Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wrong Sounds in my Ranger Keys I Bought

I won the Gokaiger Mobirates and buckle set with 10 Ranger Keys in a Yahoo! Auction and it was sent to me thanks to Celga (you must pay fees). But I realized my keys don't make the right sound. I checked Rangerboard but haven't seen anyone else who has had this problem. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the package or toys, it is the official Bandai toy from Japan and of great quality and I used new batteries. Some keys do work. My Gokai Red, Gokai Pink, Magi Red and Go-On Red keys work.

My Gokai Green key says Goraiger (from Hurricanger).
My Sun Vulcan Key says Changeman.
My Shinkenger Key says Gingaman.
My Gaoranger Key says Jetman.
My Dekaranger Key says Dairanger.
My Gekiranger says Carranger.

I am not mad, it is interesting, I think it is quirky.

When I put complete tape on any of the red keys, it says Special key and when you press '0', it says 'Candy Toy.' When I put a partial tape on a Dekaranger key (on one 'hole'), it says 'Abaranger.' When I put a partial tape on a Shinkenger key, it says 'Boukenger.' When I put tape on the Gokai Green key, it says 'Shurikenger' and when you press 0, it says 'Hurricanger.' If I put partial tape on any of the three Gokaiger keys, it says 'JAKQ.' I know this bit is common and not weird, but just felt like adding it if different to anyone who put tape on their keys.

Above are the real keys and below are mine, the grooves look the same and the numbers are exactly the same, they are all identical.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY, a video with YOU in it!

Hallwings said...

Man, that's just completely messed up!

Lavender Ranger said...

yeah with my stuttering, I don't like making videos. I do know it is a momentous occasion.

TJC86 said...

You're voice is much better. I remember one thing you posted here before you were calling into someones podcast and you were stuttering much more than in this video.
Have you been taking special speech classes?
Congrats man!

Anonymous said...

were those DX or capsule toys? If Capsule someone could have assembled things wrong on purpose to screw with the buyer AKA you.

ORION said...

i think the keys heads (The grey part) may be the wrong ones, did you check this site to see the heads?:

Lavender Ranger said...

I haven't, it comes and goes. I just hate talking on the phone, phones suck. With this, I am more under control.

soundout12 said...

Your Mobirates might be assembled wrong.

ORION said...

guess my theory was wrong

RiderCrimson said...

I just got my Narikiri set too, and when I put in my GokaiBlue Key it said Megaranger. But I found that it's because of how hard you turn the key, at least for my Mobirates. If you just turn it enough without much force, the regular sound is played. Not sure if this helps, but I thought it was interesting.

Lavender Ranger said...

Interesting, I thought of that and I did it but same thing. I'll have some different people do it and see what happens.