Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wrong Sounds in my Ranger Keys I Bought

I won the Gokaiger Mobirates and buckle set with 10 Ranger Keys in a Yahoo! Auction and it was sent to me thanks to Celga (you must pay fees). But I realized my keys don't make the right sound. I checked Rangerboard but haven't seen anyone else who has had this problem. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the package or toys, it is the official Bandai toy from Japan and of great quality and I used new batteries. Some keys do work. My Gokai Red, Gokai Pink, Magi Red and Go-On Red keys work.

My Gokai Green key says Goraiger (from Hurricanger).
My Sun Vulcan Key says Changeman.
My Shinkenger Key says Gingaman.
My Gaoranger Key says Jetman.
My Dekaranger Key says Dairanger.
My Gekiranger says Carranger.

I am not mad, it is interesting, I think it is quirky.

When I put complete tape on any of the red keys, it says Special key and when you press '0', it says 'Candy Toy.' When I put a partial tape on a Dekaranger key (on one 'hole'), it says 'Abaranger.' When I put a partial tape on a Shinkenger key, it says 'Boukenger.' When I put tape on the Gokai Green key, it says 'Shurikenger' and when you press 0, it says 'Hurricanger.' If I put partial tape on any of the three Gokaiger keys, it says 'JAKQ.' I know this bit is common and not weird, but just felt like adding it if different to anyone who put tape on their keys.

Above are the real keys and below are mine, the grooves look the same and the numbers are exactly the same, they are all identical.

Poll Results: Red Senshi Weapons

Favorite Red Senshi Weapon? (1)
Red Vute (Whip)
48 (34%)
Spade Arts bow
42 (29%)
Battle Spear
40 (28%)
Denzi Punch
39 (27%)
Eagle Wings
43 (30%)
Red Ruby Whip
41 (29%)
Dyna Swords
45 (31%)
Fire Sword
48 (34%)
48 (34%)
Prism Holy Sword
41 (29%)
Masky Blade
48 (34%)
Falcon Sword
75 (53%)
GT Sword
44 (31%)
V Sword
50 (35%)

Favorite Red Senshi Weapon? (2)
Wing Punch
38 (18%)
66 (32%)
Double Swords
53 (26%)
Red Slicer
43 (21%)
Star Riser sword
43 (21%)
Fender Sword
35 (17%)
Drill Saber
65 (32%)
41 (20%)
Lion Fang
61 (30%)
Dry Gun
43 (21%)
Tyranno Rod
58 (28%)
70 (34%)
57 (28%)
Bouken Bo
60 (29%)
58 (28%)
Road Sabre
57 (28%)
110 (54%)
Skick Sword
58 (28%)

Power Ranger Boy: Steven Skyler

Steven Skyler is an American Thai-German whose print and commercial modeling career took off at a young age.

Currently plays Antonio/Gold Samurai Ranger

At 14, he was chosen as one of the top three Male Model Talent Search which led him to tour around Asia for 5 years working in the entertainment industry.

His passion for music led him to be the lead singer of a group for 4 years, he then decided to pursue songwriting to create and be the lead singer for his own band shifting from R&B/Pop to alternative,pop, rock genre.

He appeared on "Glee" in the episode "Never Been Kissed" as one of the Warblers, he hit a high note along with Darren Criss (Blaine) on the song "Teenage Dream." He was unable to continue being on the show probably because of his commitment to Power Rangers.

He has a solo album coming out soon.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gold Samurai Ranger

Nick has brought out the promos and videos on the new Gold Ranger, this time I didn't hear about it from Rangerboard but from a kid (a girl I might add!) in school.

Power Rangers Samurai at the White House in Washington D.C. during Easter Sunday:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New OOO combos

OOO Shajatar Combo (Shachi, Kujaku and Cheetah) fighting the Unicorn Yummy!

OOO SaUBa Combo, kicking Kazari.

OOO Sagohzo Combo, punching the Owl Yummy

OO Putotira Combo strangles the Owl Yummy while Kid Ankh is seeing it.

A shadowed image of OOO Burokawani Combo which is rumored to appear in OOO's Summer Movie.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Late April Gokaiger 199 heroes pictures

UPDATED 4/28/11 7:53 AM EST Gokai Silver

Voices for Tsutomu Isobe (WolzardFire), Tetsu Inada (DekaMaster), Odawa Teruaki (Hyuuga), and Hōchū Ōtsuka (Signalman) confirmed in the Special Thanks (voice only) section. Akira Kamiya will voice the Black Cross Fuhrer, Akira Kamiya once voiced Gunmajin.

Akared confirmed

returning actors in the movie 199 heroes, to be released in June 11, 2011

Naoya Makoto as Tsuyoshi Kaijo /Akaranger

Hiroshi Miyauchi as Sokichi Banba/Big One,

Kenji Ohba as Daigorou Oume/Denji Blue

Jyunichi Haruta as Kanpei Kuroda/Goggle Black

Sayoko Hagiwara as Rei Tachibana/Dynapink

Ryōsuke Sakamoto as Shirō Gō/Red one

Kenta Satou as Riki Hono/Red turbo

Keiichi Wada as Ryuu/Ryuranger

Mika Kikuch as Umeko/Dekapink.

Ari (GoseiPink), Saki (Go-On Yellow) and Moune (GoseiYellow)

Yogoshimacritein vs GokaiBlue and GoseiBlack

Dagon vs GokaiPink and Gosei Pink

So it is Varibloom

GorenGokaioh (to appear in the movie)

EPISODES 11 and 12:

Joe and Sid (Barizorg)

Joe and Marvelous back when.

Episode Summaries
Ep 14 Always Traffic Safety
Kyousuke (RedRacer) stops and lectures a Zangyack's action commander for ignoring the red signal. Seeing this, Insarn fell in love with Kyousuke's manliness. Given that the action commander also likes Insarn, what exactly would happen with this love triangle?

Ep 15 Privateer Appears
A mysterious man who seems to be an old friend of Marvelous appears. He calls Marvelous as Marv-chan.