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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger

2023 Super Sentai: KuwagataOhger (Red), TonboOhger (Blue), KamakiriOhger (Yellow), PapillionOhger (purple), and HachiOhger (Black)

Most pictures from @@Leg10nOfBoom

(Paraphrased from a transcription from Dukemon)
A huge fantasy work created on a magnificent scale; "OhSama Sentai King-Ohger" is born! The title will use the "abstract symbol of the word Ohsama"; a story where the heroes have overwhelming power and protect the peace. Fighting together with them against their enemies and to protect people are "Bug Motif Robos." The Heroes are ALL KINGS! The leaders of five countries are gathered, and the strongest heroes are born! The point, in short, of this work is that all five of them are kings, and all the characters are deeply constructed.


Henshin Ken (Transformation Sword) OhjaCaliber- A sword used to transform into a King-Ohger, "bearing the proof that one is a Ruler." KingsWeapon- A transforming shield weapon shared by the team.

KingOhger- The King-Ohger's first robo formed from the "ShuGods" (Shugo, protect + god), bug-type mechanical life forms that act as the Earth's protector gods. Every King from the different countries using the OhjaCaliber is able to communicate with their ShuGod and ensure the country's protection. KuwagataOhger's is "GodKuwagata"; TonboOhger's is "GodTonbo"; KamakiriOhger's is "GodKamakiri"; PapillonOhger's is "GodPapillon" and HachiOhger's is "GodHachi." What's more, they combine with "God Tentou" (2 ladybugs), "God Kumo" (2 spiders) and "GodAnt" to form into the robot, KingOhger. 

Fans are confused if PapiilionOhger's gender, could be they are nonbinary. Recently a Toei producer said there could be an openly gay character and there have been effeminate characters in Kamen Rider mostly. Kazu of Dairanger was effeminate and a hairdresser. Some sources say PapilionOhger is physically a man. A lot of the poses, the color, and the visor look feminine. I never thought there will be a Lavender Ranger, the suit color does look more light purple (which is Lavender) than the previous Violet. 

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Cobra Kai SkelPutties Connections

The incoming Cobra Kai/Power Rangers Lightning Collection will have Skeleputties, who are meant to look like Johnny's skeleton costume from Karate Kid. 

Some fans have said they look like the Skeleton Warriors from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who assisted Bones. 

MegaZeo pointed out these pictures from an unknown source. These were Skeleton/Z-Putties that were cut from the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash." I personally have never heard of these before and it is certainly a deep cut. 


Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Reunion

 This news is a bit late, but past actors are returning to the franchise including Steven Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, Walter Jones, David Yost, and now we know Johnny Yong Bosch and Karan Ashley.

Also fans have pointed that it looks like Johnny Bosch and Karan Ashley are wearing similar uniforms and have SPD badges. It looks like SPD or the beginning of it will be part of the special. 

Cobra Kai Power Rangers Lightning Collection


Target Exclusive

Daniel Larusso/White Ranger
Sam Larusso / Pink Ranger
Cobra Kai Putty Patroler 

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Character Convert: Ryusoulger/Power Ragers Dino Fury

 It's been a while, I will do the character convert now for Dino Fury and then when Cosmic Fury is over, I will do it for Cosmic Fury/Kyuranger. 

Zayto and Koh are both Knights. The only difference is that only Zayto and Aiyon were trained to be knights while all the Ryusoulgers were trained. Also, Zayto is an alien from Rafkon. After Koh's death and promising to protect the Earth, Koh transforms into Ryusoul Red and battles against the Druidons. Zayto and Koh are also many years old. Koh is 209 while Zayto is over 65 Million years old, granted he was cryogenically frozen. Both have only one name and no surname.

Ollie is a hotshot skeptic. He is very sure of himself and more scientific-minded, probably because of his archeologist mother. Melto is characterized by his calm, composed, and studious nature and his intellect and wisdom. They both can be too objective and considered insensitive to the feelings of others, Even then, both are still friendly people at heart. Ultimately, Ollie fell for Amelia and they became a couple. Melto had no relationship with Asuna.

