wolzard; Kase vs. Miho and MMPR vs. PGSM.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Green With Evil Part 2 - Episode Review

The opening credits originally changed with "Shell Shocked" and not with the Green With Evil saga. But we are treated to these two new additions.

Episode Summary:
Billy and Trini try to fix the Command Center while Tommy gives Kimberly the cold shoulder and freaks Bulk and Skull out. Rita decides to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness, not without fighting the Putties first. Tommy then sends Jason to the Dark Dimension to face Goldar on his own. The Green Ranger fights the other four Rangers and they trump him with the Megazord.

The Sword of Darkness references the Knasty Knight and that was not the original connection in Zyuranger. This 'reversion' has what seems to be very minimal changes. The majority of the first two act breaks are with very little additional graphics. The capture to the right has Billy and Trini fixing Alpha in a rarely seen section of the Command Center which I found really cool and we never saw it again. I liked the red bubbles.

Episode Review:
I want to discuss how awesome this episode is. This episode has some great writing. This episode is also known as 'Jason's Battle.' Jason ceases being an one-dimensional goody good jock and is now a guy with a grudge. He tries to figure out 'this green dude' and is really mad at him and wants the chance to fight him. Real teen angst is seen here. Especially when Tommy treats Kimberly badly and she says "Excuse me for living." I think what attracted us to Tommy was his evil streak.

One of my favorite parts in the original show, was when Tommy literally stabs Jason in the back and teleports himself away with his sixth coin. But with the new graphics, the most obvious 'Betrayed!' was put. I think it would have been cooler to put 'PWN.'

Okay, in the original episode, did anyone else found it weird that the four Rangers not only called Tyrannosaurus without the Red Ranger but they escalated the battle with no explanation against the small zord-less Green Ranger? In Zyuranger, the 'Megazord' had a mind of its own, called Daizyujin and it was a god, a pety god. It would escalate battles all the time! Even without the Zyurangers inside.

Jason's face of despair against Goldar that his minutes are numbered is classic. Austin St. John just did a great job in this episode! Kudos! Too bad we won't be able to see the rest of the 5-parter until May and June.

Are you okay with the changes to Green With Evil Part 1?
Yes -- 46 of 94
No -- 48 of 94
A close tie, almost. It was originally more yes than no.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Power Rangers RPM Call Sheets

Here are some call sheets I have been holding on to. Not much new information, the phone numbers and addresses have been blacked or blanked out. I don't even know them. I won't reveal how I got them.

Here is a second unit location note (left) and Hazard instructions. (right)

Here are two call sheets with departmental requirements and advance schedule. The one on the right is interesting because it calls Gem's zord as 'Chicken Zord' and Dillon's car as 'The Fury.' There is one typo that has 'Wapons' instead of weapons.

(Left) Main Unit Call Sheet for Episodes 19, 20, 21. (Right) Second Unit Call Sheet with which stunt actors played which Ranger but my source tells me not one stunt person play one Ranger, but around 7 or 10 stunt people play one Ranger. But these are the names I put on the stunt section because it is the only ones I know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ethnicities of Power Ranger Villains

I was thinking about how Power Rangers supplied a variety of ethnicties through its 17 seasons, something Super Sentai can not do, as it is Japanese and shoots in Japan, but does try to show different skin colors and hair colors. As for Power Rangers, what many American children programs, producers worry about having a certain ethnicity as a villain. Because what other producers would think about would be the negative impact some might construed if the villains were say, African-American or Latino or Middle Eastern. In Power Rangers, no villain has been any of those three ethnicities I just mentioned. I am of course speaking about the villains outside of costumes, so this does not include Lord Zedd, Rito, Master Vile, the Machine Empire and the Mystic Force villains.

Rita Repulsa was the first villain and I think it was just necessity to keep her as a villain because of the footage and budget. So they had no choice but to have an Asian villainess. I say Asian because she is first Japanese but then played by actresses of unknown Asian origins. Vypra and Toxica were Asian, mostly to match with the footage of the Japanese actresses in footage from far away shots. Also, I think that contributed to the history of Rita to have an Asian villain. And no Asian communities have complained about it, that I've known of.

When Power Rangers went to New Zealand, Ninja Storm gave us a taste of the Pacific islands with our first and only Samoan Red Ranger Shane and New Zealander Villain Lothor. Lothor was seen to be Asian in a flashback but was clearly of pacific islander background as an Adult, as the same actor played him and his twin brother Sensei. Marah and Kapri were clearly Australian and white.

Many many villains have been Caucasian, beginning with the fifth season (Turbo) and Divatox. I think it went with that she was an original creation and had no reference Japanese footage. Astronema, Trakeena, and Nadira were American Caucasians. Other than Kapri and Marah, Nadira was the only Caucasian to wear a costume that can from the original Japanese counterpart show. Ransik was the only male Caucasian-American villain. Ilia Volok was the only Russian-born actor on Power Rangers, he played the only Russian character/villain Viktor Adler. As for everyone else, they were from either New Zealand and Australian, but they were also white. Elsa from Dino Thunder seem to be either Filipina or of Pacific Islander. But every thing else was white wash. My point is no Black, Latino or Middle-Eastern villain. Why is this important to me? Because shows shouldn't be scared to have a villain of another race, unless they get really racist and stereotypical. I'm sure not all Space Aliens are Asian or white, I mean, even Star Trek villains have been of other 'ethnicities.'

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poll Results: Red Ranger at Disney World / No PR into Super Sentai

Do you think MMPR Red should replace SPD Red at Disney World?
Yes! 133 of 193 votes
Don't Care 29 votes
No 24 votes
They should leave the park altogether! 7 votes
It is almost midway into April and it seems like the Red Ranger won't be changed at Disney World. For some unknown reason of course.

My friend who is currently working at Disney World, a friend of his says that they saw the original Green Ranger but maybe he got confused with the Green Samurai Ranger, who still roams the park, along with the White Dino Ranger. It would be cool if it was true, but my other sources at Intercot boards say there are no plans to add a new Ranger.

Has no PR Season got you into Super Sentai?
Was Already a Fan 137 of 260 votes
Yes 94 votes
No 29 votes

More Goseiger Rumors for NEW Headders

Check out Dukemon22's TokuInsider for fan drawings of the rumored mecha. These are most likely happening. The artist of the drawings is the same artist who did drawings of Engine Oh G-9 and G-12 way back when in 2008, a.k.a. the RPM Ultrazord.

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiGrand
GoseiGrandeon (Lion, Black Armored Vehicle), GoseiSealeon (Sea Lion-motif, Blue battleship), and GoseiSkyleon (Lion-motif, Red-Fighter/Rocketship) that goes in the center. This belongs to Gosei Knight, whose motif is a lion.

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiWonder
A recolor mecha for the movie. A little bit like Bakurenoh (Copy Zord of Dino Thunder), the GoseiDragon is re-colored blue with a bird head with tentative name. The other animals include Wani Headder (Black Crocodile), Zou Headder (Yellow Elephant), Iruka Headder (Blue Dolphin), and Kabuto Headder (White/Tea-colored Beetle). I am getting tired of the black mecha, why can't they use violet, fuchsia and other colors?? I know one of the Dragon repaints is purple but come on!