Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sent Ryan Carter a Snide action figure!

I interviewed Ryan Carter (Heckyl) a few weeks ago...

Lavender Ranger: Speaking of action figures, did you get a Snide one yet?
Ryan Carter: No, sadly I don't have a snide action figure yet. I don't know where to start if I did want to find one! It would be a great memento to own. I have to say, if they did end up making a Heckyl figure (which is unlikely) I would probably wet my pants with sheer joy.

Lavender Ranger: I'll be happy to send you one as a gift. 
Ryan Carter: That would be amazing regarding the snide figure! I do live in Australia though, but if that's too far to send, don't worry about it. I will hopefully be in the states soon and I can pick one up then.

Lavender Ranger: I will definitely be sending you the figure. No sweat. As long as you remember we got it for you!

So after two weeks he received it and posted a picture on his instagram. Like me he likes to draw and paint. He is a talented artist. Be sure to visit him on Instagram!

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