Asuna and Amelia both are kind and compassionate people with bubbly personalities. Asuna dislikes being teased by Koh for having monstrous strength. Asuna is the closest to Ui, the only other girl in the Tatsui household. Asuna often ignores small details and prefers brute strength. Amelia believes in ghosts and aliens and the unexplained because she lost her parents at a young age and was raised by her Pop Pop. Later on, it is revealed she is actually from Rafkon and related to Void Knight and Void Queen. She also develops a relationship with Ollie. 

Both are hunks. Bamba was a stoic and cold person. He and his brother were rather elitist, as they are initially considering the core Ryusoulgers as "weak" due to their methods clashing. Over time Bamba loses his straightforward view on Minosaur hosts due to his acceptance of Koh, Melto, and Asuna's views as he fights with them. He eventually trusts in them as well and will lash out in anger and revenge on those who harm them, as shown when Nada backstabbed Koh and the Beelzebub Minosaur almost grew inside Asuna. Eventually, it was revealed that much of his coldness came from the betrayal of Master Black, whose destruction of a tribal village left him with intense feelings of betrayal. He eventually reconciled with him, but their relationship remains slightly turbulent. Javi on the other hand is a struggling musician trying to prove himself to his father. He didn't have much clashes with his other teammates but he is close to his sibling like Bamba and Towa. 

The biggest difference is Izzy is female and Towa is male. Another thing is Izzy has a girlfriend. Towa is a completely confident and competitive knight. He originally had the mindset of "the ends justify the means" and was ready to murder an innocent girl in order to prevent the Minosaur from growing. However, he soon changes his tune following the other three Ryusoulgers growing on him. He soon realized that his way of thinking was wrong, and truly understands how Koh & the other Ryusoulgers work, due to his closeness to Sanae, a young woman who looks after abandoned dogs. Izzy has always gotten along with the others, she is a competitive athlete and high school student. 

Canalo is rather unpopular in most social circles due to his extreme frugality and perfectionist nature. He is also known for his slightly snobbish disposition and unfriendly manners. He wasn't allowed to join the Ryusoulger team due to a tragic event in the past, as MosaRex harbors a strong distaste for the surface dwellers and those from the Sea Ryusoul Tribe who interact with them. Despite MosaRex's hatred towards land Ryusoulgers, Canalo doesn't hate them and lost his confidence to talk to them as he viewed them as if they didn't look bad. He convinced MosaRex to help the land Ryusoulgers when they are in trouble fighting with Gachireus. Aiyon is also a fish out of the water, not used to Earth customs. He initially butts heads with Zayto when he was resurrected. He is much like a child, when Green Morphin Master told him she needed his help to defeat Lord Zedd, he thought he was 'the only one' to defeat him. He later took his taste for Earth food to open a Rafkonian cafe. 

Terrick (Void Knight) / Nada (Gaisoulg)
Nada was originally a student of Master Black alongside Bamba, with the intention of becoming Ryusoul Green. However, he was passed over for the position in favor of his fellow pupil’s younger brother. He soon began going on a quest to find a place in the world. Nada takes Gaisoulg's helmet after being rejected as Ryusoul Red, Nada began looking for a way to prove everyone wrong. Wearing the armor, he eventually gained Master Green's memories. Although he became an unbeatable warrior thanks to the armor, the sheer violence of it all made him find it less fun than he had hoped. Terrick, in wanting to save his wife 

Mucus / Kleon 
Kleon is lazy, bratty, obnoxious, carefree, and sadistic, and usually lies around while Tankjoh does the actual fighting. He is also slightly naïve, something Wiserue found out the hard way. Despite this, he has a genuine heart at times. Mucus is female and similar in that she does not fight, is naive, and is more interested in planning around. She seems to be indestructible, even to the last episode of Dino Fury. 

