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Power Rangers RPM - What Time and Where It is Not Broadcasted

Cities at 5 and 5:30AM:
Miami, FL (Ch. 10)
Baltimore, MD
Dallas, TX (Ch. 8)

Cities at 6 and 6:30AM:
Portland, ME (Ch. 8)

Cities at 11 or/and 11:30AM:
San Francisco, CA (Ch. 7)
Sacramento, CA (Ch. 10)
Chicago, IL (Ch. 7)
New Orleans, LA (Ch. 26)

Cities at 12pm or/and 12:30pm:
Los Angeles, CA (Ch. 7)
Tallahassee, FL (Ch. 7)
New York, NY (Ch. 7)
Philly, PA (Ch. 6)

Cities at 1pm and 12:30pm:
Tampa, FL

Power Rangers RPM cannot be seen in the following cities:
  1. Birmingham, AL
  2. Phoenix, AZ
  3. Frenso, CA
  4. San Diego, CA
  5. Orlando, FL
  6. Palm Beach, FL's local channel
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Las Vegas, NV
  10. Seattle, WA

Please post here if your city is not mentioned and I will add it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Power Ranger Animal ID Changes

UPDATED 7/10/23
The change of one animal to another from the original Super Sentai to Power Rangers may not be a big deal to some people and to others it is an outrage. I think it is interesting to look at these changes and why they could have occurred.

While they are not exactly animals, these were the first 'creature' name changes. For the Thunderzords of the second season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," three of the zords were given names that were not of their original intention. Called a Griffin, the Yellow Ranger's Thunderzord was actually a Kirin in Dairanger, a mythical creature best known in Japan and to Americans, it is the name of a beer. It is understandably the change was made because most Americans, especially children are unfamiliar with this creature. The Blue Ranger's Unicorn was actually a Pegasus, perhaps this change was made because the Saban company thought a Pegasus was too feminine or maybe they wanted a horned-creature to go alongside the Blue Ranger's previous zord, the Triceratops. And the strangest change was the Pink Ranger's Firebird, which was a Phoenix. Wouldn't we know what that was? Anyhoo, in Mystic Force, Phoenix was used.

Speaking about Mairanger, MagiFairy was changed to a sprite, which was mentioned just once in the series. Garuda and Phoenix stayed, but many suppose 'Fairy' was not used to be compared with Disney's own 'Fairies' or maybe be construed with the negative gay slang term.In Gekiranger, the Gazelle became the Antelope, which in the Spanish dub of Jungle Fury, it was called a Gazelle.

Disney's people probably didn't do their research or have a zoologist. Gazelle to left and Antelope to right.

Now, this is the reason I started this post. The most controversial being the change of Go-Onger's Birca, an Orca to a shark for RPM. It hasn't been called a shark on the show as of yet but the zord and Ranger have been called a shark on the toys. The major difference is the shape of the tail. It runs horizontal in an orca and vertical in a shark. They probably substituted "shark" for "orca" because it's more recognizable and because it's easy to pass off one for the other.

