Saturday, February 24, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Game Plan - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Preston is into playing a new game Game Goblin and distracted. Game Goblin is a real monster from the Galaxy Warriors, he says the more people play his game, the stronger he'll get. Later the teacher talks about volcanos an everytime she turns around the kids play the game. All except for Brody. She fins out and threatens. It looks like Victor is not playing the game but in reality he is behind a picture playing the game. Preston forgot to do homework. Brody says he failed the homework assignment because of the game. Brody is upset everyone is playing the game in the hideout. Preston is missing. The monster says he can suck them in. Brody gets the game from Levi and gets sucked into the game. 

Brody, Calvin, Hayley and Sarah find the real Game Goblin in the game. He knocks out Red Ranger and he is turned against them. Brody fights them but the controlling beam wears off. He then controls Hayley and she fights Pink and Yellow. Brody is on fire and Hayley is knocked out. Red helps Pink and the rest run away. Brody tells Levi through the com. Levi looks for Preston. The Rangers fight Game Goblin and he gets powered up by Preston. Levi connects the dots. Levi gets Preston. Victor and Monty see Mrs. Bell get the game. Victor and Monty try to steal it back. Levi and Mick explain this to Preston. Preston is going through withdraw and guilt.

Preston enters the game while Levi and Mick try to fix the problem. Mick has a plan. Blue enters and fights Game Goblin. Blue is hit with the controller beam. The Rangers fight. Blue stops Yellow and White from fighting the monster. The monster tells Blue to get the stars and he fights them. Victor and Monty get Bulk and Skull-like music when they try to get the game from Mrs. Bell. Instead her wig come off and Victor falls down. Levi comes running in painted saying he was cursed by the game. Victor wants to play anyway even though everyone stops. Monty breaks the game. 

Game Goblin's power depletes and Blue breaks free of the spell and faints. The Rangers regroup. Blue does his tornado spin. Monster grows and Dragon formation is made. Controller beam makes the Megazord stop. They call the Astro zord. Controller beam was used and they call the surfer zord and avoid the beams. They use the blaster and destroy the monster. Mick tries taking off the paint off LEvi. LEvi realizes Mick could've shape shifted into having a green face. Mick says it wasn't as fun. Preston apologizes. Brody says they were all obesessed. Badonna gives a picture to Odius of a ninja to fight the team. Cosmo tells them he reached level ten and is shocked to find the curse is real and he does turn green. 

Episode Review:
Interesting concept but ti would have made more sense if it was an app on a phone than a game on its own. I guess it was easier to destroy it that way. Also Brody not playing the game is a step up from the character since his playing nature from last year.