Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sent Ryan Carter a Snide action figure!

I interviewed Ryan Carter (Heckyl) a few weeks ago...

Lavender Ranger: Speaking of action figures, did you get a Snide one yet?
Ryan Carter: No, sadly I don't have a snide action figure yet. I don't know where to start if I did want to find one! It would be a great memento to own. I have to say, if they did end up making a Heckyl figure (which is unlikely) I would probably wet my pants with sheer joy.

Lavender Ranger: I'll be happy to send you one as a gift. 
Ryan Carter: That would be amazing regarding the snide figure! I do live in Australia though, but if that's too far to send, don't worry about it. I will hopefully be in the states soon and I can pick one up then.

Lavender Ranger: I will definitely be sending you the figure. No sweat. As long as you remember we got it for you!

So after two weeks he received it and posted a picture on his instagram. Like me he likes to draw and paint. He is a talented artist. Be sure to visit him on Instagram!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Forged by Fire - Episode Review

First pic thanks to Razzle1337:
Episode Summary:
Tyler and James are in their Ranger suits without helmets next to their bikes and writing a list of things they plan to do together. They ride off in their bikes. Back at the ship, Singe has zotak rings which neutralize the power of anything, including the Energems. Fury is mad. Heckyl says Singe's plans have no results and threatens him. Riley and Ivan sword fight when James and Tyler drop in into the base. James assumes Koda and Ivan are modern people and find out they aren't because of their Energems. Prince Philip introduces himself as well. Shelby explains they stopped aging because of the gem. Chase says James and Tyler look like brothers. 

Kendall says Tyler's super mode will able to access powers from their Energems but they are missing to transmutate the Aqua and Graphite one. James says the gem stole 10 years of his life and it saved his life. In a flashback, it is explained he and Rusty were in a collapsing cave. He saved Rusty and he realized he was stuck under the rocks and saw a glowing Energem and bonded with it. Fury arrived and demanded for the gem. James ran off. Fury never stop following him and he didn't want to put Tyler in danger. Tyler says he doesn't have to run anymore. 

The alarm goes off and the Rangers go. James wants to go but Kendall stops him. The six Rangers fight Hunter. Singe has the Zotak Rings. Fury arrives and asks for the manga beam. Singe puts the rings on Fury and he grows. Tyler goes to Super Mode and the others call the zords and form Tri-Stego-Ptera formation. Ivan gets the Dino Super Drive Saber and they all go dino superdrive armor. Tyler kicks Hunter down. He combines the two morphers and Hunter leaves. Singe blasts Tyler and wraps a Zotak Ring around him. Fury says the rings take his power. Ivan does the final strike and Ivan shrinks down.

Tyler calls for help. Tyler is freed but the super mode comes off. Singe and Hunter run off into the warehouse, the Rangers follow and fight them. He whips them all, they de-morph and have rings around the Energems. Awua and Graphite arrive and save them. Back at the base, Kendall tries breaking the ring off with the transmuter but it cracks the Red energem. Keeper says it is risky to morph with a crack in it. James comes up with using lava to fix the crack. Tyler and James go to the caves. JFK, I mean, James worries about his son but see he can take care of himself. They reach the hot lava and put the energem in but the crack is bigger. Tyler wants to use Dino Armor X but James thinks its too dangerous.

Tyler says it is more than them and the whole world is in danger. Tyler morphs with the armor X and digs downward. The cave shakes. James communicates with the others on the base, saying the cave collapsed. Kendall says his suit will protect him and tells James to morph. She calls Phillip and they go to fight the alien threat. They meet with James and morph when the aliens arrive. They fight the Viviks. Back at the base, Shelby says without powers or not, they are still Rangers and they run off with their ringed Energems and are stopped by Hunter. The five fight Hunter. They fall and Koda tackles him but drops. Hunter blasts them. Back in the lava, Tyler puts the energem inside the lava.

SInge arrives and blasts Aqua, Graphite and Purple. Tyler digs out of the ground and goes Super. He blastrs at Singe and takes down the ring controller. The rings fall off the Energems. The five Rangers morph and fight Hunter. They do a new attack Ptera Saber Final Strike. Back with Singe, Aqua, Graphite, Purple and Super Red fight him. Purple tells him to use the abilities. Tyler does Tri-Steggo formation and has pink and blue arms. He drills Singe. He does Tri-Angkylo formation and has Aqua hammer arm. He destroys various Viviks. He then does Ankylo-Pachy and has the Pachy wrecking ball and takes out more villains. The last new one he does is Para-Raptor and has black-green arms and boots. He does a final strike on Singe. Singe survives and teleports away.

Fury is mad at Singe for being in his cell, they are about to strike each other, Heckyl takes away his swords and locks them in together. Heckyl says the Rangers loves it when they fight among themselves and they must learn to work together. They complain. Back at the base, Tyler tells his story about the lava fix. Tyler shows Ivan a picture. Shelby is surprised he took a selfie. Riley says it is impossible, Tyler says lots of impossible things have been happening. Keeper and James were talking and James is leaving to find the Silver Energem. James tells Tyler he doesn't really need him anymore and he can handle himself and the world needs him. They hug and take a selfie. 

Episode Review:
People were complaining that James is leaving as soon as Tyler found him. But I suspected as much as there is little Aqua Ranger footage. But then why him as Aqua and not Silver? Well, like his character said, he had to use his archaeological skills to find it. Razzle1337 has brought up the point that the Operation Overdrive Rangers were more successful in finding the Corona Aurora jewels than the Rangers actually found the gems. Also James realized his son doesn't really need him to distract him from his mission of saving the world. I don't think it was such a bad episode as everyone was saying on Twitter. Maybe I should stop seeing the reactions to the ep. My 2-year-old grandniece liked the episode while my 6 year-old grandnephew didn't want Tyler's dad to leave.