Go-Onger's Carrigator, based on an Alligator, has become Croczord or Croc Carrier. Crocodiles have longer snouts than Alligators, Alligators have flatter ones too. The zord has a flat snout like an Alligator but I suppose it is long enough to be mistaken for a Crocodile. I guess Bandai or Disney didn't really researched and called it whatever they wanted. Doesn't matter, just interesting to mention.
Whole Chart:
  • Mammoth (Zyuranger) = Mastodon (MMPR)
  • Kirin (Dairanger) = Griffin Thunderzord
  • Pegasus (Dairanger) = Unicorn Thunderzord
  • Phoenix (Dairanger) = Firebird Thunderzord
  • Dragon as Gingalcon (Gingaman) = Condor (Lost Galaxy)
  • Kabuto as Gorai Beetle (Hurricanger) = Crimson Insectizord (Ninja Storm)
  • Kuwagata as Gorai Stag (Hurricanger) = Navy Beetlezord (Ninja Storm)
  • Condor as Tri Condor (Hurricanger) = Ninja Firebird (Ninja Storm)
  • Tupuxuara as Top Galer (Abaranger) = Dragon as Dragozord (Dino Thunder)
  • Magi Fairy = Mystic Sprite
  • Geki Gazelle = Antelope (Jungle Fury)
  • Condor as Speedor (Go-Onger) = Eagle as Eagle Racer (RPM)
  • German Shepard as Gunpherd = Wolf as Wolf Cruiser
  • Orca as Birca = Shark
  • Aligator as Carrigator = Crocodile as Croc Carrier
  • Young Rooster as Toripter = Falcon (toy) and mentioned as a 'flying Chicken' and as 'Chicken Zord' in a call sheet but no official name.
  • Monkey = Ape Folding Zord
  • Kabuto Origami = Bettlezord
  • Squid Ebi origami = Octozord
  • scarlet Sauropoda Kyoryumaru = Sharkzord
  • Kabuto Header = Beetle Zord (Land Brothers)
  • Tyranno Header = Dino Zord
  • OtomoNin Magoimaru (carp) = Piranha Zord (Ninja Steel)
  • Rhino Beetle = Mantis (Beast Morphers)
  • Stag beetle = Scarab 
  • Miragaia = Stegozord (Dino Fury)
  • Swordfish = Shark (Cosmic Fury)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power Rangers RPM: Reasons to Watch, What You're Missing

I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO POWER RANGERS. Power Rangers RPM is property of Disney, Toei Company, and BVS Entertainment. Copyright infringement is not intended.

Channels are required to show educational programs. Power Rangers is not being broadcasted by most ABC affiliates, because of this or infomercials or pre-empting (not showing it for a special program or sport), so many fans can not see this show. This video was complicated by me in a effort for fans who can see the show to do so to boost ratings. And for many other people to be aware of the better quality of Power Rangers RPM in writing and plot. These are snippets of the past seven episodes. It was hard to squeeze it into 10 minutes.

Power Rangers Stats

Originally posted by me, Lavender Ranger, here at HenshinGrid!!!

UPDATED 5/9/14
* Subject to be outdated!

People ask and ask about these things and some of these things I have covered on boards but have been lost through the years. And this was fun too. 

Red: 24 (All including Quantum, A-Squad, Dairanger, Dino Squad and Female Samurai)
Crimson: 1 (NS)
Orange (with) White: 2 (SPD &JF)
Yellow: 21 (Including Dairanger and Mask Yellow in Super Megaforce)
Green: 16 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG-TF, NS, SPD, MF, JF, RPM, Samurai, PRSM, Dairanger, DC)
Blue: 18 (All except...)
Light Blue: 4 (Aquitar, NS, MF, JF)
Navy: 1 (NS)
Pink: 16 (MMPR-TF, SPD-OO, PRS-PRDC and Pink Flash)
Violet: 1 (JF)
Black: 13 (MMPR-Aquitar, Space, LG, WF, DT, SPD, OO, JF, RPM, PRM, DC)
White: 6 (MMPR-Zeo, WF, DT, SPD, MF)
Silver (or) Grey: 9 (Space, LR, WF, SPD, OO, RPM, PRM, PRSM, DC)
Gold: 5 (Zeo, MF, RPM, PRS, DC)
Other Color Stats
  • 1 team with no Yellow (Dino Charge)
  • 3 teams with color scheme Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black (Aquitar, WF, DT)
  • 3 Non-Red Ranger led teams (MMPR, Aquitar, TF)
  • 3 teams with Red entering pre-existing team (LG, WF, OO)
  • 4 female White Rangers (Aquitar, WF, Kat, MF)
  • 4 male White Rangers (MMPR, DT, SPD, JF)
  • 13Rangers with two colors [Gold Ranger, Lunar Wolf, Crimson Ranger, Navy Ranger, Shadow Ranger, Omega Ranger, Kat Ranger, Nova Ranger, Solaris Knight, Mercury Ranger, Rhino Ranger, Ranger Gold (RPM), Ranger Silver (RPM)]
  • 6 teams with no Pink Ranger (Aquitar, WF-DT, JF, RPM)
  • 12 teams with the color scheme Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG-TF, NS, SPD, A-Squad, MF, PRS, PRSM)
  • 5 teams with Green and Black (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, JF, RPM)
  • 4 teams with White and Black (MMPR, Aquitar, WF, DT)
  • 20 teams with Red Ranger leaders (MMPR-LR, Dairanger, WF-PRDC)