Void Queen / Madame Noir
Madame Noir was not from Ryusoulger but from the unadapted Toqger. As a mother, Madame Noir devotes herself to caring for her daughter, Gritta, and grooming her to be the Emperor's wife, insisting that it take priority, putting her at odds with Baron Nero who believes that all efforts should be focused on expanding the Shadow Line so the Emperor will come. Noir eventually realizes the consequences of her actions when Gritta was consumed by Z and tries to repair her mistakes by striking Emperor Z with Schwarz. Madame Noir was destroyed while Void Queen became Santura. Void Queen was only concerned about her revenge against humans and was created with a lot of use of Sporix. 

The other villains of Dino Fury were not interesting (Slyther, Wreckmate, Nulleye) or much to mention. 

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Power Rangers Dino Fry - The Nemesis - Episode Review

Episode Summary: 

Terrick is in the base. Amelia figures if finding out she was his daughter worked on Terrick, if it could work on Santura. She doesn't know she is about to destroy her daughter, her motivation is to get revenge on humans. Meanwhile, the Rafkon Warriors destroy Sporix Beasts and they go to BuzzBlast. The Rangers enter BuzzBlast and the warriors evacuate. Terrick says they have to get Void Queen out. Javi says the city is not out yet. Zayto thinks he can teleport the cocoon out. Terrick says it is his fault and wants the Dino Knight Armor to become Void Knight. Zayto gives the morpher to Terrick. Terrick morphs it into the Void Shield and becomes Void Knight. Amelia hugs her father. Void Knight fights the blast and enters the cocoon, they teleport away. BuzzBlast shakes. The Rangers morph and teleport away. They reach the desert to find Terrick.

Void Queen is inside the Nemesis Beast. Amelia tries telling her the truth but she attacks her. Zayto calls Zords. Terrick leaves and the Zords arrive. They combine all the zords to create Dino Fury Megazord Smash Formation, Ptera Freeze Zord Battle Mode, and Mosa Cosmic Megazord. The three charge the Nemesis Beast. Ollie and Zayto create an opening and grab her. Team Garcia try but are blast back. Mosa Cosmic Megazord takes a hit meant for the Ptera Freeze. Ptera Freeze jumps up and attacks. Void Queen says, "Bored Now." The Rangers are taken down and get out of the zords. Zayto gets the Master Sword but is pushed back. He says he can do it. Amelia has a plan. The Rangers fly down and attack the Nemesis Beast. She calls Hengemen which they fight. Izzy throws a weapon at Void Queen which she deflects. Amelia jumps in and her helmet comes off. The others fall down and demorph. Amelia enters the cockpit where Void Queen was. She says revenge is a mistake.

Void Queen blasts AMelia down. Amelia flips. Zayto has the Dino Master Saber and calls the zords, which surround the beast. They all blast the beast. Zayto flies in the air. The Zords become energy that enters his sword. He unleashes the power. The Rangers say No. He strikes the beast. An explosion occurs. The Rangers are pushed back. Nemesis Beast blows up. Energy crackles. Aiyon screams out for Zayto. Javi tells Aiyon that Zayto is gone. Izzy worries for Amelia. Void Queen teleports out and Terrick tells her to listen. She says she is not Santura. She blasts Terrick and the Rangers. He tries to tell her about Amelia Amelia hides behind a rock. Amelia holds Santura and makes her remember. Also to see a memory from the Pink Ranger and PopPop. Also a folder she had of memories and when she wished for her parents. Void Queen throws her blast on the beast, destroying it. The Sporix all fall. Void Queen becomes Santura. Amelia hugs her. She tells her she missed her. Terrick hugs them too. The sky glows with the grid. Green, Red, and Blue Morphin Masters arrive. 

