Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge at Licensing Fair

I sent the above and bottom image from Saban Brands via Power Force on the second season.

 Following images from Rangercrew at the 2015 Licensing Fair
The promo stuff for the movie had a generic logo (above). The promo for Dino Charge incorrectly has the Graphite Ranger as Silver Ranger.

No new toys but they have the Fisher Price Imaginext and Bandai toys, also Popples which Saban Brands owns. Also new merch like Dino Charge backpacks and water bottles. Also Mighty Morphin Glasses. Also a Green Ranger Shot Glass with shield (previous shot glasses had no shield). 

The Rangers in public were Pink and Red Mighty Morphin and an X-Borg.

By the way, one of the SDCC exclusives is a tokyo vinyl White Ranger.