  • 2 Female Red (SPD, PRSS)
  • 2 Female Blue (PRNS, PRMF)
  • 3 teams with more than 2 females (SPD, MF, PRS)
  • 3 Male Yellow
  • 3 female leaders (Aquitar, TF, A-Squad)
  • 4 Female White Rangers
  • 4 Male White Rangers
  • 5 blonde-hair male Rangers (Zhane, Hunter, Tyzonn, Dominick, Orion)
  • 4 blonde Pink Rangers (MMPR-Turbo, LG, LR, & SPD)
  • 12 blonde female Rangers (MMPR-LR, WF, NS, SPD, OO-PRSM)
  • 6 teams with 1 female in main five (Aquitar, NS, DT, JF, RPM & DC)
  • 6 teams with female ally/mentor (Turbo, WF, DT, SPD, MF, RPM)
  • 11 female Rangers without skirts [MMPR Yellow, Maya (PRLG), Kelsey (PRLR), Katie (PRTF), Taylor (PRWF), SPD-6]
  • 14 teams with 2 girls in main five
  • 31 female Rangers with skirts [MMPR Pink, Aquitar, Zeo-2, Turbo-2, Space-2, Galaxy Pink, Dana (PRLR), Jen (PRTF), Alyssa (PRWF), Tori (PRNS), Kira (PRDT), Mystic-3, PROO-2, Lily (PRJF), RPM-2, PRS-3, PRM-2, PRSM-2, DC- 2.
  • 40 female Rangers (Kimberly, Trini, Aisha, Katherine, Delphine, Tanya, Cassie, Ashley, Maya, Kendrix, Karone, Kelsey, Dana, Katie, Jen, Alyssa, Taylor, Tori, Kira, Syd, Z, Kat, Nova, Charlie, A-Squad Pink, Udonna, Vida, Madison, Ronnie, Rose, Lily, Summer, Gema, Emily, Mia, Lauren, Gia, and Emma, Dino Charge Pink and Dino Charge Violet.)

Team Stats
  • 1 team with two sisters (MF)
  • 1 series with restroom scene--no toilet! (SPD)
  • 2 team with no mentor (Space, LG)
  • 2 teams with a business (TF, JF)
  • 2 teams with two brothers (LG, NS)
  • 3 teams with a sister and brother (Space, LR, PRS)
  • 2 series featuring a cousin(s) to a Ranger (NS, MF)
  • 3 series with a mother important to the plot (Zeo, LR, MF)
  • 6 series with previous ranger team (MMPR, WF, SPD, MF, PRS, PRSM)
  • 4 teams connected with government (LR, TF, SPD, RPM)
  • 4 teams with mentor as Ranger (DT, SPD, MF, JF)
  • 4 teams with Alien mentor (MMPR-Turbo, SPD)
  • 4 Rangers with no Sentai counterparts (Titanium, Elephant, Shark, Bat)
  • 5 teams with a parent involved (LR, SPD, MF, OO, RPM)
  • 5 teams with evil ranger(s) in team (MMPR, WF, NS, DT, MF)
  • 8 teams with team-power-ups (LG, DT, SPD, MF, JF, PRS, PRM, PRSM)
  • 6 teams with sibling members (Space, LG, LR, NS, MF, PRS)
  • 7 series with shirtless scene [MMPR (Jason & Tommy), LG (Leo), LR (Ryan), WF (Merrick), NS (Shane), PRS (Mike, Kevin), PRM (Troy)]
  • 7 series with a father important to the plot (Zeo, LR, TF, SPD, MF, OO, RPM)
  • 7 teams with alien member(s) (Aquitar, Space, LG, TF, B-Squad, A-Squad, OO)
  • 9 teams with no inter-Ranger romance (LG, Aquitar, LR, WF, B-Squad, A-Squad, OO, PRS, PRM)
  • 9 teams to lose powers at end (MMPR, Turbo-LR, WF-DT, RPM)
  • 8 series where headquarters destroyed/trashed (MMPR, Turbo, LG-TF, SPD-OO)
  • 10 series with a scene w/ sleeping quarters (MMPR, Space, LG, WF, DT, SPD, JF, RPM, PRS, PRM)
  • 11 Team-up Episodes (MMPR/Aquitar, Space/LG, LG/LR, LR/TF, TF/WF, Forever Red, NS/DT, DT/SPD, Once A Ranger, Clash of the Red Rangers, PRSM)
  • 12 teams with inter-Ranger romance (MMPR-Space, TF, NS, DT, MF, JF, RPM, PRS, PRM)
  • 24 SPD Rangers