They say the Master Saber vanquished the Sporix. They seal the Sporix away. They say the mission is complete. Aiyon says they need to help Zayto. Green says he is not here anymore but that he is all around there. Aiyon is given a red gem. The Morphin Masters leave. Santura says she missed so much. Amelia says she has so much to tell them. They all teleport away. A rock stirs and Mucus squirms out. Six months later, the Rakon warriors bring boxes. PopPop helps them redesign the Area 62 for the Rafkonians. Terrick and Santura are going to have a baby sister for Amelia. Amelia touches the baby to settle a color dispute. Izzy won a trophy. Izzy graduated and she is with Fern and Javi. Aiyon has a new cafe with Rafkon cuisine that Jane and J-Borg enjoy. He brings smoothies for Ollie and Amelia. Javi gives money to a guy singing his songs. He signs his guitar. They get a call from Solon. They teleport to the base. They see white energy. Amelia thinks it is a ghost. It forms to make a White Ranger. Zayto says he is no ghost. He takes off his helmet to reveal he is Zayto. Solon is happy. They hug him. He says the Morphin Masters brought him back and they must leave now, to fight Lord Zedd. They morph and gather. Solon jumps up to celebrate. 

Episode Review:
I like the Vamp Willow/Dark Willow shout-out with "Bored Now." A fitting ending, great ending. But it's not quite over...

Power Rangers Dino Fury - The Truth - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

The episode picks up where the episode last left, PopPop has revealed to Amelia that her parents were from Rafkon. She touches him and gets memories like a Rafkonian. He worked as a janitor in Area 62 and helped an alien man with a baby. The father had him promise he would take care of them. The place exploded. He took the baby to safety. In real-time, her antennae grow out. He says she 'looks like them.' The others arrive. She says her parents were from Rafkon. She explains what happened. Aiyon explains he got them pretty late and kids teased him. Zayto says he was searching for his people but he was right there. PopPop says there would be files in the facility, but his memory isn't as great. They get an emergency BuzzBlast video, the mayor has asked everyone to evacuate. Solon keeps an eye on PopPop while the Rangers teleport. Void Queen and Mucus arrive at BuzzBlast. The humans run away. Void Queen spins around with Sporix and enters a cacoon. The Rangers beat a Sporix Beast and the Sporix fly away. The Rangers arrive at BuzzBlast and see the Sporix entering the cacoon.

Mucus gets next to it and is destroyed, turns into a Sporix, and enters the cocoon. Amelia wants to destroy Void Queen but the Rangers say it is too powerful. Omelia thinks of calling his mom. Solon calls her and at the base, she gets the data out, this might explode. They figure the city would be evaporated in a 30-mile radius but people will evacuate. Ollie thinks it will take an hour. Javi wants to pop it. Lani says no. Solon and Lani are going to think of something. An alarm comes off and Wreckmate is huge. PopPop says he doesn't feel well and Amelia stays with him. Ollie and Amelia cheek kiss. The others morph and leave. Amelia and PopPop speak telepathically and he shows her where the safe is in Area 62. She teleports to Area 62 in a hazmat suit. 

Meanwhile, the Rangers fight Wreckmate in the Megazords. Amelia enters Area 62 and enters the villain base. She goes to a warehouse area and her suit rips. She sees there is no radiation and takes off the suit. Then Mr. Garcia appears and chastises her for trespassing. She pokes a hole in why he would be there and he transforms back into Slyther. Slyther destroys her morpher and they fight. She finds out Area 62 is their base. Wreckmate is destroyed by the Primal Ultrazord. Solon tells the Rangers that they can't find Amelia and her com has been destroyed. PopPop tells them where she is. Amelia loses her battle with Slyther and is saved by Ollie. The Rangers reunite. Zayto tells Amelia she understands why she went there. Izzy gives Amelia a new morpher. Slyther calls Hengemen. Amelia morphs and fights. Zayto dons Dino Knight armor and fights Slyther. Slyther escapes. The Siblings call the Dino Daggers and destroy the Hengemen. 