By the Number Stats
  • 2 series with 2 different leaders (MMPR, PRS)
  • 1 series with the most rangers (SPD)
  • 2 teams to end with 8 good members (MF, JF)
  • 3 teams to end with 5 members (Aquitar, DT, A-Squad)
  • 5 teams to start with three members (NS, DT, SPD, JF, RPM)
  • 8 teams to end with 6 members (Zeo-Space, LR-WF, MF, OO)
  • 17 teams to start with 5

Ethnicity Stats
  • 3 African-American leaders (Turbo, SPD, RPM)
  • 3 teams with no African-Americans (NS, MF, JF)
  • 3 teams with Spanish or Latino background Red Ranger (MMPR, WF, PRM)
  • 4 teams with no Asians (DT, SPD, MF)
  • 5 teams with no Latinos (LG, LR, TF, JF, RPM)
  • 13 Caucasian leaders (All except Turbo, NS, SPD, MF, RPM, PRS)

Arsenal/Zords Stats
  • 1 team with 10 piece Megazord (OO)
  • 2 Red Rangers to have bikes that the others don't have (MF, JF)
  • 2 teams with 2-piece blasters (Thunder Rangers, RPM)
  • 3 Non-Leaders with 'Battlizers' (Blue, Green LR, Quantum, PRS)
  • 3 Non-Red Rangers to have a bike that the others don't have (Crimson NS, Blue DT, and Black
  • 3 teams with no individual-weapons (Aquitar, LR, A-Squad)
  • 5 teams with bazooka not made of individual weapons (MMPR, Turbo, SPD, JF, PRS)
  • 5 teams with no group-weapons (Aquitar, LG, A-Squad, MF, OO)
  • 5 teams to have girls whom have no bikes when the boys do (LG, SPD, MF, OO, JF)
  • 7 teams with six-piece zord combos (MMPR, Space, LR, WF, NS, SPD, RPM)
  • 8 Red Rangers without Battlizers (MMPR, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, LR, A-Squad, JF, RPM)
  • 10 un-manned zords (Titanus, Tor, Warrior Wheel, Delta M., Stratusforce, Centaurus, Shadow, Croczord, Whale Zord, Paleozord and Lightzord)
  • 10 Red Rangers with Battlizers (Space, LG, TF to OO, PRS)
  • 10 teams with 5-piece blasters (MMPR-Space, LR-DT, RPM)
  • 10 teams with a second group Megazord (MMPR-Space, LR, WF, SPD-JF)

Villain Stats
  • 4 Demon-like villain group (LR, WF, PRS, PRDC)
  • 3 Mutant villains (TF, DT, PRM)
  • 2 Undead villains (MF, JF)
  • 3 Series to have villains related to a Ranger (Space, LR and RPM)
  • 3 father/daughter teams (MMPR, LG, TF)
  • 4 Mechanical villains (Zeo, TF, RPM, PRM)
  • 4 villains that happened to be fathers (Zeo, LG, TF, PRSM)
  • 3 villains that happened to be mothers (Zeo, LR, MF)
  • 3 married villains [MMPR, Zeo (2)]
  • 4 female main villains (MMPR, Turbo, LG, LR)
  • 8 villains that were related (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG, LR, TF, NS, MF)
  • 10 Alien villains (MMPR-LG, NS, SPD, OO, PRM, PRSM)
  • 9 series where villain becomes good (Space, LR-DT, MF, JF, RPM)
  • 9 villain headquarters destroyed (MMPR, LG, LR, WF, DT, SPD, MF, OO, PRM)
  • 15 male main villains (Zeo, Space, LG, TF-PRSM)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kamen Riders: Different shades of Colors

Since covering the different shades of colors used in Super Sentai/Power Rangers, I decided to cover ALL the colors covered by Kamen Rider. Let me start by saying that it is not easy doing this, because most Kamen Riders are a mix of colors, most likely to differentiate from Sentai. So I went with the majority color in suit or if most of the Kamen Riders had the same color suit (like the case in Ryuki), then the majority color used to differentiate from them. In some series, multiple riders could have the same color but different shade. They are put in order of appearance and sometimes, by series. Some modes, if different shade than the original rider (say for example Den-O climax form is not here since it is same color as Sword Form), are displayed here.

Shades of Green (26)
Obviously this would be the most used color since Kamen Rider started with grasshoppers and other insects. Kamen Rider Ichigou and Kamen Rider Nigou were both green. V3's helmet was red and used some red in his costume but his suit was mostly green. Amazon's suit was green, X's helmet was silver but his suit was light green---almost blue like Celadon mixed with spring green, and Skyrider and Shin were green. Zo, and J were a dark Viridian. Kuuga's Pegasus form and Gills (Agito) was green; and Another Agito had a dark green suit. In Ryuki, Zolda was green and Verde (which means green in Spanish) was a lime green. In Blade, Leangle was a dark Spinach green (Myrtle) and Lance was green, almost a Hunter Green. In Hibiki, Todoroki and Zanki had dark green suits and Kabuki was a bright tangy green. As for the new Kamen Rider The First revival, one of the Kamen Riders is a aqua-green and the other is green. V3 has a crimson helmet with green uniform. In Kabuto, Kick Hopper was green. In Den-O, two of Zeronos' three forms were green and Den-O's wing form was a light olive green, like a pear-ish color. While Kiva's Basshaa form (based on a sea creature) was green.

Shades of Red (19)
Kamen Rider Stronger had green, red, black and yellow, but the color used most was red. Kamen Rider ZX was the first rider to be completely red (he had silver too), he only appeared in Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!. Kamen Rider Kuuga was the first to start the tradition of Riders of being red. Agito and Ryuki were red. In Ryuki, Raia is a highly debated color, some say pink, I say raspberry red or deep Carmine. 555 mostly had black but his trim was red and his other form was mostly red. In Blade, Garren was Burgundy and Larc was regular red. Hibiki had some red and his other forms were red. Sabaki (Hibiki) was like a orange-y red, almost Vermilion, but I guess it stays in red. Shuki's suit was like Sangria mixed with Scarlet, a bloody color. Kabuto was more like a dark crimson. Den-O's sword form was red and Zerono's Zero form was a Maroon color and Yu-Ki had some red. Kiva was red and G is wine-color red. Decade is clearly pink, the first real pink Rider. I have discussed this before and my former High School art teacher would say pink is a shade of red. I consider pink its own color in its own right, but in this case it can be a child of red.