Amelia apologizes. They head to look for the safe and cocoon clue. Someone grabs a device. They enter the main base and Izzy sits on the throne. Ollie goes through the computer. Amelia finds the safe. The Rangers rush to her. She finds it empty. Amelia demorphs in a trap. Void King attacks them. They demorph. Amelia grabs Void King and receives memories of their parents. They were held prisoner in Area 62. Terrick and Santura give baby Amelia to PopPop. Terrick has him promise. The place explodes and Santura is knocked down by debris. Terrick thinks the baby didn't survive. Santura thinks the humans should pay and she is knocked out. Terrick builds the device for her and builds the jukebox for the Sporix. The machine powered down. He said he needed more power. Later he found a Dino Saber and the Dino Knight Morpher. He donned it and became Void Knight. We see a memory of him finding the base under DinoHenge.Amelia backs away. Void King realizes she is her daughter. Amelia says PopPop loved her as his own. Void King becomes Terrick again. All the hate melted away. They smile. Solon says the cocoon is about to explode. 

Episode Review:
Great episode, I love how all the pieces fit together. I also like how there was the thing about love and hate. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - The Invasion - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:

The Rangers help Solon up and worry about the Voids having the Sporix. Amelia gets a call from Jane about a huge spaceship over the city. Solon shows them the craft is over them. They teleport outside. They don't know if the Voids. People come from the ship and look to be from Rafkon. Aiyon has questions. Ollie says they have been tricked before. Zayto touches her and knows it is true through mind reading. Aiyon and Zayto are full of questions. They teleport in the base. The Rafkonians left Rafkon for other planets. The woman thinks their messages were a hoax. They think the knights didn't happen. They find out the Rangers know Rafkon was destroyed. The woman wanted to find out the truth, saying Earth is amazing. Aiyon likes being called living legends. The three go to talk in private. Orria says Earth might be home. Orria shows them a video of Humans damaging Earth and she wants to take over Earth and control the humans. Aiyon and Zayto are not for it, they wanted to share the planet.

She thought the Knights would help. Zayto says there is nothing knightly about taking someone else's home for themselves. She says the decision has already been made and they must join them. The warriors take out their swords. Zayto says he doesn't want to but he will. Meanwhile, Void Queen has Sporix around her, she has them hatch and destroys and they go all over the city. Monsters appear everywhere. Solon says them Sporix Beasts hatching. Orria has them surrender or fight. Zayto says Sporix will do the same as they did to Rafkon. Zayto calls for a truce, and the woman agrees. Poppop calls Amelia and says he is near the dam. Izzy calls her mom at BuzzBlast, they are evacuating the town. The Rangers morph. 

In the city, the Rangers and Rafkonians fight Shipwreck and a new monster. Mucus teleports them out. The Rangers are knocked down. Javi calls Solon. The Warriors fight the other monsters. Aiyon and Zayto do a duel attack on one monster. Void Queen gets the Sporix and other monsters attack them. Void Queen attacks a group PopPop is with. Void Queen wants the Dam destroyed. PopPop calls the Ranger Hotline. Mr. Garcia helps civilians. The Rafkon Warrior Woman sees this. Solon tells Red about the Dam. Some Warriors go with the Rangers to the Dam. Crashflood grows and the zords are called. They all split up. Pop Pop watch as the Rangers fights the monsters. Ollie, Javi, and Izzy make Warrior Formation for the Megazord. PopPop interacts with the warrior woman. He recognizes the antanee. 

Zord systems are failing. The monster creates a maelstrom. Zayto calls the Dino Master Saber. He uses the Freeze Key and freezes Crashflood's attack. Then Aiyon dons Dino Master Mode. He fights Wreckmate. Wreckmate teleports away. Zayto dons Dino Knight Mode and Aiyon uses the Electro Key. They destroy Crashflood. Void Queen gets the Sporix and teleports away. The Warriors fight more Sporix Beasts. PopPop protects the Warrior Woman. He is knocked down. Amelia rushes to his aid. Orria is surprised. Amelia takes off her helmet and he is shocked to find she is a Power Rangers. The Rangers arrive and fight the monster. Amelia says he needs medical attention. She teleports away. Orria says she was probably wrong about humans. Solon says the warden is asking for help with the evacuation because it is taking so long.Orria says she will help and teleports away. At the base, Solon says PopPop's injuries are serious. Amelia gives him medicine. He wants to tell her the truth, he says some things like her parents were aliens. 

Episode Review:

I like they used the word 'colonization.' It is very topical and timely. Also, it is served up in a way younger viewers can digest better. Of course, we have the little spoiler at the end. If you rewatch the episodes, you can find the clues. 

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Bad Vibes - Episode Review

Episode Summary: 

Mr. Garcia's crew washes the drill.  Izzy, Javi, and Izzy's mom greet Mr. Garcia when they arrive home. They have an annual karaoke night, that Izzy and Javi groan about. The parents are excited. Mr. Garcia sings with a hose and Izzy's mom turns it on. They splash water on themselves. Izzy's mom offers them to come up with a new idea. They are excited. Back at the evil base, Void King gives Void Queen a device--it is a Sporix Blaster, it has energy. Then at BuzzBlast, the Rangers talk about ideas for Izzy and Javi. They mention Karaoke and Jane gets inspired. The Rangers get called. Wreckmate is at the waterfront. The Rangers arrive and they quickly fight. Zayto dons his Dino Knight armor and fights Wreckmate. He makes Wreckmate explode and he is damaged. Izzy and Javi fight it but a evil bot shoots them with the Sporix Blaster.

Aiyon destroys the Sporix Blaster. The villains teleport away. Izzy and Javi say they are okay. Theye teleport to the base. The Rangers de-morph, Solon scans the isblings. Izzy has an attitude and knocks them down. She turns the saber into a dagger and they get the Sporix case. Aiyon blasts them and tries to get the case. His antennae go up and feels they are evil. They have the chest safe. Javi and Izzy teleport away. Zayto has Solon block them from entering the base. They bow to Void Queen. Javi and Izzy go get a pass code from their father. They go to the house and convince their dad to go check out the drill. Mucus tags along. The others arrive at the house and find no one and teleport to Pine Ridge High.

Back at Garcia's job, Mucus escapes. They go to the drill, he puts the code in and Javi says the code outloud. Mucus tries to memorize it. The drill is turned on and then off. Izzy says karaoke and Javi is for it, mentioning BuzzBlast. The parents are for it. Mucus puts in the code and turns the drill on. Void King comes with Nulleye and a monster. He puts the coordinates for the Ranger Base. The Drill begins digging. The two monsters attack random people. The Rangers arrive without the siblings. They morph and battle their foes. Meanwhile, the Garcia family arrives at the Buzzblast Karaoke show. Zayto is about to sue the Dino Knight key but Nulleye stops him. He calls the Dino Master Saber and dons Dino Master Mode. They fight. He destroys Nulleye. The Garcia Family sings. Amelia uses the Smash Dino Key to fight the new monster that has a labcoat. He is knocked over and becomes huge. 

The zords are called. Primal Ultrazord is formed and fights the monster. Meanwhile, the Garcia parents sing a romantic song. Javi tells Izzy he has to keep their parents busy longer for the drill. They say they are having fun and forget how fun their parents can be. Izzy and Javi remember moments they had with them. The evil spell comes off them. Izzy's memory is fuzzy. Their mom calls them up and they join in singing. A girl says they have to evacuate because of a monster. They all run out of Buzzblast. The Rangers get their parents to safety. Primal Ultrazord speeds through attacks. It knocks the monster out of orbit. They use the Mega Fury Saber and destroy the monster. Void Queen catches the Sporix. The Rangers confront her. The other two arrive and not sure what she is talking about. The Rangers are happy to have them back. Void Queen teleports away. The base shakes. Solon says it is not good. The drill goes through the base and Void King blasts Solon. Void King gets the Sporix and teleports away. Solon calls the Rangers. 

Great episode! I love how they have the parents more involved this season. Also, how they tie the emotional component to the plot and the danger. This season has been more about family and what it means to the heroes to have their love ones involved. For example, Amelia is looking for her parents and didn't have them growing up. Izzy and Javi became family when their parents got together. They had happy memories they had forgotten. Now that they are heroes, they must protect their parents and keep them from danger. Ollie's mom helps out Ollie and he might take her for granted sometimes but she is always there for him. Also, the villains finally got what they wanted.