Shades of Blue (15)
Bio Rider from Black RX was completely blue. Kuuga's dragon mode was blue. G3 and G3-X in Agito was cobalt blue. Kamen Rider Knight in Ryuki was unique as he was a dark blue and had some black. Kamen Rider Blade was the first rider to lead a series that was blue (Ultramarine). Ibuki (Hibiki), Danki, and Gouki were different shades of blue. Ibuki was a darker blue than the others. In Kabuto, Drake was a light blue, different shade than before (a pale powder blue or the web-color version of Royal Blue?) and Gatack was a bright blue like Azure. Den-O's Rod form and Strike form were blue, Strike was darker. Kiva's Garulu form (based on a werewolf) was blue, a bright blue (Kool-Aid blue or Columbia Blue?). In Decade, Kamen Rider Abyss from the Ryuki World is a cyan and Diend is a cornflower blue. In Spanish, light blue is called celeste and it is a color in its own right in Russia, Spain and other European countries.

Black (14)
Kamen Rider Black was clearly the first black rider. Black RX had some green but mostly black. Robo Rider had some yellow but mostly black as well. While Kuuga's ultimate form was black and gold. In Ryuki, Ryuuga was completely black and grey. Alternative and Zero were black. Kamen Rider Kaixa (555) had yellow and purple and black but I didn't know where to put him, he was a hard one, should I have had put him in yellow?! Delta, who I love to call Zebra, was for sure black. Orga has red, gold and black, he is mostly black. Chalice (Blade) had red and black. In Kabuto, Punch Hopper has a metallic gun-metal looking and Dark Kabuto is black with scarlet. In Kiva, Arc was black and Dark Kiva had black, gold, green and red, he was mostly black.

Silver (6)
Super-1 was mostly silver. Shadow Moon of Black RX was completely silver. In Ryuki, Gai was a dark grey and silver and black, while Tiger was silver with indigo. In Hibiki, Shoki (who didn't appear that much in the series) had some silver. Yu-ki from Den-O had a silver form.

Purple (6)
Kamen Rider Kuuga's Titan form is purple, the first in fact. Kamen Rider Ohja (Ryuki) is a violet. Kamen Rider Sasword (Kabuto) was a dark lavender, a tangy violet, it is a different shade than Ohja. Kamen Rider Den-O's gun mode is a Amethyst-like violet. Nega Den-O was a plum-like purple. Kamen Rider Kiva's Dogga form is a vivid dark sharp purple.

White (6)
The first to grace us with white was the first female rider Kamen Rider Femme. In 555, Pysga was white with blue and purple. Kamen Rider Touki in Hibiki had a mostly white suit. Kiva had 3 white Riders! Ixa, Saga and Rey. Ixa has white, gold, blue, red and black. Saga has blue, white, purple, yellow and gold. Rey has black and gold and white.

Shades of Yellow (6)
Kamen Rider Scissors from Ryuki is considered orange but he is like a goldish yellow. Glaive of Blade was yellow. Nishiki of Hibiki was completely yellow! In Kabuto, Bee was yellow and black and Caucasus was a yellow metal. Den-O's Axe form was yellow for sure.

Brown / Bronze (5)
Kamen Rider Imperer had gold and a coffee brown, he was the first brown I suppose. In Hibiki, Toki (who didn't appear that much in the series) had a light orange or brown. Also, Habataki was all brown. In Kabuto, Ketaros was a copper color, like a penny. In Den-O, Gaoh was a bronze color. I personally don't like brown but Habataki looks good.

Gold (3)
In Ryuki, Odin was gold and some bronze-y colors. In Hibiki, Banki (who didn't appear that much in the series) had like a pale gold. And Kirameki had silver, gold and black, his suit was black but let's say he is gold, since he has so much gold. Should have I put them with yellow?

Kamen Rider Eiki, one of my favs, what color would he be? His suit is like a violet-maroon (red-violet? dark beet color?) and with silver and bright teal color.

It was exhausting but this was fun!!! And yes, I spell gray 'grey' like a British person, I am American and my parents from Guatemala, I am Latino and I dunno, I spell it like that for some reason.